PNS Daily Newscast - September 20, 2019 

A whistleblower complaint against President Trump sets off tug-of-war between Congress and the White House; and students around the world strike today to demand action on climate change.

2020Talks - September 20, 2019. (3 min.)  

Climate change is a big issue this election season, and global climate strikes kick off, while UAW labor strikes continue.

Daily Newscasts


Friday September 21, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 21, 2012
On today's rundown: A new court date for a controversial voter I-D law; a new report attempts to set the record straight on the 47% and taxes, and Colorado celebrates a new national monument.


Thursday September 20, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 20, 2012
Stories from coast to coast: A key deadline approaching for a controversial water pipeline, $2 billion in cuts in 2 years: New York educators say the results are catastrophic & how long can you stay the USA’s top billionaire?


Wednesday September 19, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 19, 2012
Our news today covers a variety of topics, including a unique state law in North Carolina targeting teen voter registration, the end of the Chicago teacher strike and a new link between BPA and obesity.


Tuesday September 18, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 18, 2012
We’re covering a variety of topics from coast to coast, including a decision on gold mining in an Idaho river, how stimulus dollars are warming homes and the Occupy Wallstreet Movement marks it’s one year anniversary.


Monday September 17, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 17, 2012
We're featuring a variety of stories today including a contract settlement for state workers in Washington, complaints of sick puppy purchases in Florida and more calls for action on the soon-to-expire Farm bill.


Friday September 14, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 14, 2012
Today's update includes Kentucky's poorest finding longest road out of recession; An after school program for Native American students that’s’ helping them prepare for higher education & work; and the Big apple kisses goodbye to really big soft drinks.


Thursday September 13, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 13, 2012
On Today's rundown: A new report says Atlantic coast states need to get cracking on wind power, NY has a bad record on voter turnout, but there is still time to fix that, and we'll let you know which state might be going smoke-free at work.


Wednesday September 12, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 12, 2012
We’re following stories from coast to coast, including the clock ticking on a new Farm Bill, a study examining if Texas schools are violating First Amendment Rights and another look at the health benefits of organic food.


Tuesday September 11, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 11, 2012
Stories today include a political-free September 11th memorial, Chicago schools entering day two of a strike and renewable energy as a matter of faith.


Sunday September 9, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 10, 2012
Our rundown includes a variety of topics, including a brewing federal budget battle, more confusion over voter ID rules and baby boomers in Maine becoming bloggers.


Friday September 7, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 7, 2012
Our news features a variety of stories today, including the President's goals for reviving the economy, new core learning standards for Oregon schools and volunteers in Wyoming getting a jump start on the September 11th Day of Service.


Thursday September 6, 2012   PNS Daily News - September 6, 2012
Updates today local impact of the Democratic National Convention, plus hunger on the rise nationwide and the NFL pours big bucks into study of head injuries


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