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    PNS Weekend Update - August 29, 20150 

    Our news today feature a variety of stories including: a state of emergency for Florida ahead of Tropical Storm Erika; hunger a growing problem among older Americans; and Stephanie Carson reports on an effort ensure workers get the money they deserve.

Public News Service - Ohio

One-in-four Ohio teens admit to binge drinking; health leaders say SBIRT can help. Credit: incase/Flickr

COLUMBUS, Ohio - One-in-four Ohio high school students admit to binge drinking, according to the Office of Adolescent Health, and a new strategy debuting in some Ohio schools is opening the door to conversations about drugs and alcohol with students. The SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Re...Read More

Public News Service - OH

Joyce Beatty is one of two minority women from Ohio serving currently in the United States Congress. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Congress.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The 19th Amendment was signed 95 years ago today, giving women the right to vote. Today, 68 percent of Ohio women are registered to vote, but only about 54 percent voted in the last presidential election, according to the latest Status of Women in the States report from the Institut...Read More

Public News Service - OH

This fall, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is expected to announce new federal rules to address predatory lending practices, regulations that some policy experts say cannot come soon enough. Credit: krosseel/Morguefile

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Legislation restricting payday-lending practice was passed in Ohio more than seven years ago, but some policy experts say the industry still needs to be reined in. The Ohio Short-Term Loan Act was passed in 2008, but Kalitha Williams, policy liaison with Policy Matters Ohio, says ...Read More

Public News Service - OH

Ohio's Safe Haven law allows new parents to leave a newborn with a worker at a hospital, police station, or fire station without the threat of prosecution. Credit: ryndon/Morguefile

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Child welfare leaders in Ohio are raising awareness about the state's Safe Haven law, after the recent arrest of a college student for allegedly abandoning her newborn child. The baby girl was found dead in a trashcan on Muskingum University's campus, and it's a tragedy that...Read More

Public News Service - OH

National Breastfeeding Month is a chance for Ohio medical experts to remind employers to support breastfeeding moms with access to resources in the workplace, including a private place to pump milk and then store it. Photo courtesy of CDC

CINCINNATI - Breastfeeding benefits are vast, medical experts say, but it can be a real challenge for moms when they go back to work. While about 70 percent of new Ohio moms start out breastfeeding, only about 40 percent still do so after six months, said lactation expert Dr. Ardythe Morrow, direct...Read More

Public News Service - OH

The Hunger Free Summer for Kids Act, introduced in the U.S. Senate, would help expand the Summer Food Service Program so more low-income children can get the food they need. Credit: USDA/Flickr

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The ring of the school bell means the resumption of nutritious regular meals for many of Ohio's children. The School Lunch Program provides food for nearly 800,000 low-income children in Ohio, but the Food Research and Action Center estimates 9-in-10 are unable to access sum...Read More

Public News Service - OH

A new report from the National Wildlife Federation finds more frequent rains spurred by climate change are spawning harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie. Photo courtesy of NOAA

COLUMBUS, Ohio - One year after an algal bloom tainted drinking water in Toledo, a new report examines the ways climate change is threatening Lake Erie and other bodies of water. According to the findings from the National Wildlife Federation, the Midwest has experienced dramatic changes in climate...Read More

Public News Service - OH

More than 235 health center sites around Ohio serve thousands of residents who would otherwise only be able to seek care at emergency rooms. Lorain County is celebrating the opening of a new facility today. Credit: Lorain County Health and Dentistry

ELYRIA, Ohio – New data released this week by the National Association of Community Health Centers indicates that centers are serving more people than ever, with more than 24 million patients nationwide. Many of those patients are served by over 235 health center sites in Ohio, including Lora...Read More

Public News Service - OH

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