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Wednesday March 4, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 4, 2015
We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including; a U.S. Supreme court case being heard today could impact millions of Americans receiving subsidies through the affordable Care Act; following a months long political battle, congress approves a 40 billion funding package for the Department of Homeland Security; and another study shows the huge economic impact linked to America’s public lands.


Tuesday March 3, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 3, 2015
Today’s news features stories from coast to coast including: the Supreme Court to decide the fate of Obamacare subsidies; oil transport issues front and center in the west; and research points to one of the strongest links yet between global warming and human conflict.


Monday March 2, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 2, 2015
We’re featuring stories on several topics including: retailers feeling the pressure after Wal-Mart’s wage increase; nuclear waste clean-up concerns in Idaho; and why a good night’s sleep is just a dream for many Americans.


Saturday February 28, 2015   PNS Weekend Update - February 28, 2015
Featured on our weekend rundown; One week – that’s the stopgap funding for Homeland Security approved by Congress Friday night; we will take you to a state where support is strong for paid sick leave—and another that just tallied lawmakers environmental report cards.


Friday February 27, 2015   PNS Daily News - February 27, 2015
Among the stories featured on our Friday rundown; House Republicans vow the net neutrality fight is far from over; around the globe it’s a day to stand up against bullying; and a California group goes after the dog and cat meat trade.


Thursday February 26, 2015   PNS Daily News - February 26, 2015
No turning back on net neutrality, the FCC takes a big vote today; also on our nationwide rundown; updates on child poverty, voting rights, and a look at whether the American Kennel Club is fighting against puppy mill laws.


Wednesday February 25, 2015   PNS Daily News - February 25, 2015
We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including: President Obama vetoes a bill to build the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline; a new study calls for an update to the formula used to measure poverty in America; and the FCC will vote whether to regulate the Internet as a utility.


Tuesday February 24, 2015   PNS Daily News - February 24, 2015
We’re covering stories from coast to coast including: the Obama Administration appeals an immigration ruling; controversy over right-to-work legislation in Wisconsin; and efforts to make hemp the Sunshine State’s new cash crop.


Monday February 23, 2015   PNS Daily News - February 23, 2015
Today’s stories cover a variety of issues including: concerns about terror threats against western malls; a survey examines the Clean Power Plan’s impact on electric grid reliability; and controversy over “right to discriminate” laws.


Saturday February 21, 2015   PNS Weekend Update - February 22, 2015
Among the stories on our weekend rundown: a smoke free law makes a big stride forward in the South; financial help this weekend for college bound students in Indiana, while Tennessee proposes in-state tuition for undocumented students; and new data on the importance of protecting public lands for future generations.


Friday February 20, 2015   PNS Daily News - February 20, 2015
A variety of issues featured on our Friday rundown including; concerns about crude oil shipments and pipelines not named Keystone; consumers say they want high mileage despite current low prices at the pump; and a preview of this weekend’s “Don’t Block My Internet” rally in the Midwest.


Thursday February 19, 2015   PNS Daily News - February 19, 2015
Among the stories on our nationwide rundown: new research shows smoking consequences more deadly than first thought; we;ll take you to a state where one-in-four kids now lives in poverty; and the lowdown on why the Mayor of Boston is pleading with citizens to stop jumping out of windows.


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