PNS Daily Newscast - December 18, 2018 

Senate reports detail Russian influence via social media on the 2016 election. Also on Tuesday's rundown: North Carolina jurors reject the death penalty for a second consecutive year; and Medicaid expansion proves important to rural Kentuckians.

Daily Newscasts


Thursday October 25, 2012   PNS Daily News - October, 25, 2012
Topping today's rundown: Repercussions from Sen. Candidate Richard Mourdock’s controversial remarks on abortion and rape; new research on the “Tough on Crime” approach and harm it can cause to young people; and military families getting to enjoy the great outdoors.


Wednesday October 24, 2012   PNS Daily News - October 24, 2012
Today’s rundown includes stories on hunger awareness in the U.S., the impact of a smaller increase in Social Security checks and all Americans encouraged to speak out during Free Speech Week.


Tuesday October 23, 2012   PNS Daily News - October 23, 2012
We're featuring several stories today, including the final debate for the Presidential candidates, a crowded courtroom for a Texas school funding lawsuit, free legal advice for Nevadans who can’t afford an attorney and grizzly bears in Montana are bulking-up.


Monday October 22, 2012   PNS Daily News - October 22, 2012
Our coast to coast rundown covers: concerns about voter suppression in one state, and the cycle of low turnout in another; plus North Carolina’s water is brewing up jobs; and a way out for families in financial crisis.


Friday October 19, 2012   PNS Daily News - October 19, 2012
Today's rundown takes us from coast to coast including: Concerns that Fracking could dry up one state’s water resources; the search is on for mortgage settlement money; and how much practice does it take before a Rolling Stones gig?


Thursday October 18, 2012   PNS Daily News - October 18, 2012
Our news today covers a wide variety of topics, including a major milestone for the Clean Water Act, how the ‘wining and dining’ of doctors may impact your health and millions nationwide celebrate “Lights on Afterschool.”


Wednesday October 17, 2012   PNS Daily News - October 17, 2012
News stories from coast to coast, including round two of the Presidential debates, a California lawsuit over fracking, and a new film fighting prison phone price-gouging.


Tuesday October 16, 2012   PNS Daily News - October 16, 2012
We’re featuring a variety of stories today, including round two of the Presidential debates goes town-hall style, a report finds hunger is high among older Americans and a coal baron accused of breaking campaign donor laws.


Monday October 15, 2012   PNS Daily News - October 15, 2012
A dozen stories today including new changes as Medicare open enrollment begins, ballot issues causing controversy in several states and North Carolina takes learning to the great outdoors.


Friday October 12, 2012   PNS Daily News - October 12, 2012
Our Rundown today includes: Heated exchanges in the Vice Presidential Debate, today’s the deadline to register to vote for some Americans; a new report finds West Virginia is weakening an important lifeline for families: and why you may want to set aside a penny for your thoughts in 2013.


Thursday October 11, 2012   PNS Daily News - October 11, 2012
Our rundown today includes: Abortion views back in the headlines as the Vice Presidential Candidates get ready for tonight’s debate; new pressure on the “feds” to hold the line on BP Spill fines; and could Modest Mouse tunes soon be learned by mice?


Wednesday October 10, 2012   PNS Daily News - October 10, 2012
We are covering a variety of stories today, including a Supreme Court case on classroom diversity, a look a at the topic of Medicare and the Presidential debates and a warming weatherization story in Ohio.


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