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PNS Daily Newscast - September 30, 2020 

Trump and Biden square off in a debate marked by interruptions; COVID-19 highlights neglect of undocumented residents.

2020Talks - September 30, 2020 

Last night was filled with interruptions at the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Public News Service - NV: Budget Policy & Priorities

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada already had the dubious honor of being one of the nation's prime states for home foreclosures, but a Reno insurance lawyer says it could have gotten a lot worse if the government hadn't stepped it to save insurance giant AIG, which had heavily invested in sub-prime loans

Las Vegas, NV – With almost $200 million in cuts for public school funding already penciled into the state budget, education advocates in Nevada are turning to the gaming industry for help. The two groups have teamed up to fight for a new source for funding for Nevada schools, and are circula

Las Vegas, NV – Wait until fall. That's the word from supporters of federal legislation that could help tens of thousands of Nevada families. The bill, HR 6049 is called the "Tax Extender," in part, because it extends the federal Child Tax Credit to more families on a temporary basis. Jon Sas

Carson City, NV – Where will the money come from? That's the key question as a controversial special legislative session kicks off Friday. One proposal to sell off Tobacco Master Settlement bonds to fill the temporary budget shortfall is coming in for sharp criticism. Lieutentant Governor Br

Las Vegas, NV – The clock is ticking down to Monday's special legislative session, and lawmakers are looking to close the remaining budget gap. Governor Jim Gibbons says the state could save $100 million by deferring pay increases for teachers and other state workers. Nevada State Education

Las Vegas, NV – Critics here of the new national farm bill, approved this week in Congress, complain that Nevada cattle ranchers and programs for poor and rural Nevadans stand to receive only a fraction of the assistance committed to Midwest "mega-farms" through subsidies. The $307 billion, fi

Las Vegas, NV – Pre-kindergarten programs can make a big difference in how well a child performs in grade school and beyond, but a new study ranks Nevada dead last among states funding early childhood education programs when it comes to helping kids participate in them. Steve Barnett, directo

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada's half-billion-dollar budget problem is good for something: It puts the state first in line. According to a new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, if Congress decides to provide economic stimulus to the states and targets that funding based on state-

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