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Public News Service info@publicnewsservice.org no Texas Parks, Wilderness Areas to Benefit in Conservation-Fund Revival Fri, 22 Feb 2019 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2019-02-22/public-lands-wilderness/texas-parks-wilderness-areas-to-benefit-in-conservation-fund-revival/a65623-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2019-02-22/public-lands-wilderness/texas-parks-wilderness-areas-to-benefit-in-conservation-fund-revival/a65623-1 public-lands package as early as next week. ...(Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Energy Policy Environment Family/Father Issues Mental Health Public Lands/Wilderness Rural/Farming Groups Sue Trump Over Border Wall Emergency Mon, 18 Feb 2019 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2019-02-18/endangered-species-and-wildlife/groups-sue-trump-over-border-wall-emergency/a65554-2 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2019-02-18/endangered-species-and-wildlife/groups-sue-trump-over-border-wall-emergency/a65554-2 filed suit Friday over President Donald Trump's plan to bypass Congress and redirect funds from other federal projects to construct border barriers. Paul Sanchez-Navarro, senior representative with Defenders of Wildlife in Texas, said the declaration suspends almost all environmental regulations that would normally apply in the construction zone. ...(Read More)]]> Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Watchdog Groups Oppose Interior Department's FOIA Proposal Mon, 14 Jan 2019 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2019-01-14/public-lands-wilderness/watchdog-groups-oppose-interior-departments-foia-proposal/a65211-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2019-01-14/public-lands-wilderness/watchdog-groups-oppose-interior-departments-foia-proposal/a65211-1 (Read More)]]> Civic Engagement Energy Policy Environment Public Lands/Wilderness DOI Set to Change Wildlife Protections Wed, 02 Jan 2019 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2019-01-02/endangered-species-and-wildlife/doi-set-to-change-wildlife-protections/a65091-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2019-01-02/endangered-species-and-wildlife/doi-set-to-change-wildlife-protections/a65091-1 (Read More)]]> Animal Welfare Civic Engagement Climate Change/Air Quality Endangered Species & Wildlife Energy Policy Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Biologists Warn of Border Wall's Ecological Impacts Wed, 05 Dec 2018 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2018-12-05/endangered-species-and-wildlife/biologists-warn-of-border-walls-ecological-impacts/a64807-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2018-12-05/endangered-species-and-wildlife/biologists-warn-of-border-walls-ecological-impacts/a64807-1 (Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Civic Engagement Climate Change/Air Quality Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Family/Father Issues Immigrant Public Lands/Wilderness Social Justice Pressure on Congress to Fund Nat'l. Park Maintenance Backlog Mon, 19 Nov 2018 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2018-11-19/public-lands-wilderness/pressure-on-congress-to-fund-natl-park-maintenance-backlog/a64667-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2018-11-19/public-lands-wilderness/pressure-on-congress-to-fund-natl-park-maintenance-backlog/a64667-1 Restore Our Parks Act would tap fees paid by oil and gas companies operating on public lands to cover just over half of the more than $11 billion national backlog. Restore Our Parks legislation has cleared committee in both the U.S. ...(Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Civic Engagement Community Issues and Volunteering Energy Policy Public Lands/Wilderness Groups Sue Over Texas Border Wall Plans Fri, 19 Oct 2018 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2018-10-19/public-lands-wilderness/groups-sue-over-texas-border-wall-plans/a64347-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2018-10-19/public-lands-wilderness/groups-sue-over-texas-border-wall-plans/a64347-1 (Read More)]]> Endangered Species & Wildlife Environmental Justice Public Lands/Wilderness Report: Many Wildlife Species at Increased Risk of Extinction Fri, 30 Mar 2018 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2018-03-30/budget-policy-and-priorities/report-many-wildlife-species-at-increased-risk-of-extinction/a62011-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2018-03-30/budget-policy-and-priorities/report-many-wildlife-species-at-increased-risk-of-extinction/a62011-1 new report warns that as many as one-third of America's wildlife species are in crisis but says with funding, their recovery is possible. The report finds that more than 150 U.S. species have already gone extinct and 500 more haven't been seen in decades and could be extinct. ...(Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Endangered Species & Wildlife Public Lands/Wilderness Texas Fescue Grass First Species Protected by Trump Administration Wed, 13 Sep 2017 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2017-09-13/environment/texas-fescue-grass-first-species-protected-by-trump-administration/a59416-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2017-09-13/environment/texas-fescue-grass-first-species-protected-by-trump-administration/a59416-1 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service gave Guadalupe fescue protected status and set aside 7,800 acres of the fescue's last U.S. ...(Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Consumer Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Oil-Spill Fines to Create 300 Conservation Jobs in Gulf Coast States Thu, 10 Aug 2017 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2017-08-10/environment/oil-spill-fines-to-create-300-conservation-jobs-in-gulf-coast-states/a58934-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2017-08-10/environment/oil-spill-fines-to-create-300-conservation-jobs-in-gulf-coast-states/a58934-1 (Read More)]]> Environment Livable Wages/Working Families Oceans Public Lands/Wilderness Water Groups Plan Protest Over Trump's Border Wall in Rio Grande Valley Mon, 07 Aug 2017 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2017-08-07/public-lands-wilderness/groups-plan-protest-over-trumps-border-wall-in-rio-grande-valley/a58869-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2017-08-07/public-lands-wilderness/groups-plan-protest-over-trumps-border-wall-in-rio-grande-valley/a58869-1 major protest over plans to build a portion of the border wall in the Rio Grande Valley. The Trump administration already has begun site preparations for a 74-mile stretch of the wall in Hidalgo and Starr counties that would block much of the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Scott Nicol, co-chair of the Sierra Club’s Borderlands Campaign, says even though the refuge is a haven for endangered species and rare birds, there are few legal remedies to stop the project. ...(Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Consumer Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Immigrant Public Lands/Wilderness Decisión de la Corte sobre emisiones de metano en pozos, con grandes implicaciones para TX Fri, 07 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2017-07-07/environment/decision-de-la-corte-sobre-emisiones-de-metano-en-pozos-con-grandes-implicaciones-para-tx/a58427-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2017-07-07/environment/decision-de-la-corte-sobre-emisiones-de-metano-en-pozos-con-grandes-implicaciones-para-tx/a58427-1 (Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Energy Policy Environment Environmental Justice Public Lands/Wilderness Toxics Waste Reduction/Recycling Texas Groups Vow to Block Natural-Gas Pipeline Project Wed, 28 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-12-28/environment/texas-groups-vow-to-block-natural-gas-pipeline-project/a55641-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-12-28/environment/texas-groups-vow-to-block-natural-gas-pipeline-project/a55641-1 Trans-Pecos Pipeline, including the Big Bend Defense Coalition, have recently escalated from informational pickets to civil disobedience, with more confrontational protests planned in the coming weeks. Lori Glover, leader of the coalition, said it took a while for West Texas residents to fully understand what's at stake if the project is completed. ...(Read More)]]> Energy Policy Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Ambientalistas temen que Trump pudiera revertir décadas de progreso Mon, 28 Nov 2016 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-11-28/environment/ambientalistas-temen-que-trump-pudiera-revertir-decadas-de-progreso/a55102-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-11-28/environment/ambientalistas-temen-que-trump-pudiera-revertir-decadas-de-progreso/a55102-1 (Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Endangered Species & Wildlife Energy Policy Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Waste Reduction/Recycling Water Environmentalists Fear Trump Could Reverse Decades of Progress Mon, 28 Nov 2016 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-11-28/environment/environmentalists-fear-trump-could-reverse-decades-of-progress/a55101-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-11-28/environment/environmentalists-fear-trump-could-reverse-decades-of-progress/a55101-1 (Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Environmentalists: Fracking Could Pollute Iconic Texas Park Fri, 21 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-10-21/environment/environmentalists-fracking-could-pollute-iconic-texas-park/a54579-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-10-21/environment/environmentalists-fracking-could-pollute-iconic-texas-park/a54579-1 (Read More)]]> Cultural Resources Energy Policy Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Toxics