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Monday June 27, 2016   PNS Daily News - June 27, 2016
We’re covering a variety of issues in today’s rundown including: human kindness shines in the wake of deadly flooding; Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump in two new polls; and several injured during a white supremacist rally in California.


Saturday June 25, 2016   PNS Weekend Update - June 25, 2016
On this weekend’s rundown, we’re covering stories from across the globe, including: After Brexit, Google says many Britons may not know what they actually voted for; a Boston religious leader calls for peace in the wake of the Freddie Gray case acquittal; and Sunday marks one year since marriage equality was upheld by the nation’s highest court.


Friday June 24, 2016   PNS Daily News - June 24, 2016
In our wrap-up of today’s top news, Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union, the Supreme Court issues major rulings on immigration and affirmative action, and the world’s biggest swimming lesson aims at preventing drowning.


Thursday June 23, 2016   PNS Daily News - June 23, 2016
In focus on our nationwide rundown; Democrats lead a gun control sit-in on the U.S. House floor; a federal judge delivers a blow to the Obama administration’s fracking rules; and the Supreme Court poised to decide an affirmative action case.


Wednesday June 22, 2016   PNS Daily News - June 22, 2016
Senators take another stab at gun control legislation; new research shows bigger food-stamp benefits wouldn’t be wasted on fast food, and what do heat islands, climate change and wildlife have in common? We’ll explain the connection.


Tuesday June 21, 2016   PNS Daily News - June 21, 2016
Today’s news highlights several stories including: gun measures blocked on Capitol Hill in the wake of the Orlando massacre; déjà vu as federal court once again examines North Carolina’s voting laws ; and an “ag-gag” case could have widespread implications.


Monday June 20, 2016   PNS Daily News - June 20, 2016
We’re highlighting issues from around the nation including: incarceration and the impact on crime rates; a look at the positive contributions of those seeking safe haven on World Refugee Day; and data transparency questioned in the wake of new abortion regulations in Texas.


Saturday June 18, 2016   PNS Weekend Update - June 18, 2016
We’ve got eyes and ears on stories from around the country on this weekend’s update, including: British police are investigating whether the man accused of killing a member of parliament has extremist ties; thousands of nurses will be going on strike; it’s Father’s Day weekend and we’ve got some tips on how to keep dad healthy.


Friday June 17, 2016   PNS Daily News - June 17, 2016
A British politician is attacked and killed on the campaign trail, there’s a movement to cut the skyrocketing cost of childcare for American families, and it will be huge and crunchy – they’re building the world’s largest popcorn ball this weekend.


Thursday June 16, 2016   PNS Daily News Update - June 16, 2016
Orlando shooting repercussions on today’s nationwide rundown; we have reports on the Senate gun control filibuster and how the attack is impacting assault weapons, mosques and gay pride events; plus the feds ramp up food assistance to Flint; and why some say the Elk River runs through West Virginia’s future.


Wednesday June 15, 2016   PNS Daily News - June 15, 2016
Here’s a look at stories making news today; tough talk from President Obama on Trump’s calls to ban Muslims; internet-equal access upheld; and groups from around the country head to D.C. to push for public lands protections.


Tuesday June 14, 2016   PNS Daily News - June 14, 2016
We're featuring several stories today including: calls for action from around the nation after the Orlando massacre; how bars of soap could help human trafficking victims; and toxins close some northwestern beaches to shell fishing.


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