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PNS Daily Newscast - October 1, 2020 

Concern that Trump's Proud Boys comments could encourage Alt-Right groups; report finds key swing states went into manufacturing decline pre-pandemic.

2020Talks - September 30, 2020 

Last night was filled with interruptions at the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Public News Service - OR: Livable Wages/Working Families

Hermiston, OR – Oregon farm workers are expressing concern for their livelihoods after the U.S. Labor Department announced changes this week to the process farmers use to hire agricultural workers from other countries. Both farmers and workers have been critical of the H2A (agricultural guest

Portland, OR – Working hard in Oregon is often not enough to make ends meet, according to a new report from the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations. It compares job openings and wages for those jobs to the numbers of job seekers and costs of living for every county in a four-state

Salem, OR – Fourteen groups that serve Oregon seniors, people with disabilities and low-income families have banded together to protest this week's newly-announced state budget cuts for 2009-2011. Calling themselves the Campaign for Oregon's Seniors and People with Disabilities, they have form

Salem, OR – When Governor Ted Kulongoski's new budget is released on Monday for mid-2009 to mid-2011, it is expected to include cuts of up to 10 percent in state services and departments. Oregon's charitable organizations point out that with unemployment at a record high in the state, such ma

Salem, OR - Is there a message in Tuesday's record voter turnout, across the country and here in Oregon? Groups that rallied hard behind the many ballot measures and political candidates in Oregon say there is. Not only are they pleased with the election enthusiasm, they contend it's a hint of thing

Portland, OR - Oregon households may be getting more visitors than usual, with canvassers climbing steps and standing on porches of homes all over the state. They're trying to connect with voters in the last few weeks before the November 4 election, by going door to door for political candidates and

LaGrande, OR – Oregon's aging workers are still on the job; people over age 55 make up 15 percent of Oregon's workforce, and in rural areas almost 17 percent. A new Census Bureau report says the Oregon county with the biggest increase per capita in older workers is Wallowa. Employment Depart

Portland, OR – More folks in Oregon are looking for work now than at any time in the past three years. New state figures show the unemployment rate in August climbed to 6.5 percent, meaning at least 123,000 Oregonians are unemployed. If you're among them, and a job or career fair is on your l

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