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    PNS Daily News - October 8, 20150 

    In our coast to coast coverage today we’re highlighting several stories including: President Obama apologizing for a deadly airstrike in Afghanistan, the death penalty is facing a challenge in Montana, and those with serious student loan debt could see some help in Wisconsin.

Campaign Finance Reform/Money in Politics

The Land and Conservation Fund helps protect the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Credit: Taximes/Wikimedia

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Conservation groups are not giving up their fight to continue a program that supports some of Ohio, and the nation's most crowned jewels. Congress allowed the Land and Water Conservation Fund to expire last week, a fund that protects national parks and other lands, including the C ...Read More

Supporters say a move to appoint inspectors general in 13 state agencies will help combat fraud, but clean government groups are calling it an invitation to corruption. Credit: GilDesign/

MADISON, Wis. – A bill is being circulated at the state capitol that would bypass the authority of the non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau and instead place politically appointed inspectors general in 13 of the largest state agencies. The bill’s Republican sponsors say the move would ...Read More

Arizona is marking National Voter Registration Day with registration events across the state, including at Arizona State University in Tempe. Credit: Kristine Kisky/Morguefile.

TEMPE, Ariz. – Today marks National Voter Registration Day, and civic groups are holding registration drives in libraries and schools across the state, including at Arizona State University in Tempe. Shirley Sandelands, president of the League of Women Voters of Arizona, says it's crucial to ...Read More

On National Voter Registration Day, Californians await the fate of a bill that would allow them to register to vote when they apply for or renew a driver's license. Credit: Alex Roibu/iStockphoto.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Today marks National Voter Registration Day, and a major change to the way California registers its voters sits on the governor's desk awaiting his signature. Assembly Bill 1461 would require the Department of Motor Vehicles to automatically register residents to vote whe ...Read More

Despite massive bipartisan pushback in July when Wisconsin's Republican leadership introduced legislation to gut Wisconsin's Open Records Law, watchdog groups say there's been another push to keep legislative deliberations secret. Credit: zoranm/iStockphoto

MADISON, Wis. – Evidence uncovered by the Center for Media and Democracy shows that Wisconsin’s Republican leadership is still working on legislation to effectively gut the state's Open Records Law. When such legislation was first introduced in July, there was strong bipartisan pushbac ...Read More

Wisconsin State Rep. Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit) is pushing legislation that would take the task of drawing political boundaries away from politicians and give the job to a nonpartisan board. Credit:

MADISON, Wis. – Many clean government advocates say Wisconsin's political map is drawn in a clearly unfair manner to safeguard political strongholds. And they want to put an end to gerrymandering, the process of manipulating political boundaries to give one party an advantage over the other. ...Read More

One billionaire used the LLC loophole to pour $4.3 million into campaigns in the last political cycle. Credit: Seemann/

ALBANY, N.Y. - The settlement of a lawsuit may start to close a loophole in New York's campaign finance law. The suit was brought by the state Board of Elections' independent enforcement counsel. It challenges campaign contributions made under a 1996 Board of Elections ruling that allows limited-li ...Read More

Should term limits be longer, or shorter? According to The League of Women Voters, term limits should be eliminated altogether. Credit: Alexander Smith/Wikimedia Commons.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Should term limits be longer? Shorter? According to The League of Women Voters, term limits should be eliminated. Ohio state lawmakers can currently serve up to eight consecutive years in either the House or Senate, with no lifetime limit. Earlier this year, the Ohio Constitu ...Read More

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