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PHOTO: Supporters of limits on carbon pollution say the public will enjoy significant health benefits as a result of burning less coal. Detractors say new limits will slow the economy. Both sides weigh in at EPA hearings this week across the U.S. Photo credit: Arnold Paul / Wikimedia.

INDIANAPOLIS - The Environmental Protection agency (EPA) is currently in the midst of a public comment period on new rules to cut carbon pollution from power plants by nearly one-third from 2005 levels. The issue is generating mixed opinions in Indiana, as the state receives 80 percent of its electr...Read More

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PHOTO: Most Americans underestimate the amount of sodium in their diets, which could lead to major health issues, according to the American Heart Association. Photo credit: lvimann/

INDIANAPOLIS - Even if you've put down the salt shaker, there's a good chance you're still getting too much sodium in your diet, which could be putting you at risk for serious health issues. Many Hoosiers have done a good job cutting back on salt in foods they prepare at home, said registered diet...Read More

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PHOTO: With demand rising for gluten-free foods, people with celiac disease are finding many new options. But some gluten-free products are high in sugars and fats, used to improve taste. Photo credit: Robert Couse Baker/Flickr.

INDIANAPOLIS - As more food choices labeled as "gluten-free" show up on store shelves across Indiana, consumers are being warned that just because it's free of gluten doesn't automatically mean it's a healthy choice. Mary Waldner, founder of Mary's Gone Crackers, said she welcomes more options for ...Read More

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PHOTO: What if Mom goes back to work? With the growing cost of child care in the country, efforts are under way in Washington, D.C., to increase financial supports for low-income and working families. Photo credit: Todd Hryck/Flickr.

INDIANAPOLIS - As the cost of child care in this country continues to grow, so does the chorus of voices calling on Congress to take action. For many working families, the cost of child care is one of their biggest monthly expenses and legislation to help ease that burden has been introduced in both...Read More

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PHOTO: Indiana ranks 27th nationally in an annual snapshot of child well-being. Photo credit: Phaedra Wilkenson / Morguefile.

INDIANAPOLIS - New data finds Indiana children are making strides in education, but high rates of child poverty continue to persist. An annual state-by-state snapshot of child well-being, the 2014 Kids Count Data Book ranks Indiana 27th nationally, up three spots from last year. Glenn Augustine, vi...Read More

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PHOTO: The Hoosier Environmental Council says the reservoir that would be created by damming the West Fork White River would harm the environment and Indiana's recreation and tourism. Photo courtesy

INDIANAPOLIS – Environmental groups in Indiana warn there would be long-lasting impacts if the proposed Mounds Lake Reservoir northeast of Indianapolis is constructed. Community leaders in Anderson want to build a dam on the West Fork White River that would create the reservoir, extending se...Read More

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PHOTO: Every summer, heartbreaking and preventable deaths occur when children are unintentionally left alone in hot cars. Photo credit: Paulo Otavio Diniz Rodrigues/Flickr.

INDIANAPOLIS – There's much talk about the Georgia father suspected of knowingly leaving his nine-month old son in his truck, but every summer parents accidentally forget their children in the car. It's an action that can lead to heatstroke and in some cases death. Registered nurse Phyllis...Read More

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PHOTO: July is National Park and Recreation Month, an initiative designed to encourage residents to spend more time enjoying and exploring the outdoors at spots like Clifty Falls State Park in Jefferson County. Photo courtesy of Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs.

INDIANAPOLIS - Hoosiers are being encouraged to venture beyond their homes and offices this month, and head into the state's outdoors during National Park and Recreation Month, running throughout July. Ginger Murphy, assistant director for stewardship with Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs, says t...Read More

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