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    PNS Daily News - May 22, 20150 

    Featured on our Friday rundown: new charges in Baltimore against a half dozen police officers in the Freddy Gray case; high school graduation rates are up in Ohio, but disparities persist; a professor says he was punished for raising questions about GMO crops; and tips on safety and avoiding road rage as the summer travel season kicks into gear.

Public News Service - Massachusetts

PHOTO: A new report says 17 percent of out-of-home placements in Massachusetts are in group home type settings, compared with 14 percent, which is the average nationwide.

BOSTON - A new report says Massachusetts is trailing other states when it comes to family placement of children in the child-welfare system. The report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation finds 17 percent of children in out-of-home placements are ending up in group homes and other institutions com...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: Summer vacation adventures on public lands could change dramatically if the push to turn federal lands over to state control succeeds, and there have been moves to do that in both the U.S. House and Senate. Photo of a national forest near Yellowstone National Park courtesy of U.S. Forest Service.

BOSTON – Summer vacation adventures on public lands could change dramatically if the push to turn federal lands over to state control succeeds. Jamie Williams, president of The Wilderness Society, warns allowing state control would lock up lands for private development, and other parcels woul...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: Students who wish to opt out of standardized testing in the Commonwealth now have the backing of the state's largest teachers union. Photo credit: Wikimedia -

BOSTON - While the school year is nearing the end, many students still face a round of standardized testing - and now students who decide to opt out have the state's largest teachers union behind them. Massachusetts Teachers Association president Barbara Madeloni said the union supports students op...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: With the NTSB investigation of the fatal Amtrak train derailment under way, a commuter advocate says the accident could point to rail issues in other sections of the Northeast corridor. Photo credit: Patrick Murphy, a former Pennsylvania congressman who was aboard the train.

BOSTON - Investigators are probing everything from speed to track signals in connection with Tuesday's fatal Amtrak derailment which happened on a heavily used stretch of track near Philadelphia. Jim Cameron, founder of the Commuter Action Group, says it's too early to pinpoint what went wrong, but ...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: The third annual Patient and Family Advisory Council conference is under way in Worcester. Local advocates say these community volunteers have saved consumers both time and money. Photo courtesy of Health Care for All Massachusetts.

WORCESTER, Mass. - Chalk it up as another milestone for Massachusetts health care. This month marks five years since the state launched the first-in-the-nation Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFAC). Wendy Franz of Hampden County says she never had any intention of becoming a healthcare advoca...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: A recent AARP survey finds that while there can be some costs associated with employing older workers, the experience they bring to the job provides benefits that exceed the costs. Courtesy: Sebastiaan ter Burg via flckr

BOSTON – The trend in New England and the nation finds an increase in the number of older workers on the job and looking for work, and a recent study is doing some myth busting about the supposed costs of those workers. Laura Bos, manager of education and outreach for financial security with...Read More

Public News Service - MA

U.S. cosmetic companies, once cruelty free, are testing on animals in China in order to sell products there - unbeknownst to many U.S. consumers. Photo credit: PETA

BOSTON – It's World Week for Animals in Laboratories – a time to remember the millions of animals in Massachusetts and around the world that are experimented on for a variety of reasons. Monkeys, mice and rabbits are a few of the animals used for testing medical, chemical, cosmetic and...Read More

Public News Service - MA

PHOTO: Health Care For All's 1996 victory march after state lawmakers passed legislation creating MassHealth and expanded coverage for kids. The group's 30th anniversary will be celebrated tonight in Boston. Photo courtesy of Health Care for All.

BOSTON - While Tax Day has many Americans thinking about the new check-off box on income-tax forms that tracks whether they have health insurance, the focus in Massachusetts has shifted to the quality and affordability of that coverage. State efforts that date back to 2006 have ensured that very fe...Read More

Public News Service - MA

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