PNS Daily Newscast - February 27, 2020 

Trump puts Pence in charge of coronavirus response; and lingering concerns about U.S. Census participation.

2020Talks - February 27, 2020 

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn endorsed former VP Joe Biden, ahead of South Carolina's primaries. Super Tuesday states, including North Carolina, are also voting soon, but campaigning there is different.

Public News Service - WV: Hunger/Food/Nutrition

Jamie Gudiel of Morgantown says a higher minimum wage - now being considered by the Legislature - might enable her quit one of her two jobs and spend more time with her young children. PHOTO by Dan Heyman

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – As lawmakers consider raising the state minimum wage, they're hearing from West Virginians who say that would help them and their children. Morgantown mother Jamie Gudiel works two low-wage retail jobs. Her husband works full-time at a low-wage landscaping position. She

The Rolling Jubilee has been very successful at taking donations and using them to buy up and forgive debts. But the organizers say the problem is too big to be solved by charity, so they are moving on to teaching debtors to help themselves. GRAPHIC by Strike Debt.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - After an astonishingly successful run - buying up and forgiving debt - the Rolling Jubilee has said it is time to do more: organizing debtors to speak up for themselves. The jubilee was described as a "bailout by the people, for the people," collecting donations to buy heavily di

Public efforts like the 5,2,1,0 campaign are showing signs of having an impact on the diet of West Virginia children. GRAPHIC courtesy of Keys 4 Healthy Kids.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - One of the doctors heading up an effort to address childhood obesity in West Virginia says she's seeing some progress. Dr. Jamie Jeffrey, medical director for Healthy Kids Pediatric Weight Management Program at the Charleston Area Medical Center, said childhood obesity grew so qu

GRAPHIC: A new analysis by the West Virginia Center On Budget and Policy says almost all workers in the state earning minimum wage are over age 20. Most work full-time and are supporting families. Graph courtesy WV-COBPP and EPI.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Raising the minimum wage would help the state's working poor and in the process, improve the economy for everyone, according to a new analysis. Sean O'Leary, policy analyst with the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, is the author of the new report, Giving West V

PHOTO: After months of work, individuals and advocacy groups have presented a bundle of ideas to lawmakers on how to deal with child poverty in West Virginia. Photo credit: Dan Heyman.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Legislative leaders say proposals for fighting child poverty presented to lawmakers this week have a real chance of making a difference - in part, because they started at the grassroots. Individuals and advocacy groups have shared their ideas on a broad range of children's povert

PHOTO: Supporters say one of the great things about West Virginia's new Feed to Achieve law is that it'll mean more kids eating breakfast.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – One of the great things about West Virginia's new Feed to Achieve law is that it should really increase the number of children eating breakfast. Stephen Smith, director of the West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition, says every school district now offers breakfas

The federal deficit is projected to decline rapidly by 2016. Graph from Wikipedia, based on federal figures.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Three West Virginia bishops are pressing the state's politicians to protect poor and working families during the big budget fight in Washington. At a meeting scheduled this morning with Sen. Joe Manchin, the Methodist, Catholic and Lutheran bishops will be joined by advocates and

PHOTO: W.Va. Healthy Kids And Families Coalition logo.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - By now, a lot of people are probably sick of politics. But a new, nonpartisan drive aims to put democracy into action for West Virginia children living in poverty. According to census data, almost half of the state's kids live in homes at or near the poverty level, most with pare

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