PNS Daily Newscast - January 27, 2020 

NBA legend Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash with his daughter. And states work to make U.S. Census fair for people of color.

2020Talks - January 27, 2020 

Polls are back and forth, but frontrunners are emerging. So many Iowa voters, though, are still undecided, so anything could happen. Plus, Andrew Yang qualifies for NH debate.

Public News Service - CO: Hunger/Food/Nutrition

Hunger Through My Lens, a Colorado-based project that uses photography to spotlight the reality of hunger, has expanded onto the World Wide Web. (Hunger Free Colorado)

DENVER – Hunger Through My Lens, a Colorado-based project that uses photography to spotlight the realities of hunger, has expanded onto the World Wide Web. Bethany Howell, director of communications and engagement for La Puente, a group that assists homeless people and other community members

Allowing local governments to set their own minimum wages is a hurdle supporters are trying once again to get over in the Colorado Legislature this week. (Palto/iStockphoto)

DENVER - A new bill that would allow local governments to set their own minimum wages could face an uphill battle in the Colorado Senate this week. According to a report by the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, an adult with an infant and preschooler in Morgan County would need to make at least $2

Colorado ranks 46th in the nation connecting struggling families with food stamps, leaving more than $680 million in grocery sales on the table annually. (Hunger Free Colorado)

DENVER – People are at their best when they have enough to eat, but one in seven Coloradans still doesn’t know when or where to get a next meal. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, was created to help struggling families buy groceries.

Winter Break means no access to school meals for many kids in Colorado. (Solovyova/iStockphoto)

DENVER - Kids get a big break from schoolwork when winter holidays arrive, but it's no vacation for parents struggling to pay bills and put food on the table. Nearly 370,000 students across the state qualified for free or reduced-price school breakfast and lunch programs in 2014, said Cate Blackfor

As Coloradans face colder weather and higher utility bills, demand for food pantry assistance increases while supplies decline at the end of harvest season. Credit: Leonie Wise

DENVER – As the days grow shorter and colder weather arrives, food pantry shelves across Colorado start to get pretty bare. Larry Martinez is deputy director of the poverty assistance organization Denver Inner City Parish, which runs a food bank on Wednesdays and Fridays. He says as famili

Colorado's Food Resource Hotline is bracing for an increased volume of calls that typically comes with colder weather. Credit: Hunger Free Colorado

DENVER - It is getting colder and that means reduced hours for many workers just as utility and holiday bills are on the rise. It's also the time of year when many Coloradans find themselves not knowing where they'll get their next meal. Kathy Underhill, executive director with Hunger Free Colorado

The spending bill working its way through Congress could erase modest gains in the fight against poverty, according to a new analysis. Credit: Bodnarchuk/iStockphoto.

DENVER – Poverty in Colorado dropped last year by a single percentage point, but nearly one in six children in the state still lives below the poverty line, according to a new analysis of U.S. census data by the equal pay women's advocacy group 9 to 5 Colorado. Bridget Kaminetsky, the group'

In Colorado, where one in four children is overweight, one focus of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month is on greater amounts of physical activity. Credit: IPG Gutenberg UK Ltd./iStockphoto
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DENVER – Children in Colorado and around the nation are the focus of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in September. Cate Townley with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says obesity rates increased dramatically from the 1970s through the 90s, but have leveled o

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