PNS Daily Newscast - March 26, 2019 

Mueller reported to give Barr three weeks' heads-up that he would not make a conclusion on Trump obstruction of justice. Also on the Tuesday rundown: Poverty figures into student literacy. Plus, natural-gas waste is higher than average on Navajo lands.

Daily Newscasts


Thursday January 31, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 31, 2013
Updates on today’s rundown: Gabby Giffords calls on her former colleagues in Congress to be “courageous” on gun control; saving for a rainy day is not in the picture for many Americans; and one state’s ban on convicted felons at the voting booth is getting international human rights scrutiny.


Wednesday January 30, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 30, 2012
We’re featuring stories on a variety of topics today including: the President’s take on immigration reform; the impact of climate change on wildlife; more states consider Medicaid expansion; and the link between leafy greens and food-borne illness.


Tuesday January 29, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 29, 2013
Our coast to coast rundown covers multiple topics including: cautious optimism on the Senate’s immigration framework; South Dakota lawmakers discuss the benefits of expanding Medicaid; and Ohio farmers tell their stories of how fracking could change their land.


Monday January 28, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 28, 2012
We're featuring several stories today including; an analysis of how a fairer tax code could impact benefits and the deficit; coast to coast actions protesting the tar sands pipeline; water quality concerns in North Carolina and New Mexico; and the price of postage increases once again.


Friday January 25, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 25, 2013
Today’s news covers a variety of topics around the nation including California’s governor calling for a special session to implement the Affordable Care Act; religion and politics intersect at Virginia’s state capital; and a new stomach bug is making its’s way across the country.


Thursday January 24, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 24, 2013
Our national rundown today includes updates on the Pentagon expected to lift the ban on women in combat; Americans getting back to work, but many can’t make ends meet; and a look at what’s up with surcharges on utility bills.


Wednesday January 23, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 23, 2013
Today’s coast to coast rundown include: a key vote in the House today on the GOP plan to suspend the debt ceiling; Governor Mark Dayton on proposed tax changes in Minnesota; and an update and why it’s so important to interact with children while they are very young.


Tuesday January 22, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 22, 2013
We’re featuring a variety of stories today including: with the Presidential inauguration over, it’s time to find the next Secretary of the Interior; volunteers are out today counting Ohio’s homeless; and a new ice cream may help you combat the flu.


Monday January 21, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 21, 2013
Our nationwide rundown features stories today including: a second term begins for President Obama; broad public support as Roe v. Wade marks a milestone; new efforts to stop the poaching of elephants; and help to keep Minnesota girls out of the sex trade.


Friday January 18, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 18, 2013
On today’s rundown: big gaps in rural health coverage; we’ll hear from Former Governor John Huntsman on the “NO labels” campaign, states' mark the third anniversary of “Citizens United”, and a report on keeping those resolutions you made for 2013.


Thursday January 17, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 17, 2013
Today’s national rundown includes; reaction to President Obama’s new gun control agenda, we take you to two states at a crossroads on Medicaid expansion; and Chris Thomas has some advice on how to keep peace in the house at homework time.


Wednesday January 16, 2013   PNS Daily News - January 16, 2013
Our newscast features several stories including: lawmakers approve Hurricane Sandy aid while states review their response to the storm; a national gun control agenda announcement expected today; and awards are going out for the best practices on public lands.


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