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PHOTO: Consumer groups in Arizona and other Western states are urging lawmakers to be transparent about the incentives they're offering Tesla, in the competition to house the electric carmaker's proposed multibillion-dollar gigafactory. Photo credit: U-S Department of Energy.

PHOENIX - Consumer groups in Arizona and other Western states competing to house the multibillion-dollar Tesla Gigafactory are urging transparency in a very competitive process. Arizona Public Interest Research Group is among several consumer groups that wrote an open letter calling on state leader...Read More

Public News Service - AZ

PHOTO: Over 6,000 Arizonans, along with thousands of others across the country, are at risk of losing their health coverage through the Affordable Care Act due to errors and missing information on their applications. Photo credit: The White House.

PHOENIX - Thousands of Arizonans and thousands more across the U.S. are at risk of losing their health coverage through the Affordable Care Act, all due to inaccurate or incomplete document information. The federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says it sent out notices to several hu...Read More

Public News Service - AZ

GRAPHIC: A new report from the National Wildlife Federation outlines how climate change is connected to a proliferation of menacing outdoor pests, from poison ivy to ticks. Graphic credit: National Park Service.

PHOENIX – Climate change is connected to all kinds of creepy-crawly critters, according to a new National Wildlife Federation report that details how climate change is affecting the outdoor experience in Arizona and across the U.S. NWF senior scientist Doug Inkley emphasizes that hunters, ang...Read More

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PHOTO: A new report shows that conservation and clean air and water are top issues for Latino voters, busting the myth that immigration is their only concern. Photo credit: U.S. Geological Survey.

PHOENIX - Clean air and water are top concerns for the majority of Hispanic voters, according to a new report. The research analyzed a series of recent Latino public opinion polls, said Maite Arce, president of the Hispanic Access Foundation. It's important for political candidates to understand ho...Read More

Public News Service - AZ

PHOTO: The AARP Experience Corps program, which provides volunteer tutors to help students struggling with reading, is expanding into five school districts in Phoenix. Photo courtesy U.S. Department of Education.
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PHOENIX - Hundreds of school children in Phoenix who may be struggling with reading are getting some help from some older Arizonans giving back to the community. The AARP Experience Corps program is starting at 10 elementary schools in five districts. Tim Valencia, youth and education manager for t...Read More

Public News Service - AZ

PHOTO: Over 500,000 acres of public land in several western states could receive protections from the federal government for the yellow-billed cuckoo, which is also being considered for endangered species designation. Photo credit: Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program.

TUCSON, Ariz. - The federal government is moving to protect hundreds of thousands of acres of public land in Arizona and several other western states that the yellow-billed cuckoo bird calls home. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to designate over 500,000 acres as critical habitat fo...Read More

Public News Service - AZ

PHOTO: Summer is a critical time as neighbors in Arizona can help save lives by donating blood. Photo credit: U.S. State Department.

PHOENIX - Arizonans are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and give blood as supplies tend to diminish during the summer months. Julia Wulf is CEO of the Blood Services Division at the American Red Cross. She says donations of blood drop during the summer because high school students are on break, ...Read More

Public News Service - AZ

PHOTO: Robin Williams was known during his life as a brilliant comedian and actor. Advocates for mental health say his tragic death could serve to bring greater understanding to the issues of mental illness. Photo credit: U-S Department of Defense.

PHOENIX - The suicide death of Robin Williams this week may serve as a powerful and tragic reminder for Arizonans and people everywhere that mental illness does not discriminate. Steve Schiro, chairman of the Arizona chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, says Robin Williams' dea...Read More

Public News Service - AZ

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