PNS Daily Newscast - August 22, 2019 

The latest Trump child-detention policy sparks harsh criticism. Also on the Thursday rundown: New York sues the EPA over Hudson River PCBs.

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Public News Service - WY: Education

Cheyenne, WY – Some call themselves "word nerds," others prefer the term "wordsmith." Whatever they call themselves, they’re people gearing up for the 2009 AARP National Spelling Bee in Cheyenne next month. Early birds from all over the country have already signed up, including Kate Karp

Casper, WY – Going "old school" in the New Year is the cause of the Alliance for Historic Wyoming. The group has been analyzing historic school buildings across the state, and interviewing community members, to see which buildings are worth saving in 2009. Alliance board member Mary Humstone

Cheyenne, WY – Some say a ghost haunts Seat 107 in the auditorium; others are sure she can be found backstage. It's a story that has been passed down through generations at Natrona County High School, a rumor about a young girl who supposedly died falling off the stage in the 1940s. The myste

Casper, WY – It’s a big race, and some folks in the state want to be sure the smallest don’t get left behind. The six Wyomingites running for a seat in Congress are facing questions tonight at a candidate forum in Casper. Deanna Frey with the Wyoming Children’s Action Allianc

Cheyenne, WY – The English language is weird and wonderful. That's the assessment from a woman who is studying to compete in "AARP The Magazine's National Spelling Bee" to be held in Cheyenne on June 14. Reading a book cover-to-cover doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment - unless it's

Cheyenne, WY – Part of the focus of this year's "Sexual Assault Awareness Month" is on the smallest Wyomingites at risk. Ben Tanzer, with Prevent Child Abuse America, says most sexual assaults on children are committed by someone the child knows. That fact warrants more discussion, Tanzer exp

Laramie, WY – Wyoming's children have been counted, and there are thousands less than there used to be. According to the new "Kids Count Data Book," which also tracks behaviors, health, and economic standings, the youngsters of the Equality State are not always as healthy, physically or econom

Remains of houses 6,000 years old, part of the Oregon Trail, and oil and gas explorations are all part of Wyoming's history found at basically one location -- the Pinedale Anticline. The area is being evaluated by the Bureau of Land Management, and one thought is to designate part of it as a "Rural

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