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PNS Daily Newscast - October 28, 2020 

A technical error rejected your ballot? Take action. Plus, doctors sound off on harmful health impacts of tailpipe emissions.

2020Talks - October 28, 2020 

The window is closing to mail ballots in states like GA, MI and WI that require them to be received before Election Day. Experts recommend going in-person if possible.

Public News Service - CA: Climate Change/Air Quality

Smoke from the California wildfires has forced evacuations of medical facilities and caused an uptick in heart attacks and respiratory illness.(EllenD/iStockphoto)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- More than 4,300 doctors and nurses have just published an open letter to patients urging them to demand action on climate change. The letter, which is backed by 16 national and state-level medical organizations, declares that climate change is a health issue. Dr. Amanda Millst

Experts say fires like this one in Loyalton are exacerbated by climate change. (Katelynn and Jordan Hewlett)

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. -- Latino faith leaders are reaching out to members of Congress urging action on climate change, which is worsening the fires that are choking their neighborhoods with smoke. The poor air quality also compounds the suffering of COVID patients who struggle to breathe. Martin

Approval voting allows people to mark more than one candidate, and can boost the profile of single-issue candidates. (MargJohnson/Twenty20)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Groups that want more civil discourse in this country are building support for a different system of elections called approval voting - and they say it could boost the fight against climate change. In approval voting, people are asked to mark all the candidates they approve o

Observers of the monarch butterfly think some die because they've been leaving their overwintering sites early due to climate change, before their preferred food source, milkweed, starts to bloom. (Pollinators/Pixabay)

PISMO BEACH, Calif. -- The federal government has until mid-December to decide whether to list the monarch butterfly as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, so groups concerned about the monarch's future are trying to raise public awareness. The western population of the iconic orange and b

Two photos taken from the same East Bay window show the air-quality change in San Francisco Bay before and during the recent fires. (Janice Kirsch)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Public health experts say smoke from the wildfires choking California skies carries dangerous levels of particulate matter. Studies show firestorms drive a spike in visits to the emergency room -- especially among the elderly. Dr. Janice Kirsch is a medical oncologist trained

Ocean water floods a road in Santa Cruz, Calif., in January 2016. Sea levels are forecast to rise 55 inches by the year 2100. (Amy Foxgrover/USGS)

PACIFICA, Calif. -- Despite party-line disagreements, Congress is expected to take up a new stimulus bill to rescue the COVID-battered economy, and groups fighting climate change say environmental policy should be part of it. They're urging lawmakers to support job creation by funding projects to c

Puente Hills landfill in the Los Angeles area is the largest waste dump in America. (Britta Gustafson/ Wikipedia)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California, eight other states and the Environmental Defense Fund are asking a federal judge to force the Environmental Protection Agency to act on pollution standards for landfills. Decomposing solid waste in municipal landfills emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas linke

Studies show 9.3 million Americans live within a half mile of an oil or gas well, and are exposed to the air pollution it generates.(Leonid Ikan/Adobestock)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California and 15 other states and cities are asking a federal judge to force the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate methane emissions from existing oil and gas wells. The Trump administration has refused to take action and has focused instead on rolling back safeguard

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