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    PNS Daily News - June 30, 20150 

    A divided Supreme Court issues three major rulings to end this term and we have reaction from coast-to-coast on today’s rundown; also 25 cities working to improve the chances of economic success for veterans; and a look at how summer jobs can help teens invest in the future.

Public News Service - Texas

PHOTO: The movement for equal rights is gathering at the State Capitol today after Friday's landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of marriage equality. Activists say lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people remain under threat of discrimination in Texas. Photo credit: Neon Tommy, Wikimedia Commons.

AUSTIN, Texas - Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activists and supporters are gathering at the State Capitol today to discuss the effect of the U.S. Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling. They'll also address what's next in the movement for equal rights in Texas and beyond. Kathy Miller, ...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: The EPA has released a report quantifying the economic, health and environmental benefits of reducing global carbon pollution. The study warns slowing or preventing climate change will require action on a global scale. Photo courtesy of the EPA.

HOUSTON – A new report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compares health and economic outcomes based on whether the world moves forward to take action to confront climate change – or doesn't. According to the EPA document, hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of li...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: More than 60 organizations sent a letter calling on Congress to remove a rider in its budget bill they claim would block the FCC from implementing net neutrality rules. Photo credit: Sean MacEntee/Flickr Commons.

AUSTIN, Texas – More than 60 civil rights and public-interest groups sent a letter urging Congress to protect the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) decision to keep the Internet open. The coalition is protesting a rider, attached to a must-pass government funding package, that would t...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: The Texas Department of Public Safety is urging parents, caretakers and the public to do their part to prevent vehicular heatstroke by never leaving a child inside a vehicle without an adult present. Photo courtesy D.C. Dept. of Health Care Finance.

AUSTIN, Texas – As summer temperatures rise, so does the potential for heatstroke deaths in children. The Texas Department of Public Safety is reminding Texans that every year, children die after being left in a vehicle unattended. DPS Sgt. Jason Reyes says everyone has a role to play in p...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: A new report exposes the impact of local lockup quotas at immigrant detention facilities under the Obama Administration. Photo credit: Austin Indymedia.

AUSTIN, Texas – A new report released by Detention Watch Network and the Center for Constitutional Rights exposes local lockup quotas in for-profit immigrant detention facilities covering half of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field offices. Carol Wu with Detention Watch N...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: Summer is a carefree time of play for many children in Colorado, but not for parents who need to consider several factors when arranging backup child care or figuring out if a child is mature enough to stay home alone. Photo courtesy City of San Antonio, TX.

AUSTIN, Texas – The busy summer vacation season has arrived and with nannies and babysitters among those who'll be taking some time off, parents should make plans now for lining up back-up child care. Karen Fogolin, associate director of Child Care Aware, says there are some options through ...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: A new report identifies 50 U.S. hospitals, including four in Texas, with price markups approximately 10 times their Medicare-allowable costs. Photo credit: Thierry Geoffroy/Wikimedia Commons.

AUSTIN, Texas – If you're going to break a leg, try not to do it in Mesquite. You might end up in the ER at the Dallas Regional Medical Center, one of 50 hospitals listed with the highest price markups over actual costs in a new study published in Health Affairs. Ge Bai, the report’s...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: 'Walmart at the Crossroads,' a new report by the Food Chain Workers Alliance, looks closely at the labor and environmental records of 22 of Walmart's major suppliers, and recommends significant changes to current practices. Photo credit: Benjamin G. Robinson/Wikimedia Commons.

AUSTIN, Texas - A new report from the Food Chain Workers Alliance exposes a disconnect between Walmart's labor and environmental claims and the reality in its food supply chain. According to Walmart's ethical sourcing standards, its suppliers must comply with all laws and regulations related to labo...Read More

Public News Service - TX

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