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PHOTO: The "Get Covered Connector" is a new online tool that can make life easier for Arizonans shopping for health insurance available through the Affordable Care Act. Photo courtesy of the Get Covered America Campaign.

PHOENIX - A new online tool is designed to help simplify the process for Arizonans getting health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Cheryl O'Donnell, state director for the Get Covered America campaign, says the "Get Covered Connector" is a website that guides users to professional assist...Read More

Public News Service - AZ

PHOTO: President Obama is not unlike his predecessors, dating back to the beginning of the Republic, in using a presidential order to accomplish a goal. Photo of George Washington courtesy of the U.S. Library of Congress.

TEMPE, Ariz. - President Obama's executive action on immigration is being compared by some to the act of an emperor or king, but presidents have been issuing executive orders in some form since the era of the Founding Fathers. Paul Bender is a law professor at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law...Read More

Public News Service - AZ

PHOTO: Legislation to reinstate several charitable deductions that could benefit hungry people in Arizona and across the nation passed in the U.S. House this summer, but has been stalled in the Senate. Photo courtesy of Federal Emergency Management Agency.

PHOENIX – Food banks in Arizona and across the nation could feed more hungry people if Congress restores some charitable deductions that expired this year. According to Brian Simpson, communications director for the Association of Arizona Food Banks, organizations like his and other nonprofi...Read More

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PHOTO: President Obama's executive order on immigration could affect more than 300,000 people in Arizona. Photo courtesy of the White House.

PHOENIX - About 300,000 people living in Arizona could be touched by the executive order on immigration President Obama announced Thursday night, according to Pew Research estimates. The changes are expected to lead to fewer deportations and detentions for people in the country without authorization...Read More

Public News Service - AZ

PHOTO: The Great American Smokeout is today, and Arizonans who smoke are being asked to kick the habit for 24 hours. Photo courtesy of the White House.

PHOENIX – Smokers in the Grand Canyon State are encouraged to quit the habit for 24 hours during the Great American Smokeout today. Shane Ferraro, media relations manager at the American Cancer Society, says those who put down cigarettes can start to feel better within minutes. "In 20 minut...Read More

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PHOTO: The state has made progress in the past few years, but Arizona's premature birth rate is still well below the goal set by the March of Dimes. Photo courtesy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

PHOENIX - Arizona's premature birth rate has improved over the past several years, but still remains well below the goal set by the March of Dimes. The organization's 2014 Premature Birth Report Card released this month gives Arizona a "C" grade for its premature birth rate. A birth considered pr...Read More

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PHOTO: It's estimated nearly one-third of Americans will have diabetes by 2050. Photo courtesy of  Georgia Dept. of Health.

PHOENIX, Ariz. - In Arizona and across the nation, it's "American Diabetes Month." It comes as the disease becomes more prevalent in the state and across the nation. David Becker is a spokesman for the American Diabetes Association, which reports about a half-million Arizonans have the disease. He ...Read More

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PHOTO: A new survey shows the majority of Hispanic Americans have a sense of optimism about their finances, but also believe racism and crime are getting worse. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor.

PHOENIX – A majority of Hispanic Americans are optimistic about their finances and health care, but concerned about racism and violence, according to a new survey from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Sylvia Monzano, a principal with Latino Decisions, the firm that conducted the survey, says one...Read More

Public News Service - AZ

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