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Saturday February 13, 2016   PNS Weekend Update - February 13, 2016
Several stories on the list this weekend: President Obama mourns the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia; California is having a monumental moment; for college students, it’s time to think about financial aid.


Friday February 12, 2016   PNS Daily News- February 12, 2016
Here's what we're following: the Clean Power Plan is being put on hold for now but wildlife advocates say that's no reason for states to stop making changes, more people are being exonerated in the United States and Albert Einstein made a prediction over a century ago, and he was right.


Thursday February 11, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 11, 2016
Our roundup of today’s news includes concern that the Supreme Court's decision on climate change regulations could scuttle the Paris climate agreement, presidential candidates are moving on from New Hampshire to South Carolina in search of delegates, and oyster aficionados are watching the latest efforts to restore Chesapeake Bay.


Wednesday February 10, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 10, 2016
Voters in New Hampshire turnout in force for outsiders Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump; also on today’s nationwide rundown; the Supreme Court puts the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan on hold; a New York push for healthcare for undocumented immigrants; and it’s National Young Voter Month.


Tuesday February 9, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 9, 2016
Our news today zeros-in on issues from around the nation including: It’s New Hampshire’s turn to select presidential candidates but not all voters are fully decided; some West Virginians sympathizing with the water woes of Flint, Michigan; and a go-to indicator may be mis-categorizing millions of Americans as unhealthy.


Monday February 8, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 8, 2016
We’re covering stories from coast to coast including: the presidential hopefuls eye New Hampshire; how the nation’s two-tiered justice system is benefiting corporations; and gun control laws in Maryland in limbo after an appeals court decision.


Saturday February 6, 2016   PNS Weekend Update - February 6, 2016
We’ve got eyes on several stories from around the country on this weekend’s rundown. President Obama’s using a positive jobs report to push his budget ideas. Democrats are making some changes to an upcoming presidential caucus. The American Lung Association says Texas is failing its residents when it comes to tobacco use.


Friday February 5, 2016   PNS Daily Newscast -Friday, February 5th,2016.
Here's what we're covering today: The democratic presidential candidates faced off in a debate in New Hampshire, President Obama is planning to reveal a ten dollar a barrel oil tax, and today is Go Red for Women.


Thursday February 4, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 4, 2016
In our news today, the presidential race is heating up in New Hampshire; several of the people involved in an armed standoff in an Oregon wildlife refuge are indicted; you might be surprised at what’s laying around your house that could give you cancer; and college-bound students need to watch out for financial aid scammers.


Wednesday February 3, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 3, 2016
A variety of topics on today’s rundown including; the Zika virus strikes Texas; the presidential contenders battle for New Hampshire; the U.S. Senate beats back an assault on presidential power; and Netflix “Making A Murderer” may be making more sympathetic jurors.


Tuesday February 2, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 2, 2016
Today’s national news focuses on several issues including: a very close fight to the finish in the Iowa Caucuses; the battle over marriage equality may have been won but there’s still work remaining; and it’s not just his shadow that should be frightening Punxsutawney Phil …we’ll explain.


Monday February 1, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 1, 2016
We’re covering stories from states around the nation including: all eyes on Iowa as the first real step in the presidential nominating process begins; awareness could be leading to more reports of human trafficking; and February brings concerns about the nation’s number one killer.


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