PNS Daily Newscast - March 27, 2020 

The U.S. now has more confirmed coronavirus cases than any other country. Despite the pandemic, Election 2020 continues and states are making changes.

2020Talks - March 27, 2020 

3.3 million people reported being jobless last week, according to new Labor Department numbers. And Puerto Rico was supposed to hold primaries this weekend, though they pushed it back to late April, because of COVID-19.

Public News Service - CO: Toxics

PHOTO: A proposal to reform the nation's toxic chemical laws does not go far enough to protect the public, and could roll back some important protections currently in place, according to safety and environmental advocates. Photo credit: Andy Beecroft/Wikimedia Commons.

DENVER - The chemical industry is backing new legislation in the U.S. Senate to reform the way chemicals are regulated. Its proponents say it's time to loosen some of the current restrictions on chemicals, many of which show up in such everyday products as plastics and vinyl flooring. However, cons

PHOTO: The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed increasing ozone pollution standards. Industry groups are pushing back, claiming new regulations would damage the economy. Denver received a D grade on the American Lung Association's State of the Air report card for 2014. Photo credit: Stilfehler/Wikimedia Commons.

DENVER - Warmer weather is on the way, the time of year when ozone -- the lung-damaging gas in smog -- becomes a bigger problem for the 26 million Americans living with asthma. The Environmental Protection Agency said current ozone standards don't go far enough to protect public health and has propo

PHOTO: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Obama. Photo credit: Chaser/Wikimedia Commons.

DENVER - Wednesday marked Mitch McConnell's 100th day as Senate majority leader, and environmental leaders are giving the lawmaker from Kentucky and the rest of the 114th Congress a failing grade. They say the $700 billion invested by the energy sector to secure an industry-friendly agenda is paying

PHOTO: The smog that Denver residents and other Coloradans experience is the result of ground-level ozone, and can make breathing more difficult for many residents. The EPA is considering tougher smog standards. Photo credit: Payton Chung/Flickr Commons.

DENVER - Ground-level ozone, or smog, not only makes cities hazy on sunny days, it also causes breathing difficulties. Smog is a byproduct of tailpipe and industrial emissions, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is debating strengthening the limit in smog to near 60 parts per billion fro

PHOTO: Rep. Max Tyler and the new Colorado State Legislature will wrestle with how the state can meet the goals of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. Photo courtesy of Colorado House Democrats.

DENVER – The Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to rein in carbon pollution won't happen without a fight with the coal industry. But one state lawmaker in Colorado says the benefits, and the costs of not acting, are too important to ignore. The Clean Power Plan calls on the stat

PHOTO: The White House wants the oil and gas industry to cut methane emissions by 40 to 45 percent over the next 10 years. It says energy developers are the largest source of methane pollution, which contributes to climate change. Photo credit: Paul Hocksenar.

DENVER - President Obama's latest executive action to fight climate change takes aim at Colorado's booming oil and gas industry. For the first time, the federal government would directly regulate the energy industry under the Clean Air Act for its methane emissions. The plan sets methane pollution

Photo: New technologies involved with methane mitigation promise to reduce waste and generate job growth in Colorado and beyond. Photo courtesy: Environmental Defense Fund

DENVER - Oil and gas operations in Colorado are drilling down for the valuable fossil fuels found under the soil, but a growing number of companies are making sure that no product is wasted in the process. A new report released by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) highlights the growth of techno

Photo: Actress Jessica Alba is among those fighting for greater consumer protection against chemicals in products. Courtesy: Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

DENVER – Consumer awareness of the chemicals used in the products Coloradans use every day, and even those utilized in the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing could be determined by actions in Washington in the coming months. Legislation currently before Congress is meant to offer

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