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    PNS Daily News - March 2, 20150 

    We’re featuring stories on several topics including: retailers feeling the pressure after Wal-Mart’s wage increase; nuclear waste clean-up concerns in Idaho; and why a good night’s sleep is just a dream for many Americans.

Campaign Finance Reform/Money in Politics

PHOTO: After $3.77 billion was spent on political ads in the last midterm elections, legislation that passed the Colorado Senate to shield small donors from scrutiny, and a recently approved super-PAC, are coming under fire from watchdog groups. Photo credit: Jericho/Wikimedia Commons

DENVER - Following the money in politics might become harder in Colorado. On Tuesday, the state Senate approved a bill critics claim would make political donations less transparent. Its backers say smaller groups shouldn't be subject to the same filing requirements as larger advocacy groups, but Co ...Read More

PHOTO: The North Carolina Justice Center says 60 percent of projects funded by the Job Development Investment Grant (J-DIG) Program have failed to deliver the jobs they promised. Photo credit: Innov8Social/Flickr.

RALEIGH, N.C. - A bill is expected in the State Assembly as early as this week for a new jobs plan at the urging of Governor Pat McCrory. However, the bill comes on the heels of a new report from the North Carolina Justice Center that indicates 60 percent of job projects under the Job Development I ...Read More

PHOTO: Legislation to phase out traditional landline phone service in Kentucky is "on speed dial" at the state capitol. Photo by Greg Stotelmyer.

FRANKFORT, Ky. - The telecommunication industry's efforts to phase out basic local phone service in Kentucky are on "speed dial" at the statehouse. The Senate version of the so-called AT&T bill passed out of committee yesterday, less than a week after a House committee did the same with its version ...Read More

PHOTO: With political spending growing ever larger and voter engagement on the decline, a weekend event in Iowa seeks to reverse those trends and make sure all people have a voice in elections and government, not just the wealthy and powerful. Photo credit: AFSC.

DES MOINES, Iowa - With Iowa's unique and influential position in presidential politics, a new nationwide campaign kicks off in the state this weekend with a goal of giving the power back to the people. The American Friends Service Committee is hosting the gathering on Saturday to mobilize citizens ...Read More

PHOTO: Gov. Rick Scott answers reporters' questions, and there are a lot of them, amid allegations of improper oversight of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Photo credit: Sara K. Brockmann, State of Florida/Wikimedia Commons.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Just months after being elected to a second term, Florida Gov. Rick Scott is embroiled in a controversy surrounding his handling of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). A nonpartisan, government watchdog group, Integrity Florida, is asking for an investigatio ...Read More

PHOTO: In the five years since the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, analysis shows that American elections have become increasingly influenced by big, anonymous political donations.

RICHMOND, Va. - In the five years since the Citizens United decision, big anonymous money has grown increasingly important in the American political system and observers say it shows no sign of slowing. The Center for Public Integrity has been monitoring spending by the big, outside groups empowere ...Read More

PHOTO: Since the Citizens United decision five years ago, West Virginia has been among the states swimming against the big-money political tide. Photo by DodgertonSkillhause/

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - In the five years since the Citizens United decision, West Virginia lawmakers have attempted to slow the influence of big anonymous political donations. But good government groups say the state has hardly been immune. According to the Center for Public Integrity, as much as a ...Read More

PHOTO: Five years after the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, Indiana has made no reforms to its campaign finance and disclosure laws. Photo credit: Daderot/morguefile.

INDIANAPOLIS - It's been five years since the Supreme Court's decision in the "Citizens United" case paved the way for unlimited corporate spending in elections. The court ruled that restricting campaign spending by outside groups is unconstitutional because it hinders their freedom of speech. Many ...Read More

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