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PHOTO: Voices for Ohio's Children is encouraging voters to prioritize children in the choices they make on election day. Photo credit: Sarah Gilbert/Flickr.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - While children cannot cast a ballot, their voices can be heard in next week's midterm election. The CEO of advocacy organization Voices for Ohio's Children, Sandy Oxley, makes the case voters can ensure the needs of the state's three million children are prioritized by the choices t...Read More

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PHOTO: As schools implement the new Common Core standards and testing, legislation introduced in Ohio calls for a three-year suspension of school performance rankings and teacher evaluations based on student achievement. Photo credit: clairer/morguefile.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Students, parents and teachers around the state are adjusting to the new Common Core learning standards, and new legislation is aimed at making sure the standards are working for Ohio's schools. State Rep. Teresa Fedor, D-Toledo, introduced House Bill 642, which she says would hit ...Read More

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PHOTO: With Halloween falling on a Friday night this year, experts say close parental supervision and a few sensible precautions will help keep kids safe while trick-or-treating. Photo credit: Gracey Stinson/Morguefile.

CINCINNATI - Ghosts, goblins, and monsters will soon be walking the streets of Ohio neighborhoods in search of candy. But while Halloween is a time for fun and treats, it's also a night full of potentially dangerous situations. Dawne Gardner, injury prevention coordinator at Cincinnati Children's H...Read More

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PHOTO: 18 solar companies in Ohio signed a letter sent to the White House endorsing the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan which would put the first-ever national limits on carbon pollution from power plants. Photo courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - They're ready to roll with clean energy. Over a dozen solar businesses in Ohio have sent a letter to the White House backing the EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan. Steve Melink, president of Melink Corporation in Milford, signed the letter because he says limits on carbon pollution ...Read More

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PHOTO: Saturday voting for the Nov. 4 election begins tomorrow, and Voter Block Parties will be held in several Ohio cities to encourage voters to cast their ballot early. Photo credit: Tom Arthur/Wikimedia.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Tomorrow marks the first Saturday for early voting in Ohio, and activists around the state say they will celebrate while fighting back against voter suppression. Voter Block Parties will be held in Akron, Columbus, Dayton and Youngstown near county Board of Elections offices. Aramis...Read More

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PHOTO: After-school programs in Ohio provide extended learning opportunities for children after the school bell rings. Photo courtesy of Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Center Association.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - After-school programs offer educational activities for children in a safe place, but only an estimated 15 percent of Ohio kids are participating in one. As part of Thursday's nationwide Lights On Afterschool event, students, teachers and parents from around the state will participa...Read More

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PHOTO: The Ohio House has until year's end to pass Senate Bill 96, to require that world history be a high school graduation requirement. Photo credit: Kenn W. Kiser/morguefile.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The clock is ticking on efforts to save world history for Ohio high school students. Students need to learn world history to pass the current Ohio Graduation Test, but the test will be phased out next year and replaced by exams that cover only American history and government....Read More

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PHOTO: As wireless access points proliferate and internet providers seek more bandwidth, the FCC will begin a "spectrum auction" on November 13 in which wireless companies will bid on portions of the nation's airways currently being used by television stations. Photo credit: Robo56/Wikimedia.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - In the early 1980s the song reflecting the state of electronic media was "Video Killed the Radio Star." In 2014, the question has become whether wireless media will "kill" free public TV. Beginning in 2016, the FCC will embark on a "spectrum auction," in which wireless companies li...Read More

Public News Service - OH

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