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Monday October 5, 2015   PNS Daily News - October 5, 2015
A variety of issues to kick-off the week including; the fight continues in support of public lands; New York steps up bail reform efforts; and a Southern City examines an unconventional approach to the problem of homelessness.


Saturday October 3, 2015   PNS Weekend Update - Saturday October 3, 2015
Today’s rundown highlights several stories including: Americans aboard a missing cargo ship in Hurricane Joaquin’s path; new details in Thursday’s deadly shooting rampage at an Oregon college; and the effectiveness of talk therapy found to be overrated.


Friday October 2, 2015   PNS Daily News - October 2, 2015
We’re covering stories from coast to coast including another call for tighter gun laws in the wake of another mass shooting; a national sentencing overhaul announced, as some states consider juvenile justice reforms; and a look at the benefits of Medicaid expansion for some southern families.


Thursday October 1, 2015   PNS Daily News - October 1, 2015
Our news today highlights a variety of topics including: the move to completely renewable energy could be sooner rather than later; last-minute legislation jeopardizes food assistance for thousands in North Carolina; and New York officials speculate on the rapid spread of syphilis.


Wednesday September 30, 2015   PNS Daily News - September 30, 2015
A variety of updates on our national rundown including; Georgia executes the only woman on death row; new indicators of support for the Endangered Species Act; a look at 21st Century policing; and the call is out for a Mojave Trails National Monument.


Tuesday September 29, 2015   PNS Daily News - September 29, 2015
In focus on our nationwide rundown; the rush is on to avert a government shutdown; EPA hearings today on expanding methane emission rules; we will take you to the 3rd worst place to teach in the USA; and tell you why more tiny babies are surviving and thriving.


Monday September 28, 2015   PNS Daily News - September 28, 2015
On the rundown; we start the week with another threatened budget shutdown; Uber is accused of discriminating against people with disabilities in the Big Apple; an update on juvenile justice reform; and meet the rusty patched bumble bee—before it is extinct.


Saturday September 26, 2015   PNS Weekend Update
Among the stories in focus on our weekend rundown; a look at some of the issues not so much in the spotlight during the visit of Pope Francis; Speaker Jon Boehner and candidate Scott Walker both pick this week to call it quits; and volunteers will be sprucing up for Public Lands Day this weekend.


Friday September 25, 2015   PNS Daily News - September 25, 2015
We have you covered on the rundown with Pope Francis in the Big Apple; a look at whether community input can save failing New York schools; a first since the Patriot Act as a federal court lifts a gag on an FBI National Security Letter; and we check-in on Employ Older Americans Week.


Thursday September 24, 2015   PNS Daily News - September 24, 2015
A variety of issues on our nationwide rundown including; Pope Francis set to make history again today by addressing a joint session of Congress; a congressional showdown over Planned Parenthood threatens to cut food benefits; and a growing battle over what sustainable agriculture really means.


Wednesday September 23, 2015   PNS Daily Newscast - September 23, 2015
Our coast to coast news highlights several stories including: the pope’s historic U.S. visit gets underway; a milestone for conservation in America; and outrage sparks the reversal a price gouge on a life-saving medication.


Tuesday September 22, 2015   PNS Daily News - September 22, 2015
Our news today highlights a variety of topics including: another GOP presidential hopeful out of the running; work to get under-represented Americans registered to vote; and methane emitted from our landfill waste may be more than we think.


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