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St. Paul, MN - Despite falling house prices, home ownership is still out of reach for too many Minnesotans. That's the bottom line of a just-released ...Read More
Des Moines, IA - Iowa's farmers want to give fair trade a fair shake in their state. Saturday is "World Fair Trade Day," promoting a worldwide ...Read More
Sioux Falls, SD - South Dakota residents are converging on Sioux Falls this week for the first in a series of three statewide events promoting long- ...Read More
Washington, D.C. - It's something most people don't factor into their retirement planning, but according to the latest census 28,000 Massachusetts ...Read More
Las Vegas, NV – It's no secret Nevada has been hard-hit by the nation's housing foreclosure crisis, but there is another breed of homeowner ...Read More
Albuquerque, NM - How to show educators how much they mean during this Teacher Appreciation Week? Sharon Morgan, president of National Education ...Read More
Portland, OR – Letter carriers, in Oregon and across the country, will make some of their most important deliveries this week. On Saturday ...Read More
Raising their children's children may not have been part of their original retirement plan, but hundreds of thousands of California grandparents are ...Read More
Columbus, OH – Along with the traditional cards and flowers, this Mother's Day is a chance for Ohioans to help Mom save money on prescription ...Read More
Washington, DC - Raising grandkids isn't part of most New Yorkers' retirement plans, but it's the reality for a growing number of seniors. Some of ...Read More
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