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PHOTO: Some 350,000 Indiana adults stand to gain health insurance coverage should the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approve a waiver for the state to expand Medicaid coverage through its Healthy Indiana Plan. Photo courtesy of

INDIANAPOLIS - Hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers are waiting on a decision that could change their lives. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are reviewing the state's federal waiver request to use the existing Healthy Indiana Plan to help low-income residents access health insurance cove...Read More

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PHOTO: The monarch butterfly is one of the species found in Indiana that are listed in a new report about plants and animals experiencing dramatic population declines. Photo credit: Dendroica cerulea/Flickr.

INDIANAPOLIS - It's a case of the common becoming uncommon in a new report from the Endangered Species Coalition. The report lists 10 species that have been documented as declining, and at a rate that could mean the next generation may not get to see them in the great outdoors. Leda Huta, executive...Read More

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PHOTO: A new plan to build a multi-state compact for medical licenses offers hope to bring care to medically underserved areas in places such as Indiana. Photo credit: National Cancer Institute.

INDIANAPOLIS - A new plan to allow multi-state licensing for physicians could help fill the gap in areas of Indiana without enough health-care services. If at least seven state legislatures agree to what's known as a multi-state compact, a licensed doctor could easily get permission to practice medi...Read More

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PHOTO: Purdue University researchers found that among young adults who abuse prescription medication, those who spend time at college bars are more likely to sell them. Photo credit: jdurham/morgufile.

INDIANAPOLIS – As Indiana and other states look for ways to curb an epidemic of prescription medication abuse, new research from Purdue University provides insight into who is selling the drugs. There's been a sharp rise in prescription medication abuse over the past two decades, says Mike V...Read More

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PHOTO: The Indiana 'Moral Mondays Movement' launches this weekend to bring a voice for social justice to the state. Photo courtesy of Indiana Moral Mondays.

INDIANAPOLIS - Inspired by a social-justice campaign in the South, a grassroots coalition is forming in Indiana to be a voice for equal justice for all Hoosiers. The 'Moral Mondays Movement' started in North Carolina to defend voting rights and has spread to over a dozen states. Barbara Bolling Will...Read More

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PHOTO: Judge Mark Smith of Hendricks County meets with students as part of the Indiana Supreme Court's Constitution Day program. Photo courtesy of Indiana Supreme Court.

INDIANAPOLIS - Dozens of judges will step out from behind the bench today and into Indiana classrooms. They'll hold discussions with students in observance of Constitution Day, a celebration of the signing of the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787. Judge Kathleen Lang of the Superior Court of LaPo...Read More

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PHOTO: Booster seats can reduce injuries during a car crash by 45 percent, but a new survey finds nine out of 10 parents moving children to seat belts before they are big enough. Photo credit: M. Kuhlman.

INDIANAPOLIS - Kids may often want to act like grown-ups, but experts say riding in a car without a safety seat is something that should be put off for as long as possible. A new study released Tuesday from Safe Kids Worldwide finds a majority of parents moving their children to seat belts before t...Read More

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PHOTO: As the FCC closes its comment period on Internet speeds, many websites, including this one from Vimeo, have used a symbolic slowdown to downloads to push for continuing a free and open Internet. Photo by Greg Stotelmyer.

INDIANAPOLIS - This is the last day the Federal Communication Commission is taking public comments on a controversial plan that could change how the Internet works. The idea of letting some deep-pocketed broadband providers divide bandwidth into "fast lanes" and "slow lanes" and charge more for the ...Read More

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