PNS Daily Newscast - July 20, 2018.  

Trump now wants Putin to visit the White House this fall; Also on the Friday rundown: health insurance rates to rise by almost 9 percent in California; and as the climate crises reaches “Zero Hour” young people take a stand.

Daily Newscasts


Albuquerque, NM - Protections for many of New Mexico's streams and wetlands have "dried up," exposing the state's waters to increased pollution ...Read More
Columbus, OH – A plan to protect the Great Lakes could be "watered down," under a proposal in the Ohio State Senate. Eight states are involved ...Read More
Madison, WI – A plan to protect Great Lakes water from diversion to other parts of the country could "run dry." Eight states are involved in ...Read More
Lansing, MI – The Great Lakes are on thin ice, according to those who have reviewed President Bush's new federal budget proposal. The spending ...Read More
St. Paul, MN – The implications of President Bush's proposed $3 trillion budget for next year are that Lake Superior, and the other Great Lakes ...Read More
Lansing, MI – Tomorrow, voters in several Great Lakes states head to the polls for Super Tuesday. While Michigan already voted last month ...Read More
St. Paul, MN – Twenty-four hours and counting until Super Tuesday, when two dozen states, including Minnesota, have a say in the presidential ...Read More
Columbus, OH - They cost billions of dollars a year in the Great Lakes; they're wiping out local fish and birds; and an Ohio Congressman is at the ...Read More
Madison, WI – "Protect the Great Lakes, sign the Great Lakes Compact." That's the message in a new poll. The results, made public Monday by ...Read More
Chicago, IL – If that body of water doesn't float your boat, it could soon disappear in Illinois. And it could take an act of Congress to ...Read More
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