Water Natives, Environmentalists Protest in Houston Over Pipeline Fri, 14 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-10-14/environment/natives-environmentalists-protest-in-houston-over-pipeline/a54473-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-10-14/environment/natives-environmentalists-protest-in-houston-over-pipeline/a54473-1 (Read More)]]> Energy Policy Environment Native American Public Lands/Wilderness Rural/Farming Water Groups Sue Feds to Protect Endangered Ocelots in Texas Fri, 07 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-10-07/endangered-species-and-wildlife/groups-sue-feds-to-protect-endangered-ocelots-in-texas/a54356-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-10-07/endangered-species-and-wildlife/groups-sue-feds-to-protect-endangered-ocelots-in-texas/a54356-1 sued to protect endangered ocelots by blocking a federal agency's plan to remove other predators from parts of Texas and Arizona. The lawsuit seeks changes in a wildlife management program that uses traps and poisons to remove coyotes, bobcats, and other animals when they become a nuisance to farmers and ranchers. Collette Adkins, an attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity, said only about 100 ocelots are left in the U.S. ...(Read More)]]> Animal Welfare Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Rural/Farming Grupos Piden al U.T. System parar Emisiones de Metano en Tierras Públicas Tue, 04 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-10-04/environment/grupos-piden-al-u-t-system-parar-emisiones-de-metano-en-tierras-publicas/a54310-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-10-04/environment/grupos-piden-al-u-t-system-parar-emisiones-de-metano-en-tierras-publicas/a54310-1 (Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Education Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Health Public Lands/Wilderness Toxics Youth Groups Call for U.T. System to Cut Methane Emissions on Public Lands Tue, 04 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-10-04/environment/groups-call-for-u-t-system-to-cut-methane-emissions-on-public-lands/a54304-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-10-04/environment/groups-call-for-u-t-system-to-cut-methane-emissions-on-public-lands/a54304-1 new analysis says the 9,000 oil and gas wells drilled on university land in West Texas are a major contributor to greenhouse gas pollution and climate change. Luke Metzger is the executive director of Environment Texas, which produced the report. ...(Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Toxics Texas Group Promotes Monument for Latino Conservation Week Tue, 19 Jul 2016 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-07-19/immigrant-issues/texas-group-promotes-monument-for-latino-conservation-week/a53055-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-07-19/immigrant-issues/texas-group-promotes-monument-for-latino-conservation-week/a53055-1 (Read More)]]> Civic Engagement Environment Immigrant Public Lands/Wilderness Texas Sues EPA Over Haze Plan Enforcement Mon, 07 Mar 2016 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-03-07/environment/texas-sues-epa-over-haze-plan-enforcement/a50730-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2016-03-07/environment/texas-sues-epa-over-haze-plan-enforcement/a50730-1 Texas has sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for rejecting the state's haze reduction plan for national parks in the far western parts of the state. The suit marks the 24th time Texas has brought legal action against the EPA over regulatory issues since President Obama took office in 2009. ...(Read More)]]> Environment Environmental Justice Public Lands/Wilderness Toxics Water Former Public Lands Managers Urge Strong Methane Regulations Wed, 21 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2015-10-21/energy-policy/former-public-lands-managers-urge-strong-methane-regulations/a48616-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2015-10-21/energy-policy/former-public-lands-managers-urge-strong-methane-regulations/a48616-1 a letter to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget urging strong rules to reduce methane pollution on federal and tribal lands. Methane, a byproduct of oil and gas production, is more than 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping climate-changing heat. ...(Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Energy Policy Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Waste Reduction/Recycling Survey: Latino Voters Agree with Pope on Climate Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2015-09-28/energy-policy/survey-latino-voters-agree-with-pope-on-climate/a48312-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2015-09-28/energy-policy/survey-latino-voters-agree-with-pope-on-climate/a48312-1 Earthjustice found more than three-quarters of Latino voters agree with the pope's positions on climate change. ...