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PNS Daily Newscast - August 5, 2020 

A massive explosion kills dozens and injures thousands in Beirut; Childcare key to getting Americans back to work.

2020Talks - August 4, 2020 

Trump threatens Nevada with litigation for passing a bill to send ballots to all registered voters. Plus, primaries today in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington.

Public News Service - CT: Civic Engagement

HARTFORD, Conn. - With the stroke of Governor Dannel Malloy's pen, Connecticut is expected soon to be joining Maine, New Hampshire and six other states in allowing Election Day voter registration. Gone will be the arbitrary deadline, according to Cheryl Dunson, president of the League of Women Vot

Hartford, CT - To mark the second anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, the man who organized a national grassroots effort to get it passed is speaking today about the lessons he learned and signing copies of a book he wrote about it. Richard Kirsch is the author of "Fighting for Our Health: The E

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - A federal judge on Wednesday granted a temporary restraining order to stop New Haven's plan to evict protesters from that city's Green. Dozens of protesters calling themselves Occupy New Haven have been camping on the northwest section of the Green since mid-October. U.S. Distri

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. - Secretary of the State Denise Merrill has released a report which looks at ways to improve vote security and voter turnout in the state. Carole Young-Kleinfeld, a member of the League of Women Voters of Connecticut and the Election Performance Task Force. says that Merrill, with

BETHANY, Conn. – It seems that every state has different voting regulations, and Nutmeggers who want to influence the outcome of Connecticut's presidential primary need to keep some important dates in mind. Pua Ford, a registrar of voters in Bethany and a leader in the League of Women Voters o

HAMDEN, Conn. - Voting fraud by individuals posing as someone else in order to cast a ballot is almost non-existent, and yet 14 state governments have passed laws in the past year that they say will protect the integrity of the process by requiring proof of citizenship or photo IDs for voting. Conne

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Children living in the United States with undocumented parents face barriers to educational and employment attainment, as well as emotional damage from living in fear of deportation, according to a new study published in the Harvard Educational Review. A local student has reache

HARTFORD, Conn. - If watching the government work is like watching sausage being made, as pundits have said, today offers a real "culinary" treat. Children over age 8 and their families are invited to visit the three seats of state government - the Legislative Office Building, the Capitol and the Co

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