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Friday July 3, 2015   PNS Daily News - July 3, 2015
We’re covering issues from around the nation including: a multi-billion dollar settlement announced in the Deepwater Horizon spill; hunger impacting our veterans this Fourth of July; and a dangerous weekend predicted on America’s roadways.


Thursday July 2, 2015   PNS Daily News - July 2, 2015
We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including; the U.S. Supreme Court delays a Texas law that would have closed many of the state’s clinics that perform abortions, and the EPA says it will ban a pesticide which has been linked to ADHD, reduced IQ and other health conditions; and a report on the climate-driven rise in ticks and mosquitoes, which also raises the threat of potentially deadly insect-borne illnesses like Lyme Disease and the West Nile virus.


Wednesday July 1, 2015   PNS Daily News - July 1, 2015
We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including; 13 states are suing the EPA over the controversial Clean Water Rule; and a report on the defeat of some controversial education proposals in New York; and an Arizona congressman is backing legislation that would add greater protections to more than two million acres of public lands in the Grand Canyon State.


Tuesday June 30, 2015   PNS Daily News - June 30, 2015
A divided Supreme Court issues three major rulings to end this term and we have reaction from coast-to-coast on today’s rundown; also 25 cities working to improve the chances of economic success for veterans; and a look at how summer jobs can help teens invest in the future.


Monday June 29, 2015   PNS Daily News - June 29, 2015
Nationwide coverage on a variety of issues including; residents of upstate New York breathing easier with the capture of fugitive David Sweat; a family wants answers about an inmate death in Arizona; new ripple effects from both of last week’s historic Supreme Court rulings; some folks in Montana getting crabby about lawn care.


Saturday June 27, 2015   PNS Weekend Update for June 27, 2015
Today's stories include the world celebrating a landmark Supreme Court decision; school leaders convene to address the future of education; and distracted driving found to be a problem for the young and old.


Friday June 26, 2015   PNS Daily News - June 26, 2015
We’re featuring stories from around the country including: breaking news – a long sought victory for marriage equality; the Affordable Care Act upheld again – we have reaction and a look at challenges ahead; and look out boomers – there’s a new generation taking over the country.


Thursday June 25, 2015   PNS Daily News - June 25, 2015
Today’s news features stories from around the country including: breaking news on the future of Obamacare; a ban on a destructive type of gold mining will stay in place; and groups encourage lawmakers to stop a net neutrality “sneak attack.”


Wednesday June 24, 2015   PNS Daily News - June 24, 2015
A variety of issues from coast today including; more states contemplating action to ban the confederate flag; new details from a ProPublica Probe into Colorado River woes; and why reading to your kids can be as important as a doctor’s checkup.


Tuesday June 23, 2015   PNS Daily News - June 23, 2015
On our nationwide rundown; states divided over the Confederate Flag, but not Walmart or Sears; a solidarity rally planned in Florida for victims of the Charleston Church shooting; state workers contracts up in a couple of states; and new thinking about ways to help the Florida panther.


Monday June 22, 2015   PNS Daily News - June 22, 2015
We start the week with nationwide coverage including; hundreds of firefighters battling a wildfire at the Nevada-California border; in California experts focus on risks to kids from cell phone and WiFi radiation; plus an “Our Tomorrow” update from the Sunshine State for Pride Month.


Saturday June 20, 2015   PNS Weekend Update - June 20, 2015
Today’s news highlights a variety of stories including: forgiveness in a South Carolina courtroom from the families of victims in a church shooting; heavy trucks are facing stricter pollution standards; and a reminder about the dangers of summer heat for children.


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