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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Families and educators in Ohio aren't the only ones coping with back-to-school challenges during a pandemic. Domestic violence ...Read More
HOUSTON - To stay healthy, we're told to regularly see a doctor, but a new survey in Texas shows Blacks and Hispanics more than Whites believe ...Read More
HARTFORD, Conn. - This Labor Day, you can still safely hold the traditional end-of-summer barbecue - but public health experts caution that these ...Read More
DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa remains one of the nation's hot spots for COVID-19 outbreaks, and in the state's largest county, health officials are urging ...Read More
ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Public health officials warn Minnesota could see more novel coronavirus spikes in the coming weeks, if too many residents let ...Read More
PROVO, Utah - Utah public health officials are tracking COVID-19 by monitoring sewage flows into treatment plants across the state. And by analyzing ...Read More
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With all the national speculation about the release of a novel coronavirus vaccine, some health experts are encouraging Ohio ...Read More
YARMOUTH, Maine -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is sharing some good news about four overnight camps in Maine, and how they ...Read More
RICHMOND, Va. -- Vaping and cigarette smoking are significant risk factors for COVID-19, according to new research from Stanford University published ...Read More
MISSOULA, Mont. -- Technology from the University of Montana will provide a big assist to students living with disabilities as the school year begins ...Read More
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