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PHOTO: A strong bond with parents can be critical to a child's later success, but a new review finds that that connection is never made with some 40% of babies and toddlers. Photo credit: Scott & Elaine van der Chijs

INDIANAPOLIS – The bonds that children develop with their parents early on can be fundamental to their success in life, but the latest research finds many babies and toddlers are missing out, and that means problems. A new analysis concludes that 40 percent of children are not getting that n...Read More

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GRAPHIC: New annual "Map the Meal Gap" results show that food insecurity continues to remain high in Indiana, with an estimated 15.7 percent of Hoosiers having difficulty putting food on the table. Graphic courtesy of Feeding America's Hungry.

INDIANAPOLIS - Hunger continues to plague Indiana, according to a new study breaking down food insecurity data by county. "Map the Meal Gap 2014," released by Feeding Indiana's Hungry, found that more than 1 million people, including nearly 346,000 children, don't know when or from where their next...Read More

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PHOTO: Purdue University researcher Bryan Pijanowski is collaborating with people from around the world for an Earth Day project, attempting to capture up to 1 million natural soundscape recordings. Photo courtesy of Purdue University/Tom Campbell.

INDIANAPOLIS - A global project based in Indiana is capturing the earth's acoustics, one upload at a time. Led by Purdue University ecologist Bryan Pijanowski, "Global Soundscapes Day" encourages people from all walks of life to record the soundscapes of their world, and upload them to be shared and...Read More

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PHOTO: Do your kids go to school near a potentially-dangerous chemical facility? The Center for Effective Government's new report finds there is a one-in-ten chance they do. Image courtesy Center for Effective Government.

INDIANAPOLIS - Close to 140,000 Hoosier kids spend several hours each weekday in the shadows of potentially-dangerous chemical facilities, according to a new report. At the Center for Effective Government, director of open government policy Sean Moulton says parents and community members need to bet...Read More

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PHOTO: Bunnies are a symbol of the season, but animal welfare advocates caution parents considering bringing one home for Easter to make a thoughtful decision that is best for the animal and the family. Photo credit: user bobby.

INDIANAPOLIS – Easter is almost upon us, and while some parents might be tempted to give their children live bunnies or baby chicks, animal welfare advocates stress that bringing any animal into the home should be a well thought-out decision and not just a holiday whim. Jessica Lifford, exe...Read More

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PHOTO: While some Hoosiers voice concerns over health matters, those in favor of ordinances allowing backyard chickens say the birds are a sustainable food source and just as clean as any other pet. Photo credit: Jason Webber.

INDIANAPOLIS – Raising chickens in the city is becoming increasingly popular as more Hoosiers move toward eating locally. Goshen officials this week reversed an earlier decision and will allow residents to raise chickens at their homes. Karen Schulte-Coman helped get a similar ordinance pa...Read More

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PHOTO: It's not your typical teen angst. President and CEO of the Indiana Youth Institute, Bill Stanczykiewicz, says a high number of Indiana teens have contemplated or attempted suicide. Photo Credit: IYI.

INDIANAPOLIS - Hoosier children are facing a health crisis, experts say, with almost 20 percent experiencing mental health challenges. Many are not getting the care necessary to help them deal with those issues, said Bill Stanczykiewicz, president and chief executive of the Indiana Youth Institute....Read More

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GRAPHIC: Tax Day events in Indiana coincide with a Global Day of Action on Military Spending.  Photo credit: National Priorities Project.

INDIANAPOLIS - As Hoosiers mail off their checks to Uncle Sam today, many will have a chance to learn how their federal tax dollars are being used. According to Erin Polley, program coordinator for the American Friends Service Committee in Indiana, it's their fifth annual Tax Day of Action, and volu...Read More

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