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It's World Diabetes Day, and health care, including the high cost of insulin and other drugs, is a top issue for many voters. Plus, do early states like Iowa and New Hampshire have an outsized role in the nomination process?

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Public News Service - PA: Public Lands/Wilderness

AUDUBON, Pa. - Some Pennsylvania farm fields are a much-needed stopover site for thousands of birds flying thousands of miles as they get from Virginia and North Carolina to northern Alaska and Canada. The Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is in the heart of southeastern Pennsylvania's Highland

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Pennsylvania waterways could see some major benefits from an initiative being announced by the Obama administration. It's called "America's Great Outdoors," and part of its mission is to protect and restore waterways. Amy Kober with the conservation group American Rivers says t

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Pennsylvania's Highlands provides drinking water for millions, recreation for many more and a home for hundreds of rare plants and animals. Now, a new study says development is a major threat to its well-being. The USDA Forest Service warns that too much development will cut into th

YORK, Pa. - Pieces of property in Pennsylvania deemed too precious to develop are being protected by a group dedicated to preserving them for future generations. Just recently, a 200-plus acre parcel belonging to a York County YWCA camp was placed in preservation through the nonprofit Farm and Natur

AUDUBON, Pa. - Here's something for bird-lovers: The goal is to make birds feel as at-home in your backyard as you do. A new partnership between the Pennsylvania community of Audubon and local communities called Bird Towns is taking flight in the Highlands and other southeastern areas of the state.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - A Pennsylvania delegation joins conservationists from around the country in D.C. this week, urging lawmakers to support more protection for the public land that qualifies as wilderness - while it still exists. In the Keystone state's lone National Forest, the coalition Friends of A

EMMAUS, Penn. - Pennsylvania's Highlands are made up of more than a million acres of forests and farmlands, lakes and streams. And, within those areas, hubs — or conservation priority areas — play key roles in maintaining the integrity of the landscape. A new network of trails on South

ERWINNA, Pa. - A Pennsylvania woman is hoping people will feel a closer bond to part of the state's modern-day frontier, now that she's given it a name. The Pennsylvania Highlands is a 1.4 million acre region of fertile farmland, streams and lakes, and it contains many species of plants and animals

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