PNS Daily Newscast - June 1, 2020 

Protests over Floyd killing go global, as U.S. demonstrations focus on multiple recent victims of alleged lethal police misconduct.

2020Talks - June 1, 2020 

Protests continued over the weekend in police killing of George Floyd, with law enforcement in some cities using force against demonstrators. Former VP Joe Biden urged against violence.

Public News Service - CA: Women's

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A new report finds combating childhood obesity may start in the womb. Health experts and even First Lady Michelle Obama agree that's why it's important to start a pregnancy at a healthy weight and to start kids off on the right path. The study, performed by the Technical Univers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Health insurance companies are no longer allowed to discriminate based on gender. It's one of the new regulations often touted in the health reform law, and a closer look at what it means shows women will make big gains, according to Ellie Smeal, president of the Feminist Majori

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Breast feeding can mean healthier babies and mommies, and save money, according to a new study in the journal Pediatrics that analyzed the benefits of breast feeding babies for their first six months. The nationwide study found hundreds of deaths and $13 billion spent treating

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Gov. Schwarzenegger's plan to close a projected $20 billion budget gap has put more social services on the chopping block. If federal funds aren't secured by July, the Family Planning Access, Care and Treatment Program, or "PACT," is one that will be cut or eliminated. Kathy K

DAVIS, Calif. - It seems there are fewer cracks in California's so-called "glass ceiling." An annual study on the progress of women in corporate leadership, conducted by the University of California, Davis, and the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives, found slightly fewer women in executive

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Even before they're born, babies are being exposed to chemicals that have been linked to serious health-related problems. In a first-of-its-kind study, women were tested during their second trimester of pregnancy. Researchers found their bodies had been contaminated with chemica

OAKLAND, Calif. - A new report links the overuse of disinfectant chemicals to a wide array of health problems, including chronic illnesses such as asthma, hormone imbalance and immune system problems. The report, Disinfectant Overkill: How Too Clean May Be Hazardous to Our Health, cites more than 40

Los Angeles, CA - Call it an online "dating service" for businesses: A new website is helping match small-business owners with mentors who can help them succeed during these tough economic times. It uses MicroMentor 2.0, a free online social networking tool designed to easily connect entrepreneurs w

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