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Wednesday August 20, 2014   PNS Daily News - April 20, 2014
Today’s coast to coast news features 6 stories including: Climate change and its impact on the outdoor experience. Children using social media to bully. And arts and culture is worth billions of dollars in the Land of Enchantment.


Tuesday August 19, 2014   PNS Daily News - August 19, 2014
We’re covering stories from around the nation including an in-depth look at the face of hunger; the Feds move to protect the habitat of the yellow-billed cuckoo; and why dental care should be on the back-to-school checklist.


Monday August 18, 2014   PNS Daily News - August 18, 2014
Several stories featured in today’s national rundown including: lessons from Ferguson on press and citizen freedoms; voter ID confusion in Virginia; and a look at the issue of food insecurity in Wisconsin.


Saturday August 16, 2014   PNS Weekend Update - August 16, 2014
Among the stories on our nationwide rundown: new information released in the police shooting of a Missouri teenager appears to reignite unrest; polls show some voters are looking for support of caregivers in the November elections; and a warning to parents and young athletes—taking one for the team can result in lifelong problems.


Friday August 15, 2014   PNS Daily News - August 15, 2014
Featured on our Friday rundown; the State Highway Patrol takes control in Missouri while President Obama calls for calm and a U.S. Justice Department probe; it’s called "DACA" and this weekend marks the two year anniversary of an executive action designed to help young undocumented immigrants; and lawmakers in Wisconsin being accused of shortchanging the state.


Thursday August 14, 2014   PNS Daily News - August 14, 2014
We’re highlighting a variety of stories from around the country including: a look at outside spending in a congressional race; an Oregon food bank seeks fresh new farm partnerships; and the “trashy four” to avoid when packing your lunch.


Wednesday August 13, 2014   PNS Daily News - August 13, 2014
Our news is covering issues from around the nation including: the death of a comedic star shines a light on depression; a long awaiting ruling on wolverines; and Tennessee veterans go from the battle field to the sports field.


Tuesday August 12, 2014   PNS Daily News - August 12, 2014
In focus on today’s rundown: the nation mourns a man who gave us lots of laughs; the smell of victory for a Georgia neighborhood; player safety in the spotlight for football rules; and rocker Graham Nash offers a refrain for America.


Monday August 11, 2014   PNS Daily News - August 11, 2014
We’re featuring a variety stories on today’s rundown including: hunger hits home in America’s small towns; a report shows economic erosion in Idaho; and an effort to give caregivers credit where it’s due.


Saturday August 9, 2014   PNS Weekend Update - August 9, 2014
Among the stories on our weekend rundown; President Obama gets bipartisan support for military strikes in Iraq; we hear from one of the same sex couples whose marriage equality case could be decided by the Supreme Court; and retirees finding purpose in fostering older pets.


Friday August 8, 2014   PNS Daily News - August 8, 2014
Featured on our Friday rundown: President Obama authorizes limited U.S. airstrikes in Iraq; Utah and Ohio key states in the legal battles over marriage equality; and West Coast efforts to make rooftop solar, easier, cheaper & faster.


Thursday August 7, 2014   PNS Daily News - August 7, 2014
In focus on our nationwide rundown; gold dredging digging deep into river rights; things to consider after “I Do” in marriage equality; and a look ahead to weekend choices for lovers of guitar music and farmer’s markets.


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