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Friday November 27, 2015   PNS Daily News - Friday November 27, 2015
We’re featuring a variety of topics in today’s news including: Chicago protestors demanding more information about a deadly police shooting; an innovative housing program for ex-offenders shows promise in New York; and some Black Friday deals may not be worth the hassle.


Friday November 27, 2015   PNS Weekend Update - November 28, 2015
We’ve got several topics on tap from around the country this weekend, including: several people were hurt during a shooting at a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado; the protests over a police shooting continue in Chicago; now that we’re in full holiday mode, new research suggests that family time matters most to developing children.


Thursday November 26, 2015   PNS Daily News - November 26, 2015
Our Thanksgiving Day news features topics from around the globe including: the president tries to ease concerns of a holiday threat; there’s a reason to be especially thankful for the turkey on the table today; and the world set to make another record for the hottest year.


Wednesday November 25, 2015   PNS Daily News - November 25, 2015
Among the stories on today’s nationwide rundown; a night of protests in Chicago following the release of video that shows a police officer fatally shooting a teenager; we’ll tell you why some folks in Michigan say it’s time to take back Thanksgiving; and as many prepare to take the family on the road, a new system is being tested to track wrong way drivers.


Tuesday November 24, 2015   PNS Daily News - November 24, 2015
In focus on today’s nationwide rundown; we head into peak travel season with a worldwide travel alert from the State Department; some courts taking time today to give thanks to families; and concerns that climate change could wipe the oysters out of turkey dressing.


Monday November 23, 2015   PNS Daily News - November 23, 2015
We focus on issues from across the globe on today’s rundown including; authorities in Belgium turn up the heat on terrorism suspects; the mayor of Philadelphia warned not to change immigration deportation policies; a push to end gridlock on land and water conservation funding; and some tips on shopping for a safe and healthy Thanksgiving dinner.


Saturday November 21, 2015   PNS Weekend Update - November 20, 2015
We’re covering a number of topics from around the country this weekend, including: President Obama’s asking the Supreme Court to weigh in on his immigration plans; at least one religious group says the U.S. should be more welcoming to Syrian refugees; is it time to give caregivers a break in Virginia?


Friday November 20, 2015   PNS Daily News - November 20, 2015
We’re highlighting a variety of topics in today’s rundown including: a call for movement on the one year anniversary of immigration action; the sentiment of striking airline workers felt among their colleagues; and why educators deserve a pat on the back this week.


Thursday November 19, 2015   PNS Daily News - November 19, 2015
Our news features stories from around the globe including officials confirm the death of the ringleader of the Paris attacks ; rural health care puts a focus on small town care; and a major company moves to removes toxins from its flooring.


Wednesday November 18, 2015   PNS Daily News - November 18, 2015
UPDATE: Two dead in France during raids for Paris attack's mastermind; the number of governors saying “no” keeps growing, but some question whether states can really refuse refugees; we’ll tell you which state is looking to ditch a clean election law to balance the budget; and in Miami young Haitians are celebrating their new role as citizens.


Tuesday November 17, 2015   PNS Daily News - November 17, 2015
Among the issues on today’s rundown; more than half of the nation’s governors vow to block Syrian refuges from entering their states; Texas abortion case briefs headed to the U.S. Supreme Court; and we’ll make American Education Week stops in Oregon and Massachusetts.


Monday November 16, 2015   PNS Daily News - November 16, 2015
In focus on our rundown; an “attack on the civilized world,” that’s how President Obama is describing the terrorist attacks in Paris; we check with experts who say delaying Social Security can mean bigger benefits; we head to the sunbelt where bike sharing is more than just about commuting; and the Navy rethinks training that can endanger whales.


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