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PHOTO: A new report from Environment Ohio ranks Ohio fifth in the nation for the amount of carbon pollution spewed by power plants. Photo courtesy of the EPA.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Buckeye State ranks fifth in the nation in a new list of states with the dirtiest air. According to the Environment Ohio Research and Policy Center, Ohio's power plants spew as much carbon into the atmosphere as the entire nation of Kuwait. Nate Lotze, campaign organizer with En...Read More

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PHOTO: More parents in Ohio are being asked not only if their children have health insurance, but if they are covered as well. A new national report says these outreach efforts are paying off with fewer uninsured adults for states that agreed to expand Medicaid. Photo credit: samuelboy/morguefile.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - States such as Ohio that have expanded their Medicaid programs with federal funding are making far more progress in covering lower-income parents than states that have rejected Medicaid expansion, according to a new Urban Institute study. In some areas, said study co-author Genevie...Read More

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PHOTO: Absentee ballot applications have been mailed out in Ohio, but it's still unclear when early voting by mail, or in person, will begin. Photo credit: M. Kuhlman.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The November election is just around the corner, but voting dates and deadlines seem to be ever-changing in Ohio. A law that went into effect early this year eliminated the so-called "Golden Week," when Ohioans could register and vote in the first week of early voting. But this mon...Read More

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GRAPHIC: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the majority of child-safety seats are not installed properly in cars. Free car-seat inspections are being held at sites around Ohio as part of National Child Passenger Safety Week. Graphic courtesy American Academy of Pediatrics.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children in the U.S. but it takes more than clicking the seat belt to keep them safe. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention while the appropriate car or booster seat can reduce injuries by more than half,...Read More

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PHOTO: A new poll finds a majority of Ohio electricity customers favor renewable-energy sources and don't want to have to pay to bail out aging coal plants. Photo credit: Kenn W. Kiser/morguefile.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A new poll indicates Ohioans want a cleaner energy future not powered by coal. American Electric Power, Duke, and First Energy are asking the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to allow them to increase rates to pay for extra costs associated with continuing to generate power from ...Read More

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GRAPHIC: The frustrating indicator of a slow download, known by many computer users as the spinning wheel of death, will be seen all over the Internet today. It's a symbolic protest of government plans to create online fast lanes and slow lanes. Graphic courtesy

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Internet may seem to be slowing down today - but it's actually part of an effort to prevent a future where, according to Internet freedom advocates, some people online would have priority over others. Some websites are running an image or animation that might make you think yo...Read More

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PHOTO: Fires, floods, tornadoes and other disasters can strike at almost any time. Experts say advance preparation can help people better respond to and recover from the impacts of a disaster or other emergency. Preparedness Month is a good time to make or update those plans. Photo credit: Keiran Marie/Morguefile.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Tornadoes, fires, floods and other disasters can strike at almost any time, and during Preparedness Month, state leaders are reminding residents about the importance of being ready for an emergency. Tamara McBride with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency says people should have a ...Read More

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PHOTO: Some Ohio supporters of campaign finance reform say a measure up for a vote in the U.S. Senate today does not go far enough to limit big money in politics. Photo credit:U.S. Senate.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – What's being called an historic vote in the U.S. Senate today has created a divide within the movement to limit campaign spending. Senate Joint Resolution 19 is a constitutional amendment allowing the states and Congress to regulate campaign spending. It would offset the U....Read More

Public News Service - OH

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