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    PNS Daily News - July 1, 20160 

    Turkish officials say the suicide bombers who hit the Istanbul airport were Islamic State terrorists of Russian descent, the Pentagon drops its ban on transgendered people in the military, and if you’re planning to celebrate the Fourth with fireworks, we have some tips on how to stay safe.

Public News Service - Massachusetts

A new MASSPIRG survey cautions that some popular personal-care products on local store shelves are linked to negative health effects, including cancer. (M. Clifford)

BOSTON - Claire Gambrill, research intern at the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG), which produced the survey, lists 10 common, everyday products which her group said consumers should beware. "There is men's deodorants, there are baby wipes, shampoos, conditioners, things like...Read More

Public News Service - MA

Harmful blue-green algae is increasing in bodies of water. In Massachusetts, it has affected this year's shellfish harvest. (NASA)

WOODS HOLE, Mass. - Algal blooms in bodies of water in New England and across the nation are increasing. It's a combined result of climate change, farming practices, storm and wastewater runoff, and other environmental issues. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched a new w...Read More

Public News Service - MA

Bay State consumers could save at the utility meter with a cost effective clean power plan, according to a new report. (Kristoferb via wiki)

BOSTON – Implementing the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan could cut carbon emissions and save consumers in the Commonwealth money, according to a new study by the Georgia Institute of Technology. Opponents of the plan maintain that enforcing mandatory reductions in e...Read More

Public News Service - MA

More than 300 people gathered in Norwood last week for an annual conference of the state's Family and Patient Advisory Councils. (HCFA)

NORWOOD, Mass. - The Commonwealth was first in the nation to mandate Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) designed to make delivery of health care more patient centered; and last week a conference was held with the goal of making consumer-to-hospital feedback even more effective. It was a ge...Read More

Public News Service - MA

Median incomes in the Bay State would be about $22,000 a year higher if incomes of the bottom 99 percent were keeping pace with the top 1 percent. (Economic Policy Institute)

BOSTON – People whose incomes are in the bottom 99 percent of Commonwealth residents are falling way behind the top 1 percent, according to a new report by the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center. Noah Berger, the center’s president, says the organization crunched new data on Massac...Read More

Public News Service - MA

Human-rights activists who attended the Boston vigil for the Orlando shooting victims say it is wrong to single out Muslims. (Chris Flynn)

BOSTON -- Human-rights activists in the Commonwealth are expressing support for President Obama's comments in the wake of the shooting in Orlando, Fla. The president condemned Donald Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from the United States. In the wake of Sunday's Orlando nightclub massacre, Obama sa...Read More

Public News Service - MA

A win in federal court for consumers, say advocates of net neutrality. (Greg Stotelmyer)

WHITESBURG, Ky. – A federal court has upheld the Federal Communication Commission's decision to treat the Internet like a utility – a victory for consumers say advocates of net neutrality. The 2-to-1 ruling came Tuesday from the U.S. Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C. Marty Newell...Read More

Public News Service - MA

On the heels of an undercover investigation that exposed inhumane conditions at a New England egg farm, local advocates say a cage free ballot initiative is all the more important in the Commonwealth. (HSUS).

BOSTON – Local animal rights advocates say a cage free ballot proposition in the Commonwealth is all the more urgent after an undercover investigation exposed harsh conditions at a New England farm. The investigation by the ...Read More

Public News Service - MA

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