PNS Daily Newscast - July 17, 2018 

Trump says he is not buying U.S. intelligence as he meets with Putin. Also on the rundown: as harvest nears, farmers speak out on tariffs; immigrant advocates say families should not be kept in cages; and a call for a deeper dive into the Lake Erie algae troubles.

Daily Newscasts


Monday November 26, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 26, 2012
Today's news stories cover topics including a veteran salute to the Wind Energy Tax Credit, Community Health Centers making the case for affordable health care and international climate change talks getting underway.


Friday November 23, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 23, 2012
On today’s rundown: more evidence of the growing gap between rich and poor; a look ahead to next week’s new charitable day called #GivingTuesday; and would you believe? Superstorm Sandy wreckage as a tourist draw.


Thursday November 22, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 22, 2012
Our coast to coast rundown includes: fighting hunger in the home of the first Thanksgiving; we've got a list of toys Black Friday shoppers may want to avoid; plus advice on where you might want to walk off that second helping of turkey with the stuffing.


Wednesday November 21, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 21, 2012
Today’s news features a variety of stories, including the ways Arizonans can save billions trough energy efficiency, libraries are not the quite reading spots they used to be and how a “turkey time” talk can help an aging loved one.


Tuesday November 20, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 20, 2012
Our stories today include issues of how National wildlife refuges could become a victim of the fiscal cliff, the Secretary of State heading to the Mideast for talks to calm the Gaza crisis and cap-and-trade is coming to California.


Monday November 19, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 19, 2012
We're featuring a variety of stories including our coverage of efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff, are public lands bills are “lost” in Congress? and a coal company decision could signal the beginning of the end of mountaintop removal.


Friday November 16, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 16, 2012
On Today's rundown: the $4.8 Billion BP spill fine is being called a “downpayment” for Florida; allegations of animal abuse involving turkey growers in North Carolina; plus, who says the days of Free checking are long gone?


Thursday November 15, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 15, 2012
Today's rundown includes: efforts to keep Medicare off the fiscal cliff; Super Storm Sandy serves as wake up call to language barriers; and chaplains join prison families in a protest today to urge the FCC to hang up on high inmate phone rates.


Wednesday November 14, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 14, 2012
Our newscast today features a variety of topics, including alternatives to the fiscal cliff, pending decisions on state-run health insurance exchanges and a free driving course that offers a salute to veterans.


Tuesday November 13, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 13, 2012
We’re featuring stories from across the country, including a new Southern movement to harness the enthusiasm created by the recent election, Ohio possibly joining the ranks of other states in implementing autism insurance reform and the CDC encourages all Americans to “Get Smart About Antibiotics.”


Monday November 12, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 12, 2012
We have a dozen stories on today’s rundown, including the fiscal cliff’s impact on veterans, improved prospects for immigration reform and some disability groups claim a systematic failure when it comes to disaster planning in New York City.


Friday November 9, 2012   PNS Daily News - November 9, 2012
On today's coast to coast rundown: A top Republican changes his tune on “Obamacare;”parents may want to updates their kids whooping cough shots; and some good news about Americans and smoking.


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