PNS Daily Newscast - April 2, 2020 

The Trump Administration decides Obama healthcare exchanges will not reopen - we have reaction. Plus a look a vulnerable COVID-19 population you may not have heard about.

2020Talks - April 2, 2020 

Some states this year use ranked-choice voting. What are some of the benefits during COVID-19? Plus, President Trump and former VP Biden continue to battle over the Affordable Care Act.

Public News Service - WA: Family/Father Issues

Encouraging Dad to get his annual health checkup is one caring gesture for Father's Day this Sunday.  (Jeremyyablan/Wikimedia Commons)

SEATTLE - As Father's Day approaches, sons and daughters might be thinking about how to help keep their fathers healthy, which is not always an easy task. A study by the American Academy of Family Physicians shows men are 24 percent less likely than women to have visited a doctor in the last year.

Young peopple who are financially literate become stakeholders in society, according to Suzanne Klenk of the Washington State Employees Credit Union. (pixabay)

SEATTLE – It can sometimes be hard to teach students the importance of understanding how to manage their personal finances. So, at America's Credit Union Conference next month in Seattle, credit unions are reaching out to give Washington educators the resources to teach financial literacy to

Social workers placed Baby Jayden dolls, such as the one above, around Seattle to raise awareness about working conditions. (Charles Loeffler/Twitter)

SEATTLE - Dolls nicknamed Baby Jayden showed up on the streets of Seattle this week, capturing attention on social media and in the news. Social workers placed the dolls around town to represent the children waiting for care because of high caseloads for workers. Charles Loeffler, social service spe

Mothers make less than 69 cents for every dollar fathers make in Washington state. (

SEATTLE – Just a week and a day after Mothers' Day, comes Mothers' Equal Pay Day, a date that marks how far into 2016 a mom typically has to work to make up for last year's difference in income between moms and dads. The observance today is based on a National Women's Law Center study that s

The American Federation of Teachers of Washington is holding an event on racial equity at Renton Technical College on Saturday. (pixabay)

SEATTLE - As movements such as Black Lives Matter have gained steam, a major topic of discussion is racial equity in public institutions. On Saturday, and with the help of a poetry reading from a Black Lives Matter organizer at lunchtime, the American Federation of Teachers of Washington will addr

The Washington Legislature has established a review panel to investigate women's pregnancy-related deaths. (Pixabay)

SEATTLE - Washington state is battling a climbing rate of pregnancy-related deaths by re-establishing a Maternal Mortality Review Panel, not seen in the state since the 1930s. State lawmakers passed legislation this year to convene a panel to investigate these deaths, saying they happen at an alar

An early report finds increasing the minimum wage has had little effect on prices in Seattle. (Fibonacci Blue/Wikimedia Commons)

SEATTLE - As supporters in Washington gather signatures for a statewide initiative to raise the minimum wage, a new analysis of Seattle's minimum-wage increase is combating fears that higher wages mean higher prices. The University of Washington study has found "little or no evidence" that the cos

Working women in Washington state make 77 cents for every dollar men make. (calgrin/morguefile)

SEATTLE - It's Equal Pay Day, symbolizing how far into 2016 women would need to work in order to make the same amount men did in 2015. On average, women earn 79 cents for every dollar men are paid. In Washington, the average is lower, just 77 cents. Marilyn Watkins, policy director of the Econom

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