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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Advocates trying to drive down the cost of health care are pressing lawmakers to consider a bill to regulate for-profit health ...Read More
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Some health organizations are not seeing eye to eye when it comes to dental care during the pandemic. The World Health ...Read More
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Cancer survivors are speaking out as they await the outcome of several lawsuits concerning radiation and cell phones. The ...Read More
DES MOINES, Iowa -- The medical community is still worried too many people are avoiding emergency care over fears of becoming infected with COVID-19 ...Read More
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic nowhere in sight, some Ohio health experts say discipline is crucial to reduce the spread of ...Read More
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Three in four Kentuckians are worried about affording health care, according to a new statewide poll that also found ...Read More
MINNEAPOLIS -- A new study reinforces data that show minority groups are disproportionately affected by the spread of the coronavirus. The latest ...Read More
NEW YORK -- Unions and environmental groups are demanding the Trump administration use the Defense Production Act to get personal protective equipment ...Read More
NEW YORK -- Nurses are warning that reopening New York public schools for in-person classes risks spreading COVID-19 among students, their families ...Read More
MINNEAPOLIS -- Many tobacco retailers are located near public schools and in low-income neighborhoods, according to a new study. It maps out the ...Read More
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