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White House Urged to Speed Up NM Clean Energy Development

August 24, 2011

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Nearly a dozen New Mexico business leaders have written to the White House advocating that President Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and quickly transition to clean energy using public, private and tribal lands.

One - David Melton, chief executive officer of Sacred Power Corp., - delivered the letter and the message in person.

Before Obama left on vacation, he met with people at various stops in the Midwest. Melton, who encountered the president in Iowa, says the letter urges the president to work more quickly with tribal, federal, state and private partners to create local jobs while protecting national treasures using solar power.

"You have no carbon dioxide, you have no fossil fuels that have to be dug up and processed, you have no nitrous oxide, you have no sulfur dioxide, you have no mercury. "

Switching to solar, Melton says, would be good for the environment and add thousands of jobs to New Mexico's rural economy through the entire development process.

"You have the job creation at the module level, at the inverter level - these are all large-scale manufacturing operations - at the integration level and then at the construction level. And then after that, the operation level."

The Interior Department is finalizing its plan for siting solar energy projects on public lands in six Western states. It has identified three study areas which encompass more than 100,000 acres as potential solar energy zones in New Mexico.

Information about the solar-energy zone locations is online at

Dick Layman, Public News Service - NM