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PNS Daily Newscast - September 18, 2020 

A federal judge slams the brakes on U.S. Postal Service changes nationwide; and we take you to the state 'out front' for clean elections.

2020Talks - September 18, 2020 

Trump slams the 1619 project on Constitution Day, and Pennsylvania's Supreme Court makes some election changes.

Public News Service - CA: Civic Engagement

In April, the pandemic's death toll was so high that hospitals such as Mount Sinai Morningside brought in refrigerated trucks to handle the overflow of bodies from the morgue. (Anne Nelson)

By Anne Nelson Broadcast version by Suzanne Potter Reporting for the Washington Spectator - California News Service Collaboration On July 27, a dozen physicians posed in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., dressed in white lab coats with "America's Frontline Doctors" stitched

Seventy percent of 18-to-24-year-old Californians in a recent YouGov survey say they are registered to vote. (Adobe Stock/Darylann Elmi)

LOS ANGELES -- Civic engagement groups are planning a week-long virtual push next month to register high school students to vote. The latest survey from the University of California shows an upswing in civic participation among 18-to-24-year-old Californians. More than half say they intend to vo

Anti-poverty advocates are holding car rallies in five cities across California this week to protest cuts to social programs. (Commit to Equity Campaign)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Groups that fight for racial and economic justice are rallying across California this week, asking for higher taxes on the wealthy instead of budget cuts that disproportionately affect lower-income families. Without a major infusion of state or federal dollars, the state budge

California is the first state to send mail-in ballots to all voters, while at the same time preserving robust in-person voting options. (Flickr)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Over the weekend, President Donald Trump said California's plan to open up an additional voting site and mail ballots to every voter is a "scam" and an attempt to steal the November election, and insisted the votes must not count. On Friday, California mandated that all vote

A new bill in the U.S. Senate would allocate $5 billion to help states make voting easier and more convenient. (Dodgerton Skillhause)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Voting rights groups are praising the 'VoteSafe Act of 2020,' introduced in Congress yesterday by California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris. The bill would set aside $5 billion to expand voting by mail and early voting ahead of the November presidential election. Matt Barreto,

Health advocates say the new coronavirus makes the goal of universal health care even more pressing. (Cathy Yeulet/iStockphoto)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Sacramento lawmakers are pressing for health care reforms that they say will help combat COVID-19. The Health 4 All Coalition announced their legislative priorities for 2020 on Monday - designed to get more people covered and cut costs for patients. State Sen. Richard Pan, who

Recent large protests in Los Angeles and San Francisco drew attention to the citizenship policies of the Indian Government. (Angela Ng)

LOS ANGELES -- Protests against citizenship laws in India are popping up across California and the U.S., including several large rallies recently in L.A. and San Francisco. Protesters condemn India's Citizenship Amendment Act, which makes it easier for certain non-Muslim refugees to become citizen

California's election rules mean campaigns must educate independent voters on how to take part in the Democratic primary, if they wish to do so. (AFGE)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Today is the deadline for independent voters to request a new ballot if they want to vote by mail in the California Democratic primary. This is a big problem for candidates like Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who has a lot of support from independents. That's because vote-by-mail

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