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Sacramento, CA - California's working families are losing their economic "cushion." New numbers from the Census Bureau show that nearly 4.6 million ...Read More
Portland, OR – The latest U.S. Census numbers show no progress for Oregon in the fight against poverty. The percentage of families in poverty ( ...Read More
Denver, CO - The message at the Democratic Convention Tuesday centered on economic struggles and a brighter future, but new data from the Census ...Read More
Denver, CO - They're asking young voters to "Get On the Bus" in Denver and ride it all the way to an informed decision on Election Day. It's "Young ...Read More
Richmond, VA – The numbers are staggering. The Richmond-area African-American community has a foreclosure rate four times higher than other ...Read More
Des Moines, IA – Back-to-school sales are big business--and it's not just from the scads of pencils and notebooks purchased by students ...Read More
Denver, CO - Education leaders from Ohio in Denver for the Democratic National Convention this week are hoping to move education to the front of the ...Read More
Vermillion, SD – A pilot program for at-risk children in South Dakota is getting high marks. A study of the Starting Strong pre-kindergarten ...Read More
Randle, WA - As kids start school this week in Washington, many parents must also concern themselves with what their children are doing after school ...Read More
Denver, CO - One of the first events at today's Democratic National Convention is a luncheon at which Washington Governor Chris Gregoire will receive ...Read More
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