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PNS Daily Newscast - August 11, 2020 

Small business owners say postal delays make it harder to survive the pandemic; federal stimulus funding falls short for mental health treatment.

2020Talks - August 11, 2020 

Connecticut updates its election rules, and two Trump allies face off in Georgia's state runoff. Plus, a preview of next week's Democratic National Convention.

Public News Service - TX: Disabilities

PHOTO: The Affordable Care Act is expected to help more women in the fight against breast cancer. CREDIT: Army Medicine

AUSTIN, Texas – October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this year's event marks a major shift in women being able to access the health care they need. Under the Affordable Care Act, women cannot be denied coverage because of a preexisting condition and out of pocket costs are

PHOTO: The American Heart Association says the Caruth Grant Initiative through the Communities Foundation of Texas helped fill equipment gaps for Dallas County EMS agencies and streamlined the protocol for heart attack care. L to R: Brent Christopher, Dr. Clyde Yancy, Nancy Brown, Midge LaPorte Epstein and Dr. John Warner. CREDIT: AHA

DALLAS - In a heart attack, minutes can make the difference between life and death - and in Dallas County, more people are surviving thanks to a major transformation to standardize care. During the past two years, the Caruth Grant Initiative helped fill emergency equipment gaps and streamline proto

PHOTO: A pulse oximetry screening caught a heart defect before Christian Popp was sent home from the hospital. Christian is now 3 1/2 and said to be doing miraculously. Photo credit: Curtis Popp.

AUSTIN, Texas - The American Heart Association says it is a simple test that can save lives, and a bill introduced at the State Capitol seeks to make sure the test is done on all Texas newborns. The test is called a pulse oximetry screening, and can help catch babies with birth defects of the heart

PHOTO: At least 1.5-million poor Texans could get health coverage if Texas chose to expand its Medicaid program. It would cost the state $15 billion, but would pull in $100 billion in federal funding. Photo credit Ano Lobb.
Available In Spanish

AUSTIN, Texas - More than a thousand people have converged on the State Capitol in Austin today, calling for the expansion of Medicaid in Texas. Each state has the option to do so under the Affordable Care Act, with the federal government covering almost all the additional cost. However, Governor Ri

PHOTO: Advocates say a
Available In Spanish

AUSTIN, Texas - Another push is under way in the Texas Legislature to make sure future road projects in the state are safe for everyone, not just vehicles. Rep. Linda Harper-Brown, R-Irving, who will carry the "Complete Streets" bill in the House, says it makes financial sense to encourage develope

PHOTO: Death-penalty activist Sister Helen Prejean, speaking at St. Edward’s University in October. Credit: Mo McMorrow.

AUSTIN, Texas - While the use of capital punishment is declining, Texas still relies on it more than any other state - and implements it haphazardly, according to a report released today. Striking variations exist between counties about how often prosecutors seek the death penalty, says report auth

PHOTO: Texas this year ramped up its efforts to overhaul how Medicaid is administered.

AUSTIN, Texas - Many Medicaid recipients in Texas have been noticing big changes in the program this year. The state is moving away from a traditional fee-for-services approach in favor of managed care. The idea is to save money, reduce fraud and better coordinate services. The results, so far, hav

Angell at basic training, Ft. Sill, OK. Courtesy Ryan Angell.

AUSTIN, Texas - The nation's wars may be winding down, but many returning veterans are still fighting for their lives. Suicide and mental-illness rates are skyrocketing, and those who left the service on bad terms are missing out on standard benefits - just when they need them most. An estimated on

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