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Saturday April 30, 2016   PNS Weekend Update - April 30, 2016
We’re covering a wide variety of topics on this weekend’s rundown, including: several U.S. military members are being punished over a deadly airstrike; some human rights groups are holding an anti-hate rally; this weekend, it’s time to celebrate Healthy Kids Day.


Friday April 29, 2016   PNS Daily News - April 29, 2016
Running down today’s news, the presidential frontrunners turn their attention – and their political barbs – against each other, the C-D-C announces that teen pregnancy rates have dropped by almost half, and health care officials and others are taking steps to deal with the epidemic of opiate addiction.


Thursday April 28, 2016   PNS Daily News - April 28, 2016
Featured on today’s nationwide rundown; some interesting developments in the race for the White House; the focus is on preventable workplace deaths on this Worker’s Memorial Day; and conservation groups say efforts to save the Mexican gray wolf are falling short.


Wednesday April 27, 2016   PNS Daily Newscast- Wednesday, April 27th, 2016.
Making news today: No do-over in the Arizona primary after a judge's ruling, groups in North Carolina want to overturn a judge's ruling upholding a voter ID law, and allergy season is hitting early in much of the U.S.


Tuesday April 26, 2016   PNS Daily News - April 26, 2016
Cruz and Kasich align to stop Trump as voters in five states head to the polls; a lifesaving medicine that can save an addict from overdose is up for debate in Maine; and health experts are prescribing more tall glasses of water for Americans - those are among the stories we’re highlighting today.


Monday April 25, 2016   PNS Daily News - April 25, 2016
We’re featuring several stories today including: a report finds the nation’s over reliance on mass incarceration is hurting kids and communities; a massive new research project delves into autism’s causes; and the dictionary’s adding new words, including some digital shorthand.


Saturday April 23, 2016   PNS Weekend Update - April 23, 2016
We’ve got updates on stories from around the world this weekend, including: 175 countries have signed the historic Paris climate agreement; a new air-quality report argues the U.S. still has work to do; national research suggests children’s mental health may not be as strong as older generations.


Friday April 22, 2016   PND Daily News - April 22, 2016
Earth Day celebrations take on a new meaning as world leaders are expected to sign the Paris Climate agreement today, the FBI dishes out some long green to hack into a terrorist’s iPhone, and new research shows that women who surround themselves with greenery live longer.


Thursday April 21, 2016   PNS Daily News - April 21, 2016
In focus on today’s rundown: “should have seen that coming”—that’s the take by legal experts in the ongoing legal battle over the rights of transgender people; the numbers are in from New York and young people were a big factor at the voting booth, plus we’ll let you know why you should change your pet’s water bowl to prevent Zika.


Wednesday April 20, 2016   PNS Daily Newscast- April 20th, 2016
Taking a look at what's making news today: Criminal charges are being filed in the Flint water crisis. A big retailer says transgenders are welcome to use whichever restrooms and changing rooms they want, and a pilot study of cervical cancer shows promising results.


Tuesday April 19, 2016   PNS Daily News - April 19, 2016
Our news features stories from across the country including: five killed in Texas floods; the Supreme Court seems divided on the President’s immigration policy; and an inmate loses her child after being shackled during labor and now the ACLU is filing suit.


Monday April 18, 2016   PNS Daily News - April 18, 2016
Today’s news highlights a variety of stories including: people still believed to be trapped after an earthquake in Ecuador; the Supreme Court immigration case opens amid protests; and new legislation in North Carolina feared to be putting more people at risk of sexual assault.


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