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GRAPHIC: Tax Day events in Indiana coincide with a Global Day of Action on Military Spending.  Photo credit: National Priorities Project.

INDIANAPOLIS - As Hoosiers mail off their checks to Uncle Sam today, many will have a chance to learn how their federal tax dollars are being used. According to Erin Polley, program coordinator for the American Friends Service Committee in Indiana, it's their fifth annual Tax Day of Action, and volu...Read More

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PHOTO: The late winter in Indiana delayed the start of pollen season, which experts say could mean a harsh allergy season. Photo credit: M. Kuhlman.

INDIANAPOLIS - The spring blooms may be pretty, but they are not always a welcome sight for Hoosiers who suffer from seasonal allergies. Some experts predict a rough allergy season because the harsh winter delayed tree pollination and now everything is blooming at once. According to allergist Dr. Do...Read More

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PHOTO: Construction and hydraulic fracturing are industries where workers are exposed to silica dust. OSHA is proposing rules to minimize exposure, since the dust is linked to chronic respiratory illnesses and deaths. Photo credit: New Jersey Dept. of Health

INDIANAPOLIS – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently wrapped up nearly three weeks of hearings on a proposed rule to limit workers' exposure to silica dust. Hydraulic fracturing was one of the industry exposures examined, along with general construction, masonry a...Read More

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PHOTO: Itís National Volunteer Week, and Indianaís hunger-fighting network is honoring the thousands of volunteers who help get food assistance to people at risk of hunger. Photo credit: "lutgradio" for morgue file.

INDIANAPOLIS - It's National Volunteer Week, and Feeding Indiana's Hungry is honoring those volunteers who serve the millions in the state who face food insecurity. From sorting food to packing donation boxes, thousands of people in Indiana devote their time each year to helping the state's hungry. ...Read More

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PHOTO: For those who are not able to file their taxes by the April 15 deadline, or do not have the money to pay if they owe, the IRS offers extensions and payment options. Photo credit: M. Kuhlman

INDIANAPOLIS - Some Hoosiers have already filed their taxes and received their refunds, but there are some who may not even have gathered up their paperwork to get started. The April 15 deadline is just a week away and, according to IRS Indiana spokesman Luis Garcia, for most taxpayers filing is a s...Read More

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PHOTO: Sexual violence is a growing problem in Indiana; the state leads the nation in numbers of sexual assaults against teens. Photo by: Anita Peppers.

INDIANAPOLIS - More than one woman in five in Indiana is a rape victim, and more than two in five have been sexually assaulted. Despite the alarming numbers, getting help in recovery can be difficult. According to Anita Carpenter, who heads the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault, in nearly hal...Read More

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PHOTO: Money Smart events will educate Hoosiers about ways they can take responsibility for protecting their money and savings. Photo credit: morgue file/cohdra.

INDIANAPOLIS – Financial literacy is not just about saving dollars and cents. Experts say it also includes protecting your savings and investments. Money Smart Week begins Saturday, and at events throughout the state, Hoosiers can learn more about how to manage their personal finances. Nanc...Read More

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PHOTO: Swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy swung in favor of "big spenders" in the U.S. Supreme Court's McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission decision on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

INDIANAPOLIS – Another important campaign finance decision handed down Wednesday by the U.S. Supreme Court is provoking both celebration and consternation across the country. Paul Ryan, senior counsel with the Campaign Legal Center says the 5-to-4 ruling in McCutcheon v. the Federal Election...Read More

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