PNS Daily News - November 21, 2019 

Sondland confirms a Ukraine quid pro quo; $1.5 trillion on the line for states in the 2020 Census Count; and time's almost up to weigh-in on proposed SNAP cuts.

2020Talks - November 21, 2019 

Last night, ten candidates took the stage for a more civil debate than we've seen so far this cycle to talk about issues from climate change to corruption in politics - but there were some tense moments.

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Public News Service - CA: Women's

Today is the Mothers Against Drunk Driving National Day of Remembrance. Credit: ldless/iStock

LOS ANGELES - Today is the first-ever national day of remembrance for people who have died in alcohol-related car crashes, the survivors, and their families. It's organized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, also known as MADD, as part of its 35th birthday celebration. There will be events in do

The U.S. Senate will vote on whether to defund Planned Parenthood today. The California pro-choice community is making its opposition known. Credit wavebreak/iStock.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The U.S. Senate is set to vote today on whether to strip Planned Parenthood of $500 million in federal funding. The vote comes in the wake of undercover videos made by a California-based anti-abortion group that show Planned Parenthood representatives discussing the prov

PHOTO: Members of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus are calling for more money to be budgeted for working women and young children. Photo courtesy: Department of Health Services Foundation.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Budget negotiations will begin soon, and many of California's female lawmakers want to make sure the state's spending plan does a better job of helping women and children. Members of the California Legislative Women's Caucus say now that the economy is recovering, it's i

PHOTO: Assemblywoman Toni Atkins was sworn in as the new Speaker of the Assembly on Monday. She becomes the first openly gay woman to lead the lower house of the California Legislature. Photo courtesy California State Parks Dept.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - History is being made at the state Capitol again. Democratic Assemblywoman Toni Atkins was sworn in as the new Speaker of the Assembly on Monday, becoming the first openly gay woman to head the lower chamber of the legislature. She succeeds Democrat John Perez, the first openly

PHOTO: A statewide campaign called

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – All some California moms may want for Mother's Day is a paid day off when they don't feel well. A statewide campaign called 10,000 Mothers Strong – Paid Sick Days Now! is being launched in support of pending legislation that would grant all California workers at le


California women must work almost 15 months to earn what a man does in just 12. "Equal Pay Day," which was marked Tuesday, is part of an ongoing national campaign to increase awareness about pay inequality for working women. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, said female-headed households

IMAGE: AB 1517 would specify timeframes for the testing of rape kits and for entering the information into a national DNA database. Credit:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Sexual assault advocates are demanding changes in the handling of crucial evidence from rape cases in California. It's estimated tens of thousands of rape kits are sitting on evidence shelves waiting to be processed. Natasha Alexenko was raped at gunpoint while she was

PHOTO: National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis speaks at the Latino Legacy Forum in Los Angeles on Thursday. The NPS is recommending the establishment of a new national historical park to honor the life of Cesar Chavez and the Farm Labor Movement.
Available In Spanish

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The National Park Service is recommending Congress approve a new national historical park to honor Cesar Chavez and the farm labor movement. National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis says the sites associated with the movement are an important part of American histo

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