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PNS Daily Newscast - December 2, 2020 

COVID cases spike in WV jails; Gov. Justice urged to follow guidelines. And the feds investigate an alleged bribery-for-presidential-pardon scheme.

2020Talks - December 2, 2020 

Trump's allies refuse to stop challenging the election results, despite federal investigators saying no fraud occurred.

Public News Service - ID: Salmon Recovery

BOISE, Idaho - Riding the current is the healthier option for baby Idaho salmon and steelhead making their way to the Pacific Ocean, according to a new scientific assessment. That advice will be reviewed by a federal judge who is weighing a request from the Obama administration to stop letting sprin

BOISE, Idaho - A Federal judge has put endangered Idaho wild salmon and steelhead on the court menu today, and he's expressed hopes it will be the last time. Judge James Redden has asked for changes, based on the "best available science," to the federal plan to keep endangered wild species from goin

Boise, ID - Three Idaho critters are featured on a new list of species most at risk of extinction because of a changing climate that affects habitat, breeding cycles and food supplies. Salmon, Canada lynx and grizzly bears are singled out in the report "America's Hottest Species," released by the En

BOISE, Idaho - A federal judge has a new serving of the "salmon plan" on his plate this week. After months of review, the Obama administration has presented its version of a biological opinion to manage federal dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers without pushing endangered salmon and steelhead clo

BOISE, Idaho - People will be busy counting fish this season - specifically, Idaho's endangered sockeye salmon. Around 900 may survive the trip hundreds of miles upstream from the Pacific Ocean to reach their natal waters. It's great news, compared to years when only one sockeye - or sometimes, none

Boise, ID – The spring Chinook salmon return is coming in at about half of what was expected, and fisheries scientists aren’t sure why. Idaho fishing seasons are already being scaled back, which is not good economic news for the state’s fishing communities. Bill Sedivy, executive

Moscow, ID – Getting a free ride around dams on the Snake and Columbia Rivers saves the lives of thousands of young salmon and steelhead that would otherwise get chopped up in turbines while trying to get to the sea. But it's a ride that dooms about 10 percent of fish, who get lost trying to f

Boise, ID – An encore is being requested for baby Idaho salmon. A federal judge is being asked to order improved in-river protections for endangered baby salmon and steelhead making their way along the lower Snake and Columbia rivers again next year. Bill Sedivy with Idaho Rivers United, one

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