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PNS Daily Newscast - September 23, 2020 

U.S. COVID-19 deaths double in last 4 months as total tops 200,000; poll workers in short supply as Texas registers a record number of voters.

2020Talks - September 23, 2020 

Mitt Romney supports putting a Supreme Court nominee to a vote. Plus, $20 million raised so far to pay court fees, fines for returning citizens to vote after being incarcerated.

Public News Service - CA: Media Reform

A group of experts on cellphone radiation is speaking out in support of a new government study linking radiation to cancer in rats. (D3Damon/iStockphoto)

BERKELEY, Calif. - Experts on cellphone and brain tumor science say they're disappointed some media outlets downplayed last week's government study that found a small but significant percentage of rats exposed to lifelong cellphone radiation developed cancerous or precancerous cells. The $25 milli

Lawmakers in Sacramento are holding a hearing today on a bill to allow AT&T to phase out landline service in four years. (kconnors/morguefile)
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California lawmakers are considering a bill to cut the cord on landline telephone service at a hearing today before the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee. Assembly Bill 2395 would permit AT&T to stop maintaining the copper-wire landline service in California in 2020, except in areas that ha

A San Diego nonprofit is training web developers for free in an effort to keep technology jobs in the U.S. Credit: SoftStack Factory

SAN DIEGO - A quick search for web developer jobs in California turns up 10,000 positions, open, right now. But many young people don't have the skills to write code, and can't afford college or $10,000 for a coding boot camp. Consequently, many companies are sending the jobs overseas. But a uniqu

PHOTO: Bay Area citizens line up to voice their concerns to newly appointed Federal Communications Commissioner Tom Wheeler Thursday night in Oakland. Photo credit: Mark Scheerer.

OAKLAND, Calif. - The new head of the FCC held a "Town Hall" meeting Thursday night to hear from Bay Area residents about their communications concerns. Chairman Tom Wheeler appeared to be sending a message by holding the first FCC event of this kind in five years in Oakland, a community close to te

PHOTO: Advocates for LifeLine telephone service are concerned a measure introduced in the Assembly would interfere with the service which they say is invaluable in low-income communities. Courtesy TURN.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - There'll be lobbying in Sacramento and around the state this week to try to stop a bill (AB 1407) that critics say is a telecoms industry attempt to take away the Public Utility Commission's authority to adopt a program that meets the needs of communities. According to advocates

PHOTO: Consumer advocates say land-line phones are still used widely, especially by seniors and those in rural areas, but telecom companies are pushing Internet-based alternatives which are much less regulated.  Courtesy Mark Scheerer.

LOS ANGELES - Millions of consumers have cancelled their old land-line telephone service and replaced it with wireless phones. But many seniors and people who live in rural areas still depend on land-lines, and consumer watchdogs are making sure they don't lose them. Also, there are those who perhap

PHOTO: Man with map and telephone.

SAN FRANCISCO - It's a story that's hard to tell. A phone company is taking the rare step of challenging a request for customer records, saying the FBI is overreaching. Matt Zimmerman is a lawyer representing the company, which he cannot identify. In fact, his lips are sealed about almost everythin

SAN FRANCISCO - A bill before Congress aimed at enhancing cyber-security could leave personal information exposed to government and corporate misuse, according to Internet freedom advocates. The bill - HR 3523, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) - is, in a way, a successor to

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