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PHOTO: Joan Macri is Associate Director of College for ME-Androscoggin, one of the institutions administering scholarships for adults seeking college degrees under a new program from the Maine Community Foundation. Photo courtesy College for ME-Androscoggin.

LEWISTON, Maine - Mainers outside traditional college age are getting scholarship assistance to enroll in college or pick up where they left off because of financial constraints, marriage, children or simply dropping out. It's a pilot program run by the Maine Community Foundation called the Adult Le ...Read More

PHOTO: States that have expanded Medicaid are seeing a surge in the number of parents with health insurance, while the increases in other states, including Texas, are much smaller. Photo credit: Images Money/Flickr
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AUSTIN, Texas - When it comes to parents who have health insurance, there is a growing gap among the states with a stark difference in coverage trends between those that have expanded Medicaid and those that have not. A new report finds states with expanded Medicaid have seen the insured rate for ...Read More

PHOTO: Parenthood comes with a disadvantage for low-income families in Idaho when it comes to health insurance because the state has rejected federal Medicaid funding. Photo credit: Microsoft Images

BOISE, Idaho - Parenthood comes with a disadvantage for many low-income families in Idaho when it comes to health insurance. A new report from the Urban Institute shows when states accepted federal Medicaid funding, the insured rate for parents jumped by 33 percent and Medicaid gets part of the cre ...Read More

PHOTO: According to the USDA, nearly 373,000 Indiana residents have struggled with hunger-related issues between 2011 and 2013. Photo credit: Keith Weller, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

INDIANAPOLIS - As Indiana observes Hunger Action Month, a new report highlights the critical need to address food insecurity in the state. The USDA Household Food Security in the United States report found 14 percent of Indiana households struggled with hunger between 2011 and 2013, slightly higher ...Read More

GRAPHIC: A new report shines a light on how many people in the state are struggling, with 1.5 million Michiganders either below the poverty line or struggling to make ends meet. Image courtesy of the Michigan Association of United Ways.

LANSING, Mich. - Though they might technically be escaping poverty, a large group of Michiganders is continually struggling to make ends meet, according to a new study of financial hardship in the state called the ALICE project. An acronym, ALICE stands for "Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Emplo ...Read More

PHOTO: Oakland port facilities offer good-paying jobs, but California labor groups say political ad money from outside the state, including money from the Koch Brothers, is pushing an agenda that exacerbates the nation's economic divide. Photo credit: Johannes Seemann/Morguefile.
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OAKLAND, Calif. - According to a new report from the Center for Public Integrity, political networks funded by the Koch Brothers have already paid for nearly 44,000 television ads for political causes this year. In California, labor groups say they're working to counter campaigns for far-right caus ...Read More

GRAPHIC: While food insecurity in Massachusetts is below the levels in many other states, nearly eleven percent of all Commonwealth households are struggling to put food on the table. Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture.

BOSTON – Food insecurity will not loosen its grip on many Commonwealth households. According to the latest government figures, one in nine Massachusetts households struggled, on average, with hunger over the years 2011-2013. Among those households considered to be food insecure, 4 percent ...Read More

PHOTO: At an event in Framingham, a new effort was launched this week to find and enroll Massachusetts school kids in health insurance plans. The Back to School campaign is targeting communities where English is a second language. Photo courtesy of Health Care for All.

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - It's back-to-school time for kids in the Commonwealth - and time for an effort by health-care advocates to find those children who are without health insurance. The "Back to School Campaign" kicked off with an event in Framingham, a community with a high concentration of immigra ...Read More

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