PNS Daily Newscast - June 21, 2018 

President Donald Trump reverses course on some aspects of his border policy. Also on the Thursday rundown: With midterms approaching, we take you to a state that you might not expect to be reaching out to Latino voters; and reporter Dan Heyman has a novel angle on the utility of medical marijuana

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Public Lands/Wilderness

Cheyenne, WY – Wyoming's message of "whoa!" on oil and gas drilling is being heard in Washington, D.C. today. A Senate committee is looking at ...Read More
Fresno, CA – Packing heat ready to fire in national parks has long been prohibited. Guns are allowed, but they have to be unloaded unless taken ...Read More
Seattle, WA – Would it change your family camping trip plans if you knew the people around the next campfire were carrying loaded guns? The U.S ...Read More
Seattle, WA – The National Parks in Oregon welcome almost two million visitors a year -- and many of them could be carrying loaded guns ...Read More
Eugene, OR – It's a court battle that may last almost as long as Waldo Lake is deep. There's another hearing today in Eugene about who has the ...Read More
Albuquerque, NM – Today's hardrock mining law, which includes uranium mining, is 135 years old. Many consider an update long overdue, and the ...Read More
Spokane, WA – It wouldn't be the Washington wilderness without hearing a wolf howl in the distance – or would it? The federal government ...Read More
St. Paul, MN – A new type of fishing license will either "fish or cut bait," so to speak, in the Minnesota Legislature. It would cost less ...Read More
Laramie, WY – The avalanche danger is "high" in Wyoming -- from flurries of federal paperwork. Conservation, recreation and labor groups are ...Read More
Missoula, MT – Montana doesn't have money to burn, so three local forestry experts are recommending that the State Legislature consider new ...Read More
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