PNS Daily Newscast - April 19, 2019 

A look at some of the big takeaways from the release of the redacted Mueller report. Also, on our Friday rundown: Iowa recovers from devastating floods and prepares for more. And, scallopers urged to minimize the threat to seagrass.

Daily Newscasts

Public News Service - WA: Gun Violence Prevention

PHOTO: Paul Figueroa is a former police officer sharing his strategies for dealing with bullying with teachers and school support staff this weekend in Tacoma. Photo courtesy of Figueroa.

TACOMA, Wash. – Recognizing and preventing bullying is a major topic at a weekend workshop in Tacoma called "Step Up to a Better You" for school staff members from around the state. They'll hear from a former police officer whose experience with gang members helped him formulate methods to r

SEATTLE - The one group that could most benefit from organized summer and after-school programs turns out to be the hardest to sell on the idea. Accordingly, teens are the focus of a seminar in Seattle this week on how to get them interested in activities to prevent bullying and violence. Many orga

Seattle, WA – Loaded, concealed weapons will be allowed in National Parks and wildlife refuges starting on Friday, the result of one of the Bush administration's most controversial, last-minute federal rule changes. However, a lawsuit has been filed this week to keep it from taking effect. Th

Seattle, WA – More than seven million people visit the three National Parks and other Park Service-run sites in Washington every year – but how many of them carry loaded guns? Late Friday, the U.S. Department of the Interior announced it is lifting the longtime ban on loaded, concealed

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last week on the right of citizens to have guns, but the debate continues today on the issue of guns in national parks. Today is the final day for public comment on a proposal that would allow loaded, concealed weapons in the parks. The Nationa

Seattle, WA - One-third of Washington households contain at least one gun – and a new study may prompt parents to rethink that situation, especially with kids home for the summer. The Children's Defense Fund (CDF) says almost 50 youngsters per year are killed by firearms in Washington, based o

Seattle, WA – This week, you can have your say on whether people should be able to carry loaded guns in National Parks. The public comment period opens on Wednesday, on a U.S. Department of Interior proposal to change the current park rules, which allow firearms only if they are unloaded and n

Seattle, WA – Would it change your family camping trip plans if you knew the people around the next campfire were carrying loaded guns? The U.S. Department of the Interior is rethinking its ban on loaded firearms in the National Park system, prompted by a letter signed by about 50 U.S. senator

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