PNS Daily Newscast - January 17, 2019 

Speaker Pelosi sends a message to Trump – No State of the Union in Congress while shutdown continues. Also on the Thursday rundown: federal employees in Michigan to rally against the shutdown. Plus a Green New Deal in New York raises the bar for clean energy.

Daily Newscasts


Tuesday January 15, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 15, 2013
Our news today covers a variety of issues including a report card on school breakfast in the country; past-due power bills impacting a record number in Iowa; and mixed news in an annual status report on cancer.


Monday January 14, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 14, 2013
Our national rundown includes updates from two states on efforts to protect children; also an attempt to knockout the death penalty down South; plus we will get you up to speed on what’s happening with organic farming out West.


Friday January 11, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 11, 2013
Today’s coast to coast rundown features; another state bucking Medicaid expansion; flu cases on the rise nationwide, we’ll tell you how one state is coping; and efforts underway to protect the privacy of smart phone users.


Thursday January 10, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 10, 2013
We’re covering news from coast to coast, including a Hurricane Sandy recovery check-up in Maryland; family farms flourishing with organic cooperatives; solar power is making it’s mark in sunny spots; a new film follows a day in the life of one of America's public hospitals


Wednesday January 9, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 9, 2013
We’re featuring a variety of stories today including: Idaho’s Roadless Rule getting court approval; a state Earned Income Tax Credit could be in the works in Utah; and if you thought 2012 was hot you were right. It’s officially the warmest year in U.S. history.


Tuesday January 8, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 8, 2013
Our rundown highlights stories nationwide including: first legislative sessions getting underway at statehouses across the country; the growth of health spending is still low; and officials say cases of child abuse and neglect are down for the fifth straight year.


Monday January 7, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 7, 2013
Today’s news covers a variety of topics, including a close look into the charitable giving of megabanks; how the fiscal cliff deal is helping clean energy jobs; and legal efforts are underway to protect wolves out West.


Friday January 4, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 4, 2013
Featured on today’s rundown: the U.S. House slated to vote on Sandy Disaster Relief funds; Colorado joins the states expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act; and scary facts about drivers dozing off behind the wheel.


Thursday January 3, 2013   PNS Daily News – January 3, 2013
Today’s national rundown includes: Speaker Boehner and President Obama taking “fiscal cliff” friendly fire from members of their own party; wind power advocates say the deal will help grow jobs, and we have an update on a timber battle out West.


Wednesday January 2, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 2, 2013
Our newscast today includes stories on a New Year’s night deal on the fiscal cliff; a case of animal brutality making headlines in New Mexico;and tips on how to make New Year’s resolutions a “family affair.”


Tuesday January 1, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 1, 2013
Our coast to coast newscast features stories that include: a last minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff; safer drinking water coming to California farm country; and how religion can help with those New Year’s resolutions.


Monday December 31, 2012   PNS Daily News - December 31, 2012
Today's rundown features a variety of stories including: It’s do-or-die time for efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff; the FCC moves on prison phone price gouging; and “Be Outside” pledges aim to get families outdoors together.


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