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    PNS Weekend Update - October 10, 20150 

    Our news highlights a variety of topics including: a legal push to get the EPA to finally regulate oil and gas waste and NASA maps out its “Journey to Mars.”

Public News Service - Ohio

Animal-welfare advocates say private, exotic animal ownership poses public safety risks. Courtesy: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

COLUMBUS, Ohio - With recent seizures of tigers and bears in Ohio, animal-welfare advocates say state officials are taking exotic-animal care seriously. The state's exotic-animal law went into effect in 2012, one year after dozens of lions, tigers and bears were released by a Zanesville man who th...Read More

Public News Service - OH

Weatherize Nelsonville aims to weatherize 300 homes by the end of 2016. Credit: Marcy Dixon/ COAD

COLUMBUS, Ohio - While it takes a team to build a village, it also takes a team to make that village energy efficient. In southeast Ohio, city leaders, community organizations, utilities and residents are working together to "Weatherize Nelsonville." Many homes in the region are anywhere from 70 to...Read More

Public News Service - OH

The Land and Conservation Fund helps protect the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Credit: Taximes/Wikimedia

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Conservation groups are not giving up their fight to continue a program that supports some of Ohio, and the nation's most crowned jewels. Congress allowed the Land and Water Conservation Fund to expire last week, a fund that protects national parks and other lands, including the C...Read More

Public News Service - OH

Tooth pain can make learning difficult for children in Ohio. Credit: bamagirl/Morguefile

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Folks around the globe today are celebrating World Smile Day with acts of kindness - and, of course, by flashing a toothy grin. But not everyone may want to share their smile. Fourteen percent of Ohioans ages 19 to 64 have an unmet dental problem, according to the 2015 Ohio Medicai...Read More

Public News Service - OH

Some say an indefinite freeze on Ohio's clean-energy standards hurts investment. Credit: Kevin P/Morguefile

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A recommendation to keep Ohio's renewable energy and energy efficiency standards frozen at 2014 levels is drawing fire from conservation and environmental groups, as well as Gov. John Kasich. The standards were put in place in 2008 and last year lawmakers enacted a two-year ...Read More

Public News Service - OH

You must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years old and a resident of Ohio to vote on Nov. 3. Credit: M. Kuhlman

COLUMBUS,. Ohio - Ohioans will decide on important issues in the November election, including redistricting reform, legalizing marijuana and prohibiting monopolies. But you can't cast a ballot if you are not registered to vote. The Oct. 5 registration deadline is five days away, and Alice Schneider...Read More

Public News Service - OH

Experts from around the country are in Arizona this week to talk about juvenile justice reform. Credit: Kevin Connors/Morguefile.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – You don't have to lock up young people to reduce juvenile crime. It's a change in thinking that's spread across the country with the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI). Professionals who work with young people are in Phoenix, Arizona this week at the JDAI 2015 ...Read More

Public News Service - OH

Credit: Casa Rosada/Wikimedia

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Pope Francis' whirlwind trip to the United States is over, but some environmental advocates expect his message of environmental protection will continue to resonate. Echoing the sentiments of a climate encyclical released in June, the pope asserted that mankind has no author...Read More

Public News Service - OH

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