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    PNS Weekend Update - April 25, 20150 

    Among the issues on our nationwide rundown: Baltimore braces for major protests as the police department admits to errors in the arrest of Freddie Gray; troubling data as e-cigarette use triples for tweens and teens; and we’ll clue you in on ways your spring cleaning can help your local community.

Public News Service - Massachusetts

U.S. cosmetic companies, once cruelty free, are testing on animals in China in order to sell products there - unbeknownst to many U.S. consumers. Photo credit: PETA

BOSTON – It's World Week for Animals in Laboratories – a time to remember the millions of animals in Massachusetts and around the world that are experimented on for a variety of reasons. Monkeys, mice and rabbits are a few of the animals used for testing medical, chemical, cosmetic and...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: Health Care For All's 1996 victory march after state lawmakers passed legislation creating MassHealth and expanded coverage for kids. The group's 30th anniversary will be celebrated tonight in Boston. Photo courtesy of Health Care for All.

BOSTON - While Tax Day has many Americans thinking about the new check-off box on income-tax forms that tracks whether they have health insurance, the focus in Massachusetts has shifted to the quality and affordability of that coverage. State efforts that date back to 2006 have ensured that very fe...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: A new report ranks the Commonwealth as 26th in the nation for the percentage of bridges that are in serious need of repair. Photo credit: Wikimaster97commons.

BOSTON - If your morning commute takes you across a bridge, a new report finds you could be traveling across a span with issues related to its superstructure, deck or substructure. Alison Black, chief economist with the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, says Massachusetts rank...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: Hilton Hotels in the Commonwealth and around the globe say they are going to start to eliminate cages for hen-laying chickens and gestation crates for breeding pigs from its worldwide supply chain. Photo credit: GinoKolle/Wikimedia Commons.

BOSTON - Hilton Worldwide, one of the largest resort and hotel chains in the world, has announced it will eliminate the use of cages for egg-laying hens and gestation crates for breeding pigs from its global supply chain. Hilton's decision is a major victory for animal welfare, said Josh Balk, seni...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: A new (FRAC) report finds Worcester has jumped to the top third for cities where residents are struggling to put food on the table. Credit: Mike Clifford

BOSTON - A new report finds more families are struggling to find food in Worcester than in any other large metro area in the state. Patricia Baker, senior policy analyst with the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, says Worcester saw a four percent jump in food hardship that now impacts one in five ...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: Consumer advocates warn that unscrupulous contractors are raking in billions from home-improvement scams, and after the harsh winter in Massachusetts, scams are surfacing. They say you can protect yourself with a few simple steps. Photo Credit: Mike Clifford

BOSTON - Homes all across New England had to weather a rough winter and many are in need of repair. That's why local consumer watchdogs are warning to beware of scam artists offering steep discounts. Former FBI Agent Bob Denz says scam artists usually say they happened to be in the neighborhood ...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: Massachusetts comes out tops in the nation in a new Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce report on states where college graduates have the best odds of landing a job. Photo credit: Mike Clifford.

BOSTON – A new report finds you can't beat Massachusetts if you're a college graduate looking for a state with the best odds of landing a job. The report from the Georgetown Center on Education and Workforce crunched data from millions of online job postings nationwide. Report author Tony ...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: Members of the Health Care For All HelpLine Team are working overtime assisting hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents who need to renew their Medicaid eligibility. With the deadline so close, those needing assistance are urged to head to their nearest community health center. Photo ourtesy: Health Care For All.

BOSTON - A critical deadline is at hand for hundreds of thousands in the Bay State to renew their coverage under the Medicaid program. Some already are past the deadline, but have a grace period until the end of the month. Anyone who got a letter in the mail at the start of the year notifying them ...Read More

Public News Service - MA

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