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    PNS Daily News - November 25, 20150 

    Among the stories on today’s nationwide rundown; a night of protests in Chicago following the release of video that shows a police officer fatally shooting a teenager; we’ll tell you why some folks in Michigan say it’s time to take back Thanksgiving; and as many prepare to take the family on the road, a new system is being tested to track wrong way drivers.

Public News Service - Indiana

Indiana farmers are doing their part to help keep people from going hungry during the holidays. Credit: pippalou/morguefile

INDIANAPOLIS - A big Thanksgiving dinner isn't always possible for the one in six Indiana residents who struggle with hunger. Farmers around the state are doing their part to help keep Hoosiers from going hungry during the holidays and year-round. Indiana is home to nearly 60,000 farms, and Emily W...Read More

Public News Service - IN

Experts are encouraging people to adopt more teens in foster care during National Adoption Month. Credit: philwilk/morguefile

INDIANAPOLIS - Transitioning into adulthood can be difficult for many teens, especially those who age out of foster care without being adopted. Experts say those teens lack the family support system to help them become independent. Researchers at the Chapin Hall Policy Research Center at the Univ...Read More

Public News Service - IN

Black Friday is a fun holiday tradition for some Hoosiers. Credit: Beth Rankin/Flickr

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Advertisements promote steep discounts on Black Friday, but are the early hours and crowds worth the hype? It depends. According to new research from financial website WalletHub, 68 percent of items will have a major discount on Black Friday. But time is money, says Purdue Univ...Read More

Public News Service - IN

With the right policies, a report finds a boost in clean-energy jobs in Indiana. Credit: ranbud/

INDIANAPOLIS – A clean-energy economy will benefit the environment and the wallets of Indiana residents, according to a new report by NextGen Climate America. Nationwide, the group says an economy built on clean energy would create more than one-million jobs by 2030 and double that number by ...Read More

Public News Service - IN

A new scam targeting holiday shoppers can deplete funds off gift cards the moment the card is activated. Credit: Tales of a Wandering Youkai/Flickr.

INDIANAPOLIS – The holidays are a time of giving, but a new survey finds many Indiana residents are engaging in risky behavior that could compromise their personal information or bank account. According to a new survey from AARP, 70 percent of respondents failed a quiz about how to stay safe ...Read More

Public News Service - IN

Gerrymandering might be minimizing both competition and voter turnout in Indiana legislative races. Credit: Massimo Catarinella/

INDIANAPOLIS - Some groups are hopeful Indiana will follow the lead of its neighbor and take steps to prevent gerrymandering. Ohio voters this month approved changes to the way its legislative districts are drawn, and a study committee in Indiana is examining what can be done here. Debbie Asberry, ...Read More

Public News Service - IN

Some say overpopulation has a serious impact on the environment. Credit: mzacha/morguefile

INDIANAPOLIS - Today is World Vasectomy Day, and an environmental group wants men to consider, as they jokingly put it, "getting whacked for wildlife." It's a campaign to get people talking about a sensitive subject - in light of what some see as the planet's overpopulation and its environmental to...Read More

Public News Service - IN

A campaign for free public college is launching on college campuses across the country. Credit: kconnors/morguefile

INDIANAPOLIS - Students from over 100 campuses, including some in Indiana, are joining a national day of action demanding tuition-free public college, cancellation of all student debt, and a $15 minimum wage for campus workers. Spencer McAvoy, with National People's Action who is organizing action...Read More

Public News Service - IN

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