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Denver, CO - Just a couple of blocks from the Pepsi Center in downtown Denver, another kind of convention is taking place under a "Big Tent," ...Read More
Denver, CO – What will it take to turn the heads of voters who still consider themselves "undecided" about this year's presidential election? ...Read More
Denver, CO – As most of Washington State watches on television and online, 78 people from the state are experiencing the Democratic National ...Read More
New York, NY - Some New York delegates to the Democratic National Convention believe the demographic pendulum has swung - and the new "swing vote" ...Read More
Helena, MT – A woman's work is never done, nor is it worth much salary-wise, at least in Montana. New data from the U.S. Census Bureau on ...Read More
Seattle, WA – Just over ten percent of Washingtonians are considered "poor" by federal government standards, according to new figures compiled ...Read More
Sacramento, CA - California's working families are losing their economic "cushion." New numbers from the Census Bureau show that nearly 4.6 million ...Read More
Portland, OR – The latest U.S. Census numbers show no progress for Oregon in the fight against poverty. The percentage of families in poverty ( ...Read More
Denver, CO - The message at the Democratic Convention Tuesday centered on economic struggles and a brighter future, but new data from the Census ...Read More
Denver, CO - They're asking young voters to "Get On the Bus" in Denver and ride it all the way to an informed decision on Election Day. It's "Young ...Read More
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