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PNS Daily Newscast - October 27, 2020 

Protests as Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to U.S. Supreme Court; New York targets transportation, the state's biggest source of carbon pollution.

2020Talks - October 27, 2020 

U.S. Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court in a nearly party-line vote. GOP Sen. Susan Collins, up for reelection, is the lone vote against.

Public News Service - WI: Media Reform

Some Wisconsin legislators say ending net neutrality would compromise Internet service for rural residents, who already are hampered by slow broadband speed. (UW Extension)

STEVENS POINT, Wis. – Protests are scheduled Thursday in Madison and cities all across the nation to demonstrate public support for net neutrality. At issue is whether the Internet should be regulated like a public utility, with equal access for all content providers. The Federal Communica

A new law regarding cell-phone use on Wisconsin roads goes into effect October first. (Natalia Belatelova/

MADISON, Wis. - Every day in the United States, eight people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured by crashes involving distracted drivers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Wisconsin is one of 46 states that have laws against texting while driving, but a new law tha

There is a move among Wisconsin lawmakers to keep their text messages secret and exempt from the state open records law. g-stockstudio/iStockPhoto)

MADISON, Wis. - Watchdog groups in Wisconsin are opposing a move to exempt the text messages of elected officials from the state's open records law. The Republican leadership in the legislature says texts should not be subject to the law because they are "transitory communications," and therefore

Access to high-speed Internet is crucial for the survival of Wisconsin's rural population, according to a grassroots organizer who says politicians have abandoned rural people. (UW Extension)

MADISON, Wis. - Political leaders of both parties don't listen to rural people, according to the grassroots group Blue Jean Nation. Mike McCabe says there are issues critical to rural Wisconsin which should be addressed by both Democrats and Republicans. One of the biggest issues is lack of broadb

Photo: A proposed merger of cable TV giants Charter Communications and Time-Warner Cable could result in hundreds of job losses in Wisconsin, according to a University of Wisconsin-Madison telecommunications expert. Barry Orton says consolidation of the companies would mean higher cable rates for Wisconsinites and hundreds of jobs lost as the former competitors would combine services. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

MADISON, Wis. - In a deal which would affect millions of Wisconsinites and one in every six American households, Charter Communications is proposing an acquisition of Time-Warner Cable. According to nationally recognized telecommunications expert Barry Orton, this is bad news for consumers. While t

IMAGE: The Federal Communications Commission is expected to rule today on a proposal that would allow some Internet users, mainly huge corporations, faster online speeds than other users. (Image: UW Extension)

MADISON, Wis. - A ruling is expected today from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding "net neutrality," the concept that the free flow of information on the Internet occurs because all sites have the same access to all users. Advocates of net neutrality are urging the Commission to r

GRAPHIC: A nationally recognized University of Wisconsin telecommunications expert says the nation's giant telecom companies are making big moves, confident that Net Neutrality will be changed by the Federal Communications Commission, and the battle is playing out in Wisconsin. Graphic courtesy UW Extension.

MADISON, Wis. - The biggest cable companies in the nation - Comcast, Charter, and Time Warner - are gambling heavily that the Federal Communications Commission will change Net Neutrality, the concept that everyone should have equal access to the Internet. University of Wisconsin Professor Barry Ort

MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin citizens have a new and easy way to track the influence of money on politics, thanks to a collaboration between two nonpartisan organizations. California-based MapLight and the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign have launched to help citizens connect the d

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