(Read More)]]> Civic Engagement Climate Change/Air Quality Consumer Energy Policy Environment Environmental Justice Health Immigrant Livable Wages/Working Families Poverty Public Lands/Wilderness Social Justice Toxics Water Report: Presidents Have Power to Limit Climate Pollution Tue, 15 Sep 2015 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2015-09-15/climate-change-air-quality/report-presidents-have-power-to-limit-climate-pollution/a48108-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2015-09-15/climate-change-air-quality/report-presidents-have-power-to-limit-climate-pollution/a48108-1 new report from the Center for Biological Diversity highlights how President Barack Obama, or any other sitting president, has legal authority to prevent 450 billion tons of climate pollution. Michael Saul, a senior attorney with the Center, says that's how much carbon the president could keep from being extracted on publicly owned lands without waiting for Congress. "This is a hugely powerful and immediately available tool to mitigate the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change," says Saul. "...(Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Consumer Energy Policy Environment Environmental Justice Health Livable Wages/Working Families Poverty Public Lands/Wilderness Toxics Waste Reduction/Recycling Water State vs. Local: A Texas Battle for Power in 2015 Session Tue, 13 Jan 2015 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2015-01-13/environment/state-vs-local-a-texas-battle-for-power-in-2015-session/a43951-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2015-01-13/environment/state-vs-local-a-texas-battle-for-power-in-2015-session/a43951-1 start of the 2015 legislature. Among the issues expected to be debated in this session is state versus local authority. Governor-elect Greg Abbott has proposed the elimination of what he calls a "patchwork quilt" of city and county bans, and rules on everything from hydraulic fracturing to tree-cutting to single-use plastic bags. ...(Read More)]]> Toxics Public Lands/Wilderness Health Environment Budget Policy & Priorities One Billion Dollars in BP Fines Creates Opportunity for Texas Gulf Coast Restoration Tue, 11 Nov 2014 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-11-11/endangered-species-and-wildlife/one-billion-dollars-in-bp-fines-creates-opportunity-for-texas-gulf-coast-restoration/a42781-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-11-11/endangered-species-and-wildlife/one-billion-dollars-in-bp-fines-creates-opportunity-for-texas-gulf-coast-restoration/a42781-1 the federal Restore Act, signed into law in 2012. ...(Read More)]]> Water Public Lands/Wilderness Oceans Environmental Justice Environment Endangered Species & Wildlife Budget Policy & Priorities La Conservación del Ambiente, prioridad para electores hispanos Fri, 22 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-08-22/immigrant-issues/la-conservacion-del-ambiente-prioridad-para-electores-hispanos/a41278-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-08-22/immigrant-issues/la-conservacion-del-ambiente-prioridad-para-electores-hispanos/a41278-1 un reporte de la Fundación Acceso Hispano (Hispanic Access Foundation); su presidenta, Maité Arce, explica que la razón de que el voto latino favorezca las políticas ambientalistas es que ellos ven estos factores como esenciales para una mejor calidad de vida. "Y algunos de los problemas mas específicos que les importan a los electores latinos son el aire y el agua limpios, y preservar las tierras publicas, el cambio climático y promover soluciones con energía limpia." Agrega que el reporte también concluye que los hispanos tienden más a votar por un candidato de acuerdo a su postura ambientalista, lo cual marca una diferencia tajante. "...(Read More)]]> Public Lands/Wilderness Immigrant Environmental Justice Environment Endangered Species & Wildlife Community Issues and Volunteering Civic Engagement Conservation Issues Among Top Priorities for Hispanic Voters Fri, 22 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-08-22/immigrant-issues/conservation-issues-among-top-priorities-for-hispanic-voters/a41250-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-08-22/immigrant-issues/conservation-issues-among-top-priorities-for-hispanic-voters/a41250-1 a new analysis shows that Latinos overwhelming support greater environmental protections, and such conservation issues could influence their voting decisions. The report is from the Hispanic Access Foundation. Its president, Maite Arce, said the reason Latinos favor environment-friendly policies is because they see them as essential elements to a better quality of life. ...