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Saturday December 20, 2014   PNS Weekend Update - December 20, 2014
Among the stories on our weekend rundown; Cuba and a cyber attack top of mind for President Obama; an update from a state that just got a big boost in the fight against hunger; and no matter the weather your Christmas can still be green.


Friday December 19, 2014   PNS Daily News - December 19, 2014
Among the stories featured on our Friday rundown; President Obama reported to be ready to take executive actions concerning Cuba; North Carolina marks another year without an execution; and Congress makes it easier for people with disabilities to save.


Thursday December 18, 2014   PNS Daily News - December 18, 2014
In focus on our nationwide rundown: a cyber threat produces a nationwide dump of a major motion picture; New York says no to fracking—at least for now; and on the West Coast on new coalition hooks-up venture capital with conservation.


Wednesday December 17, 2014   PNS Daily News - December 17, 2014
Today’s coast to coast news features several stories including; gas prices are at their lowest level in five years and still falling; low gas prices may help the economy but hurt the climate; and new federal regulations expected this week could change the way states deal with coal ash.


Tuesday December 16, 2014   PNS Daily News - December 16, 2014
Today's rundown features several stories including: an in-depth look the benefits and alternatives of Medicaid expansion; closing detention centers as an option for juvenile justice reform; and Colorado schools may miss out on funds from a marijuana tax.


Monday December 15, 2014   PNS Daily News - December 15, 2014
Our coast to coast news features several stories including: Sandy Hook victims remembered around the nation; detention alternatives examined for children of color; the waiting continues for families fighting deportation; and a holiday gift for nature lovers in the West.


Sunday December 14, 2014   PNS Weekend Update - December 14, 2014
Among the stories our nationwide rundown: the U.S. Senate worked late Saturday night an passed the budget; some states are busy this weekend enrolling folks in health care programs ahead of a Monday deadline; things are looking up for alternative sentencing for juveniles in West Virginia; and monitoring infants with life-threatening defects—now there’s an App for that.


Friday December 12, 2014   PNS Daily News - December 12, 2014
Among the stories featured on our Friday rundown; the U.S. House musters the votes to pass a budget for 2015; Marcellus Shale workers win millions in back pay; in Oregon eyes are on the education budget while Texas takes antibiotic-fed chicken off the school lunch menu.


Thursday December 11, 2014   PNS Daily News - December 11, 2014
Among the issues in focus on our nationwide rundown: the potential government shutdown isn't dead yet; a new day for babies at the White House; and if you are coughing and sneezing there are some things to consider before hitting the medicine aisle.


Wednesday December 10, 2014   PNS Daily News - December 10, 2014
Today’s coast to coast news features several stories including; Senators on both sides of aisle are condemning the CIA’s use of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques on some terrorist suspects; and the nation may be headed for a holiday season government shutdown; and people from across the U.S. are expected to participate in a national march against police violence in Washington, DC this weekend.


Tuesday December 9, 2014   PNS Daily News - December 9, 2014
Today’s news covers stories from around the country including: crop insurance subsidies may not be all all they’re cracked up to be for some farmers; a protest centered on fracking in Nevada; and minimum specialist staffing in Ohio schools up for debate;


Monday December 8, 2014   PNS Daily News - December 8, 2014
We’re highlighting several stories in today’s national news including: wage theft is becoming especially troubling for workers this time of the year; concerns about legalized discrimination in Michigan; and why classifying broadband Internet could be a big win for rural America.


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