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    PNS Daily News - September 4, 20150 

    Our news today includes a report on the drive for criminal charges against car company executives; a new ranking on where to go for jobs in clean energy; and why the millennial generation may need some confidence boosting.

Social Justice

Michigan doesn't just need more jobs, it needs policies that support working families, according to the Michigan League for Policy's annual Labor Day report. Credit: maryhere/

LANSING, Mich. - Unemployment is down and jobs are up in Michigan. However, advocates for working families say it's not all cause for celebration on this Labor Day weekend, as those numbers don't tell the whole story. Gilda Jacobs, CEO of the Michigan League for Public Policy, says her group's Lab ...Read More

A new online family budget calculator shows many Virginia families don't earn enough to get by. Credit: EPI.

RICHMOND, Va. - A typical working family in Virginia probably doesn't make enough money to support itself, according to a new online budget-cruncher. The Economic Policy Institute's Family Budget Calculator takes local data on a variety of costs, including food, housing and medical expenses. Enter ...Read More

A new Texas law goes into effect this week guaranteeing county jail inmates at least two 20-minute in-person visits per week. Credit: Montian Noowong.

AUSTIN, Texas – A new law passed by the Texas State Legislature last session goes into effect this week, assuring county jail inmates of at least two 20-minute in-person visits per week. The legislation was introduced in response to a growing trend of replacing face-to-face visitation with vi ...Read More

A fatal shooting in San Antonio is shining new light on the debate over whether law-enforcement officers should use body cameras. Credit: Avid Creative, Inc.

SAN ANTONIO - A video released Monday by an ABC affiliate in San Antonio shows Bexar County Sheriff's Deputies Greg Vasquez and Robert Sanchez fatally shooting Gilbert Flores. In the video, Flores stands still - and at a distance from the officers with his hands raised - the moment the deputies open ...Read More

Miami-Dade County Commissioners endorsed the idea of issuing county ID cards on Tuesday. Credit: Kaarsten/iStockphoto

MIAMI - Starting next year, people in Florida's largest county may be able to get a county ID card, a move supporters say will benefit the community's more vulnerable residents. The Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously on Tuesday to endorse the idea and ordered a feasibility s ...Read More

LGBT advocates say the U.S. Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling has encouraged states to expand so-called religious exemption laws. Credit: Skeeze/Pixabay.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Pennsylvania's Religious Freedom Protection Act has been used since 2002 to protect an individual's right to practice their religion, but a new report says laws being introduced around the country may be used to legitimize discrimination. The report from the Movement Advance ...Read More

Workers and labor advocates are rallying today in Sacramento to combat wage theft and support Senate Bill 588. Credit: cohdra/morguefile.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Workers and labor advocates are rallying in Sacramento today in support of a bill to combat wage theft by companies that fail to pay workers overtime or give legally-required breaks during work shifts. Senate Bill 588, known as the "Fair Day's Pay Act," would close loopho ...Read More

An African American soldier and white soldier working together. Credit: Rockfinder.

AUSTIN, Texas - When members of the U.S. military leave the service, they tend to settle in more diverse neighborhoods than civilians of the same race, according to a new study from the University of Connecticut and Brigham Young University. Mary Fischer, the report's co-author and an associate p ...Read More

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