PNS Daily Newscast - January 21, 2020 

Climate change is on the radar for rural voters in Iowa. Plus, the Senate impeachment rules.

2020Talks - January 21, 2020 

Candidates attended the Iowa Brown & Black Forum in Des Moines, and answered tough questions about their records on race. It was MLK Day, and earlier many were in South Carolina marching together to the State Capitol.


Monday April 15, 2013   PNS Daily News - April 15, 2013
Our national rundown includes a wide range of topics, such the race for support before a key Senate gun vote; efforts to ensure Connecticut’s budget includes the homeless; the link between pets and pollution in Maryland ; and how death and taxes are both something you could face this week.


Saturday April 13, 2013   PNS Weekend Newscast - April 13, 2014
Our inaugural weekend newscast reviews this week’s major stories including President Obama’s budget and pay equity for women; we also cover this weekend’s hearing to protect Brown’s Canyon in Colorado; and for those listening to this podcast instead of finishing up their taxes, we hear from an expert on last minute tax filings.


Friday April 12, 2013   PNS Daily News - April 12, 2013
Featured on today’s nationwide rundown: Congress prepares for weeks of gun safety debate; young Americans head to Washington for Tax Day to present their views on how tax dollars ought to be spent; and a new Safe Chemicals Act for household products—just in time for spring cleaning.


Thursday April 11, 2013   PNS Daily News - April 11, 2013
On the nationwide rundown today: President Obama’s budget taking criticism from both the right and left; new concerns that immigration reform might not reach out to include gay and lesbian partners—and the shark has found new friends along the East Coast.


Wednesday April 10, 2013   PNS Daily News - April 10, 2013
Today’s national news includes 10 stories on a wide range of issues: immigration reform takes center stage on Capitol Hill; a report examines the burden of offshore tax shelters on ordinary people; a Minnesota lawmaker takes on a minimum wage challenge; and why Ohioans are donning their favorite shade of blue today.


Tuesday April 9, 2013   PNS Daily News - April 9, 2013
Our news today covers a variety of topics; we go in-depth on male-female pay inequality; a New Mexico job-creation bill called a “corporate giveaway”; an active wear company urged to leave ducks and geese alone and a new study links beeping hospital alarms to dozens of deaths.


Monday April 8, 2013   PNS Daily News - April 8, 2013
We’re featuring a variety of stories today, including: how Connecticut could become the model for stricter national gun laws; North Carolina’s faith community works to fight for clean energy; controversy over horse slaughter in New Mexico and why one sports writer is hopping mad over March Madness.


Friday April 5, 2013   PNS Daily News - April 5, 2013
Featured on today’s nationwide rundown: union members rally for immigration reform on the East Coast while a Colorado woman fights deportation after working 14 years in the USA; North Carolina lawmakers threaten parent’s tax deductions based on where their children register to vote; and Washington State’s pristine water a prime ingredient for National Beer Day.


Thursday April 4, 2013   PNS Daily News - April 4, 2013
On today’s nationwide rundown; President Obama continues his push for stricter gun control laws; Medicaid expansion means more addiction treatment in states like Ohio; and a reported link between receding hairlines and the risk of heart attack.


Wednesday April 3, 2013   PNS Daily News - April 3, 2013
We’re covering stories from around the nation, including: three years later the Gulf oil spill continues to unfold; clean energy week focuses on scrubbing rules in Nevada; the President unveils plans to research the mysteries of the brain and Americans encouraged to get out and walk today.


Tuesday April 2, 2013   PNS Daily News - April 2, 2013
We're covering a variety of stories on today’s rundown, including: an expert weighs in on an “ag-gag” bill in Indiana; Connecticut agrees to sweeping gun reform; the Southwest marks the 15th anniversary of the reintroduction of gray wolves and how a simple test can detect heart problems in newborns.


Monday April 1, 2013   PNS Daily News - April 1, 2013
Our news today features several topics including: as April dawns, the tax return deadline looms; climate change blamed for a declining moose population; groups say a Southern California treasure deserves national protection; and an effort to reduce distracted driving gets underway.


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