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PHOTO: The Alliance for a Better Utah says the arrests of two former Utah attorneys general, John Swallow (right) and his predecessor Mark Shurtleff (left), shows the need for state lawmakers to pass tougher ethics laws and tackle other reforms. Photo courtesy State of Utah.

SALT LAKE CITY - The arrests of two former Utah attorneys general show the need for stronger ethics laws, and campaign finance and election reforms, according to the Alliance for a Better Utah. The nonpartisan government watchdog group filed the election-law complaint that ended in former Attorney ...Read More

PHOTO: Sen. Joe Manchin, seen here with W.Va. Rep. Nick Rahall, is now co-sponsoring a constitutional amendment to limit campaign spending. Manchin said big money is at the root of Washington gridlock. Photo courtesy of Sen. Joe Manchin.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Saying "money is destroying the political process," Sen. Joe Manchin is co-sponsoring a constitutional amendment to limit huge campaign spending. According to Manchin, the Citizens United ruling has contributed to a flood of big money drowning American politics. And that money i ...Read More

PHOTO: How much political clout can corporations or millionaires buy? Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions that increased campaign spending limits also prompted SJR 19, a proposed constitutional amendment to curtail those limits. It was approved 10-8 by a U.S. Senate committee on Thursday. Photo credit: Lucidology/

SEATTLE - A constitutional amendment giving Congress and states control of political campaign spending is moving toward a vote on the U.S. Senate floor. The Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senate Joint Resolution 19 on Thursday in a 10-8 party-line vote. Jonah Minkoff-Zern, campaign co-director ...Read More

PHOTO: Illinois Move to Amend says a constitutional amendment proposed to overturn the results of the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision isn't broad enough to do the job. Photo credit:  Keven/Rossell/morguefile.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - A vote is expected in Washington Thursday on a constitutional amendment giving Congress and the states control of political campaign spending. But some Illinoisans working to end 'corporate personhood' say it doesn't go far enough. Kaye Gamble, coordinator for Illinois Move to ...Read More

GRAPHIC: The campaign ads already are running in West Virginia's 3rd congressional district, many paid for by a network of groups started by the oil and chemical billionaire Koch brothers. What do the Kochs want? Screengrab from an ad by Nick Rahall for Congress.

CHARLESTON, W. Va. – The Koch brothers have become an issue in the race between West Virginia Congressman Nick Rahall and State Senator Evan Jenkins. But what do the brothers, who made billions in oil and chemicals, want? Michael Beckel, a reporter with the Center for Public Integrity, says ...Read More

IMAGE: The grassroots group United Wisconsin says the accusation that Gov. Scott Walker oversaw a criminal scheme to unlawfully coordinate Republican fundraising and campaign activity could have far-reaching implications for campaign finance laws, regardless of whether actual charges are ever filed. (Image from Common Cause)

MADISON, Wis. – In documents unsealed by a federal judge late last week, prosecutors in the John Doe probe into Gov. Scott Walker's campaigns describe what they call a criminal scheme to get around Wisconsin's campaign finance and election laws. Lisa Subeck, executive director of the grassro ...Read More

Advocates argue that getting the EPA back into the business of protecting small rivers and streams is crucial to all living creatures in New York state. Image by Suandsoe/Wikimedia

NEW YORK CITY - It's decision time this week for the federal budget. But there's concern among some that opponents of restoring tougher clean water regulations will try to knock out Environmental Protection Agency funding that impacts drinking water in New York state. Judy Einach is executive direc ...Read More

GRAPHIC: The Koch Brothers' complex political network is advertising heavily in West Virginia. CREDIT: Robert McGuire/Center for Responsive Politics.

CHARLESTON, W.Va - The billionaire Koch brothers' political organizations, Americans for Prosperity and the American Energy Alliance, are running a flood of campaign ads in West Virginia. Some observers say the oil and chemical billionaires benefit from the deregulation of chemical safety rules, som ...Read More

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