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Wednesday October 1, 2014   PNS Daily News - October 1, 2014
Our news today features several stories including: health leaders react as the first case of Ebola is confirmed in the United States; a report finds many children spending their days dangerously close to chemical facilities; and why a high-tech career change could mean more money in your pocket.


Tuesday September 30, 2014   PNS Daily News - September 30, 2014
Today’s coast to coast news features a variety of topics including: troubling post-recession poverty figures; a national group faces a felony probe over mailers; and why some hospital mergers are creating patient care concerns.


Monday September 29, 2014   PNS Daily News - September 29, 2014
We’re featuring several stories in today’s national news including: top leaders say the ISIS threat was underestimated; concerns about a fossil fuel shipping hub in the Northwest; and how a Kentucky woman became helping hand for health insurance.


Saturday September 27, 2014   PNS Weekend Update - September 27, 2014
It’s National Hunting & Fishing Day this weekend, plus Ohio eggs are feeding people in need; a first lady is working to prevent infant sleep deaths, and some water found the experts say is older than the sun.


Friday September 26, 2014   PNS Daily News - September 26, 2014
Featured on our Friday nationwide rundown: Attorney General Eric Holder stepping down and President Obama praises his tenure; school bullying—now there’s and App for that; and a look at why most Western voters oppose state control of our public lands.


Thursday September 25, 2014   PNS Daily News - September 25, 2014
A variety of issues on our nationwide rundown including; a federal appeals court takes up a major voting rights case today; complaints in the Northeast that Superstorm Sandy repairs are moving at a snail’s pace; and a record settlement with the Navajo Nation over mismanagement of tribal resources.


Wednesday September 24, 2014   PNS Daily News - September 24, 2014
Today’s coast to coast news features several stories including; President Obama is calling on nations of the world to join the U.S. to reduce carbon pollution; Interior Secretary Sally Jewell visits the habitat of an Iconic bird in the American West; And it turns out that Colorado is among happiest of states.


Tuesday September 23, 2014   PNS Daily News - September 23, 2014
Today’s coast to coast news features several stories including; The United Nations Climate Summit is underway in the Big Apple; Wildfires continue to ravage the Golden State; and a new report ranks states on use of solar power in public schools


Monday September 22, 2014   PNS Daily News - September 22, 2014
A grand jury convenes in the Ohio Police shooting of a 22 year old with a bb-gun; radiation concerns over wireless internet in schools; a big week ahead for same sex marriage; and “Wolf Walkers” continue their trek to Idaho.


Saturday September 20, 2014   PNS Weekend Update - September 20, 2014
Among the stories on our nationwide rundown; Roger Goodell offers apologies and promises; from Arizona to New York City people will be marching for climate action this weekend, while in Illinois they will also be trekking for world peace; and we’ll let you know which state is trying to play catch-up on high speed rail.


Friday September 19, 2014   PNS Daily News - September 19, 2014
Featured on our Friday nationwide rundown; folks from across the nation and globe headed for the People’s Climate March in New York; Ohio just ranked in the top five for carbon pollution; and the price tag could top a billion dollars for the Gila River diversion.


Thursday September 18, 2014   PNS Daily News - September 18, 2014
A variety of issues on today's rundown including; the U.S. House gives thumbs up to arming Syrian rebels; faith leaders from New York to Colorado taking action for immigrants; and celebrating that lesser known Pacific Northwest fish species—the sturgeon.


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