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    PNS Daily News - July 30, 20150 

    We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including; a Colorado lawmaker is under fire for his controversial comments about the Boy Scouts ending their ban on gay scout leaders; and we report on Republican efforts in Congress to block Planned Parenthood funding: and it was 50 years ago today that President Lyndon Johnson signed into law legislation that established the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Public News Service - Ohio

PHOTO: Attaining a post-secondary education often is a struggle for former foster youths who have to go it alone without the support of a family. The Ohio Reach program is connecting these young adults to financial aid, mentoring and other supports in their college journey. Photo credit: Mike Cogh/Flickr.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - It's getting close to back-to-school time, and one group of college-bound Ohioans is getting a little extra help making higher education a reality. The Ohio Reach program is connecting former foster youth to financial aid, housing, mentoring and other supports in their college jour...Read More

Public News Service - OH

PHOTO: Medicaid marks its 50th year of providing health coverage to low-income children in Ohio and around the nation this week, and research demonstrates the effects of the program on children's health, education and economic outcomes. Photo credit: Hubert Hackett/Flickr.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Over one million Ohio children – about 46 percent – receive visits to the doctor, prescriptions and other medical care through Medicaid, and a new report underscores the lifelong value of the program as it turns 50 this week. Report co-author Joan Alker, executive...Read More

Public News Service - OH

PHOTO: The Environmental Protection Agency is due to finalize the Clean Power Plan this summer, and two new reports find lower electricity rates for consumers, and reduced emissions could be the result. Photo credit: MRBECK/Flickr.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Clean Power Plan is expected to be finalized soon, and two new reports refute opponents' claims that the plan will increase electric bills for Ohioans. Synapse Energy Economics developed a scenario that includes investments in renewables and energy efficiency, and found ...Read More

Public News Service - OH

PHOTO: Cuyahoga Valley National Park is among the public lands that receives funding from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. And rare bit of bipartisan cooperation might come just in time to secure the 50-year-old program. Photo credit: Ben Lund/Flickr.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Conservationists are praising a rare bit of bipartisan cooperation in Congress to fund a program for public areas and historic and wilderness lands in Ohio and around the nation. The Land and Water Conservation Fund takes a small portion of revenues from offshore oil and gas deve...Read More

Public News Service - OH

PHOTO: A new poll released by the National Wildlife Federation finds a large majority of hunters and anglers across the political spectrum favor Clean Water Act standards that protect small rivers and wetlands in Ohio. Photo credit: Ed Devereaux/Flickr.

MARIETTA, Ohio – Some of Ohio's 110,000 miles of streams could lose potential environmental protections as Congress considers rescinding a recent EPA rule that extends Clean Water Act standards to smaller streams and wetlands. A poll released today by the National Wildlife Federation finds 83...Read More

Public News Service - OH

PHOTO: A new report examining oral healthcare needs finds there are not enough dentists to meet the demand of Ohioans, especially those who are low-income or live in rural areas. Photo credit: Dr. Benjamin R. Record/Flickr.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Finding a dentist to ease dental woes is a toothy problem for many Ohioans. A new report finds 84 areas in the state where there are not enough dentists to meet the demand, and the gap will continue to grow in Ohio over the next decade. According to data from the Health Reso...Read More

Public News Service - OH

PHOTO: Despite the economic recovery, the 2015 KIDS COUNT Data Book finds nearly one in four Ohio children continues to live below the poverty line. Photo credit: Tamckile/Flickr.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Buckeye State is stuck in the middle in terms of the well-being of its children, ranking 23rd nationally in the annual KIDS COUNT Data Book released today. According to the report nearly 53,000 more Ohio children live in low-income working families today than in 2008, and...Read More

Public News Service - OH

PHOTO: Sustainable farming groups say lessons from organic farming can help solve Ohio’s toxic and unsightly algae problems and improve water quality. Photo courtesy NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Algal blooms in Lake Erie are predicted to be among the worst in recorded history this summer. And organic farmers say taking a page from their playbook can help state leaders working to address the recurring problem, and other water quality issues. Organic farms are prohi...Read More

Public News Service - OH

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