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PHOTO: Saturday voting for the Nov. 4 election begins tomorrow, and Voter Block Parties will be held in several Ohio cities to encourage voters to cast their ballot early. Photo credit: Tom Arthur/Wikimedia.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Tomorrow marks the first Saturday for early voting in Ohio, and activists around the state say they will celebrate while fighting back against voter suppression. Voter Block Parties will be held in Akron, Columbus, Dayton and Youngstown near county Board of Elections offices. Aramis...Read More

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PHOTO: After-school programs in Ohio provide extended learning opportunities for children after the school bell rings. Photo courtesy of Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Center Association.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - After-school programs offer educational activities for children in a safe place, but only an estimated 15 percent of Ohio kids are participating in one. As part of Thursday's nationwide Lights On Afterschool event, students, teachers and parents from around the state will participa...Read More

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PHOTO: The Ohio House has until year's end to pass Senate Bill 96, to require that world history be a high school graduation requirement. Photo credit: Kenn W. Kiser/morguefile.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The clock is ticking on efforts to save world history for Ohio high school students. Students need to learn world history to pass the current Ohio Graduation Test, but the test will be phased out next year and replaced by exams that cover only American history and government....Read More

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PHOTO: As wireless access points proliferate and internet providers seek more bandwidth, the FCC will begin a "spectrum auction" on November 13 in which wireless companies will bid on portions of the nation's airways currently being used by television stations. Photo credit: Robo56/Wikimedia.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - In the early 1980s the song reflecting the state of electronic media was "Video Killed the Radio Star." In 2014, the question has become whether wireless media will "kill" free public TV. Beginning November 13, the FCC will embark on a "spectrum auction," in which wireless companie...Read More

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PHOTO: A detailed new study from AAA indicates that many of the new hands-free technology systems may be much more distracting than most drivers think they are. Photo credit: Usien/Wikimedia Commons.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Talk-to-text, microphone headsets and voice navigation systems may keep your eyes on the road, but a new study finds hands-free technology in newer cars is not risk free. According to the research from the American Automobile Association (AAA), three out of four drivers beli...Read More

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PHOTO: The Clean Water Act Marks its 42nd anniversary Saturday and there are calls to expand its scope to include smaller streams and wetlands. Photo credit: Cherie Durbin/morguefile.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - For over four decades, Clean Water Act protections have helped to maintain the integrity of waterways in Ohio and throughout the country. The legislation marks its 42nd anniversary on Saturday. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) of the Cleveland area says the law is particularly im...Read More

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PHOTO: A new report finds low-income home weatherization in Ohio provides big dividends for households, but is threatened by the current freeze on Ohio's Clean Energy Standards. Photo credit: Dennis Shroeder/NREL.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Besides keeping Ohioans warm on chilly days, a new report from Policy Matters Ohio finds home weatherization saves energy, reduces pollution, and creates jobs. An estimated 300,000 Ohio households spend over 30 percent of their yearly income on home energy bills, which report auth...Read More

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PHOTO: In addition to checking the batteries in your smoke detectors, the American Red Cross recommends going over your home escape plan in the event of a fire. Photo credit: Schick/Morguefile.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - More than 23,000 people die and nearly 13,000 are injured annually in house fires across the U.S. With that statistic in mind, the American Red Cross is kicking off a national campaign this month to reduce deaths and injuries from house fires by as much as 25 percent over the next ...Read More

Public News Service - OH

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