What is the ?

() launched in December 2012 and is part of an independent network of member-supported state news services pioneered by Public News Service. Our mission is an engaged citizenry making educated decisions in service to democracy; and our role is to inform, inspire, excite and sometimes reassure people in a constantly changing ecosystem. "covers the beat" of issues that nonprofits, foundations, NGO's, and "triple bottom line" businesses care about. Our reporting spans geographic/political divides, targeting individuals, legislators and thought-leaders seeking information and solutions to local/national/global issues.

Especially valuable in this turbulent climate for journalism, initially news outlets in and neighboring markets have picked up and redistributed our stories. These include outlets like:

Making a Difference

A map will be posted in 2013 to show a complete media pick up list.

How We Work

Memberships, gifts and grants allow supporters to earmark their contributions for reporting on priority issue areas. Similar to 'voting' for your favorite program on public broadcasting, there is explicit understanding that our journalists maintain all editorial authority.

A single annual membership contribution provides resources to report on about 8 stories. We welcome pitches from our supporters and assistance in finding spokespeople and information for timely news stories on the issues they care about. Our job is to cover the issues that matter: supporters are not excluded from being quoted themselves, however any branding opportunity is ancillary and minimal. (For branding needs or campaigning, please check out our PR sister SoundBite Services!)

Usually all it takes is an email or phone call to pitch a story - news releases are not necessary - and being available by phone for fact-checking once the story is done. Each completed news story (with versions for broadcasters, online, print and podcasts) is sent to media outlets statewide, national networks when appropriate, and followed up with a detailed pickup report.