(Read More)]]> Water Public Lands/Wilderness Immigrant Environment Energy Policy Climate Change/Air Quality Civic Engagement National Parks Bring Texas-Sized Tourism Dollars Mon, 28 Jul 2014 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-07-28/environment/national-parks-bring-texas-sized-tourism-dollars/a40795-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-07-28/environment/national-parks-bring-texas-sized-tourism-dollars/a40795-1 a new study shows national parks are not just great places to spend the day but also major drivers of the local economy. Last year alone, said National Park Service spokesman Jeffrey Olson, there were nearly 3.5 million visits to national parks in Texas. "Those visitors spent $173.4 million," he said, "which supported 2,300 jobs in the state." July is National Park and Recreation Month, during which people across the nation are encouraged to get out of the house and check in on nature. "...(Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Texas Brewer Raises a Glass for Clarity on Clean Water Act Wed, 02 Apr 2014 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-04-02/endangered-species-and-wildlife/texas-brewer-raises-a-glass-for-clarity-on-clean-water-act/a38480-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-04-02/endangered-species-and-wildlife/texas-brewer-raises-a-glass-for-clarity-on-clean-water-act/a38480-1 (Read More)]]> Consumer Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Environmental Justice Health Public Lands/Wilderness Rural/Farming Toxics Water Real March Madness as Lions and Tigers and Bears Face Threats Fri, 14 Mar 2014 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-03-14/endangered-species-and-wildlife/real-march-madness-as-lions-and-tigers-and-bears-face-threats/a38103-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-03-14/endangered-species-and-wildlife/real-march-madness-as-lions-and-tigers-and-bears-face-threats/a38103-1 research shows mascot namesakes, such as lions and tigers and bears, are facing real threats from climate change. Doug Inkley, a senior scientist with the National Wildlife Federation, says NWF researchers found that the trend to more weather extremes is having a negative impact on critical habitat. "It could be game over,” he says, “for many of the wildlife mascots, unless we reduce our carbon pollution that's causing climate change, and unless we develop new clean energy sources – wind power, solar power." In addition to developing clean energy and reducing carbon pollution, Inkley stresses a third part of the solution is to make sure that climate change is taken into account when it comes to wildlife and natural resource management. "...(Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Consumer Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Oceans Public Lands/Wilderness Water World's Last Flock of Wild Whooping Cranes Returns to Texas Mon, 25 Nov 2013 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-11-25/endangered-species-and-wildlife/worlds-last-flock-of-wild-whooping-cranes-returns-to-texas/a35724-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-11-25/endangered-species-and-wildlife/worlds-last-flock-of-wild-whooping-cranes-returns-to-texas/a35724-1 (Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Environmental Justice Public Lands/Wilderness Rural/Farming Water Deepwater Horizon Trial Resumes with Spill Amount Disputed Tue, 01 Oct 2013 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-10-01/environment/deepwater-horizon-trial-resumes-with-spill-amount-disputed/a34757-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-10-01/environment/deepwater-horizon-trial-resumes-with-spill-amount-disputed/a34757-1 (Read More)]]> Criminal Justice Endangered Species & Wildlife Energy Policy Environment Environmental Justice Livable Wages/Working Families Oceans Public Lands/Wilderness Social Justice Toxics Water Texas Drought: Help By Planting "Seeds of Water" Fri, 13 Sep 2013 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-09-13/environment/texas-drought-help-by-planting-seeds-of-water/a34473-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-09-13/environment/texas-drought-help-by-planting-seeds-of-water/a34473-1 (Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Water State Accused of Mismanagement on Endangered Species Tue, 27 Aug 2013 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-08-27/endangered-species-and-wildlife/state-accused-of-mismanagement-on-endangered-species/a34190-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-08-27/endangered-species-and-wildlife/state-accused-of-mismanagement-on-endangered-species/a34190-1 (Read More)]]> Public Lands/Wilderness Environment Energy Policy Endangered Species & Wildlife Animal Welfare Protecting the Environment: An Economic Necessity in Texas Wed, 31 Jul 2013 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-07-31/environment/protecting-the-environment-an-economic-necessity-in-texas/a33735-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-07-31/environment/protecting-the-environment-an-economic-necessity-in-texas/a33735-1 A new analysis finds that people who come to Texas to hunt, fish, hike and camp support thousands of businesses and jobs. These wildlife visitors also generate $800 million dollars in tax revenue for the state each year, according to Janice Bezanson, executive director of the Texas Conservation Alliance. ...(Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Environmental Justice Public Lands/Wilderness Waste Reduction/Recycling Water Texas Songbird Migration: Don't Put Down the Binoculars Yet Tue, 21 May 2013 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-05-21/endangered-species-and-wildlife/texas-songbird-migration-dont-put-down-the-binoculars-yet/a32567-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-05-21/endangered-species-and-wildlife/texas-songbird-migration-dont-put-down-the-binoculars-yet/a32567-1 (Read More)]]> Animal Welfare Climate Change/Air Quality Endangered Species & Wildlife Energy Policy Environment Public Lands/Wilderness San Antonio Missions Seek Designation as World Heritage Site Mon, 29 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-04-29/environment/san-antonio-missions-seek-designation-as-world-heritage-site/a32192-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-04-29/environment/san-antonio-missions-seek-designation-as-world-heritage-site/a32192-1 (Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Cultural Resources Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Research: Time Outdoors Can Make You a Better Thinker Mon, 22 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-04-22/environment/research-time-outdoors-can-make-you-a-better-thinker/a32076-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-04-22/environment/research-time-outdoors-can-make-you-a-better-thinker/a32076-1 research out of the University of Utah finds that some time in the great outdoors can improve a person's creativity and problem-solving ability. Professor David Strayer said those tested after four days immersed in nature with Outward Bound did dramatically better than people who took similar tests before heading out. "We found a 50-percent improvement in the creativity scores. "...(Read More)]]> Children's Environment Mental Health Public Lands/Wilderness Youth San Saba is Among America's "Most Endangered" Rivers Wed, 17 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-04-17/environment/san-saba-is-among-americas-most-endangered-rivers/a31993-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-04-17/environment/san-saba-is-among-americas-most-endangered-rivers/a31993-1 The 2013 list of America's Most Endangered Rivers is out - and the San Saba River in Texas is on it. The report from the group American Rivers cites excessive water withdrawals by landowners and irrigators. That has a negative impact on agriculture and the ecosystem, said Griff Thomas, a rancher along the San Saba. ...(Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Environment Public Lands/Wilderness Rural/Farming Water Report: Magnitude of Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Continues to Unfold Wed, 03 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-04-03/environment/report-magnitude-of-gulf-oil-spill-disaster-continues-to-unfold/a31707-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-04-03/environment/report-magnitude-of-gulf-oil-spill-disaster-continues-to-unfold/a31707-1 a new study says the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster is far from over. Oil still is washing ashore, said Doug Inkley, a senior scientist for the National Wildlife Federation and lead author of the report. Inkley said the impact continues to be felt by wildlife, including sea turtles and - of particular concern - dolphins. ...(Read More)]]> Criminal Justice Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Environmental Justice Oceans Public Lands/Wilderness Civil Trial Begins Monday for BP's Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Fri, 22 Feb 2013 00:00:00 -0700 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-02-22/environment/civil-trial-begins-monday-for-bps-deepwater-horizon-oil-spill/a30996-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2013-02-22/environment/civil-trial-begins-monday-for-bps-deepwater-horizon-oil-spill/a30996-1 (Read More)]]> Animal Welfare Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Environmental Justice Oceans Public Lands/Wilderness Toxics Water Report: Summer's Signs of Things to Come Tue, 04 Sep 2012 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-09-04/environment/report-summers-signs-of-things-to-come/a28212-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-09-04/environment/report-summers-signs-of-things-to-come/a28212-1 report from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). Federation senior scientist Doug Inkley says the heat waves are just the tip of the iceberg. "We now have a record low amount of ice in the arctic and a record amount of ice melt in Greenland. "...(Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Climate Change/Air Quality Community Issues and Volunteering Consumer Cultural Resources Endangered Species & Wildlife Energy Policy Environment Family/Father Issues Health Oceans Public Lands/Wilderness Urban Planning/Transportation Waste Reduction/Recycling After the Rockets' Red Glare ... Months of Cleanup Mon, 02 Jul 2012 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-07-02/environment/after-the-rockets-red-glare-months-of-cleanup/a27055-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-07-02/environment/after-the-rockets-red-glare-months-of-cleanup/a27055-1 Environmentally Friendly Fireworks, says her volunteer clean-up crew focuses its efforts on beaches, picking up pounds of plastic from pyrotechnics months after Independence Day. ...(Read More)]]> Arts & Culture Children's Community Issues and Volunteering Consumer Cultural Resources Endangered Species & Wildlife Environment Family/Father Issues Oceans Public Lands/Wilderness Rural/Farming Waste Reduction/Recycling Youth Do Environmental Regulations Kill Jobs? Mon, 14 May 2012 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-05-14/energy-policy/do-environmental-regulations-kill-jobs/a26415-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-05-14/energy-policy/do-environmental-regulations-kill-jobs/a26415-1 (Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Climate Change/Air Quality Consumer Cultural Resources Endangered Species & Wildlife Energy Policy Environment Health Public Lands/Wilderness Toxics Urban Planning/Transportation Waste Reduction/Recycling Survey Shows Majority of Americans Want Clean, Affordable Energy Mon, 30 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-04-30/energy-policy/survey-shows-majority-of-americans-want-clean-affordable-energy/a26143-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-04-30/energy-policy/survey-shows-majority-of-americans-want-clean-affordable-energy/a26143-1 a new survey, a majority of Republicans, Independents and Democrats agree they'd like Congress to work on an energy policy that supports renewable energy, protects public health and promotes energy independence. The survey was commissioned by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Civil Society Institute and conducted by ORC International, a global market research firm. Kerwin Olson, executive director of the Citizens Action Coalition, says the poll shows the political divide over energy issues is largely a myth. ...(Read More)]]> Water Waste Reduction/Recycling Urban Planning/Transportation Toxics Public Lands/Wilderness Oceans Health Environment Energy Policy Endangered Species & Wildlife Cultural Resources Consumer Climate Change/Air Quality Civic Engagement Budget Policy & Priorities Texas Company Helps Customers Contribute to “Earth Month” Mon, 16 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-04-16/environment/texas-company-helps-customers-contribute-to-earth-month/a25920-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-04-16/environment/texas-company-helps-customers-contribute-to-earth-month/a25920-1 (Read More)]]> Climate Change/Air Quality Community Issues and Volunteering Consumer Cultural Resources Education Endangered Species & Wildlife Energy Policy Environment Oceans Philanthropy Public Lands/Wilderness Urban Planning/Transportation Waste Reduction/Recycling Water Two Years After Gulf Disaster: “The Spill Is Not Over” Wed, 11 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-04-11/environment/two-years-after-gulf-disaster-the-spill-is-not-over/a25856-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-04-11/environment/two-years-after-gulf-disaster-the-spill-is-not-over/a25856-1 a just-released National Wildlife Federation report. While coastal areas in Texas and other Gulf states may appear relatively normal on the surface, the study finds evidence of lasting, widespread harm to species and ecosystems. David Muth, the federation's coastal Louisiana state director, says even clean-up and oil dispersal efforts have done their share of damage since the Deepwater Horizon blowout. ...(Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Climate Change/Air Quality Consumer Cultural Resources Endangered Species & Wildlife Energy Policy Environment Health Oceans Public Lands/Wilderness Toxics Urban Planning/Transportation Water New Fuel Standards Expected to Ease Pain at the Pump Mon, 09 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-04-09/energy-policy/new-fuel-standards-expected-to-ease-pain-at-the-pump/a25794-1 https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2012-04-09/energy-policy/new-fuel-standards-expected-to-ease-pain-at-the-pump/a25794-1 polling shows that Americans expect to pay significantly more this summer during peak travel season. However, as tight supplies and geo-politics continue to drive up prices in the short run, experts predict new fuel-economy standards will eventually deliver consumers a bit of a break. ...(Read More)]]> Budget Policy & Priorities Climate Change/Air Quality Consumer Cultural Resources Energy Policy Environment Health Livable Wages/Working Families Oceans Poverty Public Lands/Wilderness Urban Planning/Transportation Water