Special Feature on Sandy Hook:

Why "Why" Isn't Enough: Our human need to make sense of "senseless violence" is strong, and therapeutic. We interviewed international trauma therapist Jill Freedman, M.S.W. about the immediate needs of a community reeling from profound violation and asked her how we can determine what the "right questions" are. Listen here

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PNS Daily News - October 30, 2014 

Among the stories on our nationwide rundown; updates on wages both the minimum wage and cost of living negotiations for Boston University workers; Kentucky investigates alleged voter intimidation of college students; and is this really the education superhighway—a look at virtual charter schools.

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PHOTO: Boston University service workers at the Holiday Inn in Brookline voted by an “overwhelming margin
Thursday, October 30, 2014
BOSTON - They work three different shifts at Boston University, so it took time to take the vote, but when the results were tallied there was little doubt about where university service workers stand. Roxana Rivera, Director with 32BJ SEIU District ...Read More
PHOTO: Local public libraries are offering financial literacy fairs this fall, offering classes and tips on basic budgeting, saving for college and planning for retirement. Credit: Microsoft Images\
Thursday, October 30, 2014
BOISE, Idaho – Answers to common questions about finances are as close as your local library. Libraries around the state are offering financial literacy fairs, with tips on where to stash your cash, whether saving for retirement or college ...Read More
PHOTO: Scientists once feared Michigan had no remaining healthy ash trees like this one. However since spotting and analyzing a few, the search is now on for more survivors of the emerald ash borer. Photo courtesy of US Department of Agriculture Forest Service. \
Thursday, October 30, 2014
DETROIT - It's a scavenger hunt of sorts: the U.S. Forest Service is hoping Michiganders can help them find the few ash trees which have managed to survive the invasion of a deadly Asian beetle in the hopes of one day reviving the state's ash ...Read More
PHOTO: The battle over North Dakota's Measure 6 is proving as bitter as any divorce, with very different views on just how a shared parenting requirement would impact kids when their parents call it quits. Photo credit: Siti Fatimah/Flickr.\
Thursday, October 30, 2014
BISMARCK, N.D. - A question on shared parenting in cases of divorce will face North Dakota voters with Measure 6 next week. Supporters point to equality for mom and dad, while opponents predict it'll mean more family conflict and more litigation ...Read More
PHOTO: The Kentucky Attorney General's office confirms it has received a complaint of voter intimidation of college students. The message to students: you have the right to decide whether you register to vote at home or at college. Photo by Greg Stotelmyer.\
Thursday, October 30, 2014
BEREA, Ky. - The Kentucky Attorney General's office confirms it has received a complaint of alleged voter intimidation of college students. The Attorney General's communications director, Allison Martin, says the office is "actively reviewing the ...Read More