PNS Weekend Newscast - June 25th, 2017 

Here's what we're covering.....Another Republican has come out against President Trump's healthcare bill, advocates across the country are speaking out about the new GOP plan for healthcare, and actor Johnny Depp is apologizing for joking around the President Donald Trump should be assassinated

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Public News Service - Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – Retail employers are stealing as much from their employees as shoplifters steal from their stores, according to a new report ...Read More
INDIANAPOLIS – Advocates are hoping to convince lawmakers that there's a real need for food-assistance programs in this country. President ...Read More
INDIANAPOLIS – Students and parents in Indiana celebrate the lazy days of summer vacation, but in between trips to the pool and the inevitable ...Read More
INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana has made a few strides in the overall well-being of its children, but there are some areas that need attention - most ...Read More
INDIANAPOLIS -- Thousands of Americans die prematurely from air pollution-related diseases associated with burning coal, and a new study from ...Read More
INDIANAPOLIS -- A new report shows that Medicaid plays a larger role in rural communities in Indiana than it does in larger cities. The report ...Read More
INDIANAPOLIS – About one in three American adults experienced a symptom consistent with a warning or "mini" stroke, but almost none - 3 percent ...Read More
INDIANAPOLIS -- Despite President Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, Americans continue to embrace the idea of renewable energy. Forty ...Read More
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