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    PNS Weekend Update - February 28, 20150 

    Featured on our weekend rundown; One week – that’s the stopgap funding for Homeland Security approved by Congress Friday night; we will take you to a state where support is strong for paid sick leave—and another that just tallied lawmakers environmental report cards.

Social Justice

PHOTO: Childhood is less fun and games and more of a struggle for Missouri kids who grow up impoverished. A new report encourages the use of an updated tool to measure and combat child poverty. Photo credit: Hilary Clarcq/Morguefile.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - It's been more than 50 years since the federal government's official measure of poverty was created, and a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation says it's time for a new ruler. The current method for measuring poverty doesn't take into account assistance benefits or re ...Read More

PHOTO: A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation provides a more accurate picture of how societal safety net programs are helping families. Photo credit: U.S. Agency for International Development.

OAKLAND, Calif. - One in four California children is living in poverty, but according to a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, those numbers would be much higher without federal safety net programs and tax subsidies. The report, Measuring Access to Opportunity in the United States, uses ...Read More

PHOTO: The Internet in Arizona and across the nation will be regulated as a utility if the FCC votes Thursday in support of proposed rules. Photo courtesy Connecticut Dept. of Developmental Services.

PHOENIX - A vote by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Thursday could affect the Internet in Arizona and across the nation. The five-member commission is considering rules that could regulate the Internet as a utility. Speaking earlier this month at the University of Colorado at Boulder, F ...Read More

PHOTO: The Utah Senate approved the Healthy Utah plan Wednesday, and now the state House will consider a corresponding bill that would provide health care to thousands of Utah residents. Photo courtesy Utah State Law Library.

SALT LAKE CITY - Following passage in the state Senate on Wednesday, the Healthy Utah plan, which could provide health coverage for tens of thousands of Utah residents, now faces what some are calling an uphill battle in the House. Representative Ed Redd (R-Logan) is a physician and supports Health ...Read More

PHOTO: A new analysis of police records shows thousands of stop-and-frisk instances by Philadelphia police each year are legally unjustified. Photo courtesy ACLU of Pennsylvania.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - More than a third of Philadelphia police stop-and-frisk instances are "not legally justified," according to a new analysis by the ACLU of Pennsylvania. The organization has been monitoring the city's compliance with a 2011 court order. Senior staff attorney Mary Catherine Roper sa ...Read More

PHOTO: A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation provides a more accurate picture of how safety-net programs are helping families. Photo courtesy of Maine Community Foundation.

BOSTON - It's the first major update of how to measure poverty since the 1960s and a report out today suggests a more accurate way to calculate the federal poverty level. The report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation says when the impact of government safety-net programs is factored in more than 1 ...Read More

PHOTO: The Obama administration filed an appeal Monday to restart the president's executive action on immigration, a move advocates say could help about 70,000 undocumented Long Islanders. Photo courtesy of the White House.

NEW YORK - The Department of Justice filed an appeal Monday in an effort to restart President Obama's Executive Action on Immigration. Maryann Sinclair Slutsky, executive director of Long Island Wins, says the filing asks the Fifth Circuit court to overturn last week's ruling by a district judge in ...Read More

PHOTO: Lakeview is the county seat of Lake County, one of Oregon's least populated areas. Internet service is provided here by small broadband businesses, as the media giants haven't seen it as profitable. Photo courtesy Lake Co. Chamber of Commerce.

LAKEVIEW, Ore. - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is scheduled to vote Thursday on whether to classify the Internet as a public utility, allowing it to be more closely regulated to ensure fairness, or what is known as "net neutrality." But smaller Internet service providers are asking to ...Read More

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