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    PNS Daily News - December 18, 20140 

    In focus on our nationwide rundown: a cyber threat produces a nationwide dump of a major motion picture; New York says no to fracking—at least for now; and on the West Coast on new coalition hooks-up venture capital with conservation.

Public News Service - Texas

PHOTO: Soon, it'll all be over but the cleanup. The American Psychological Association says fatigue and stress are the top sources of negative feelings during the holidays. Photo credit: Steven Depolo/Flickr.

AUSTIN, Texas - While the holidays are a happy time for many, the stress associated with family obligations and dynamics can be the "lump of coal" in some people's Christmas stockings. According to the American Psychological Association, fatigue and stress are the top sources of negative feelings d...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: Toy guns are the most often cited culprits when it comes to toys and childhood eye injuries in the United States. Photo credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr.

AUSTIN, Texas – As parents across Texas continue to pack the malls and stores, a reminder that some gifts for their children can bring pain as well as joy. Thousands of accidents in the U.S. each year involving children and toys result in eye injuries and even blindness. Optometrist Jessica...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: Dallas is part of a group of the nation's largest school districts adopting an antibiotic-free policy for chicken served on cafeteria menus. Photo credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr.

DALLAS - The menu is changing - some say for the better - at some of the nation's largest schools, as chicken raised with antibiotics is getting the boot. The districts that are moving to "antibiotic-free" chicken are part of the Urban School Food Alliance. Its members include the Dallas Independen...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: A number of projects along the Texas Gulf Coast are being recommended as top priorities for restoration from the effects of the 2010 BP oil spill disaster. Photo credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Flickr.

AUSTIN, Texas - As Texas and the Gulf Coast move toward what likely will be the largest ecosystem restoration project in U.S. history, a new report details what it calls the most important priorities in recovering from the massive oil-spill disaster of 2010. The recommendations come from the Nation...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: It's estimated as many as one-in-five workers in the Texas construction sector aren't paid the proper wages as required by law. Photo credit: Matthew Rutledge/Flickr.
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AUSTIN, Texas - It happens every month of the year, but the issue of wage theft in Texas is even more acute around the holidays, as impacted workers step up during the busy season but don't receive the pay they're due. Hector Guzman Lopez, coordinator with the Fuerza del Valle Workers' Center makes...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: The trash generated by the average American household jumps by 25 percent during the holidays, but with some planning before shopping, that doesn't have to be the case. Photo credit: Jarrett Campbell/Flickr.

AUSTIN - The end-of-year holidays aren't just a time filled with more cheer, but a time filled with more trash, although some simple tips can help keep that to a minimum. The best way to cut down on the garbage generated over this time and year-round is through what Leslie Irlbeck, program-and-outre...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: It's recommended that everyone, regardless of risk, get an HIV test at least once in his or her lifetime. Today is World's AIDS Day. Photo credit: Bordecia34/Flickr.

AUSTIN, Texas – Today marks the observance of World AIDS Day, and while much progress has been made in treating AIDS, the number of new HIV infections in Texas remains high. Shelley Lucas, manager of the HIV/STD Prevention and Care Branch of the Texas Department of State Health Services, say...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: The turkey may be done, but the traveling is not, as travelers across Texas and the country board planes this weekend to fly back and forth to gatherings with friends and family. Photo credit: Prayitno/Flickr.

AUSTIN, Texas - This weekend is one of the busiest of the year at airports across the country, and while the thought of delays or lost bags may be stressful, airline passengers can take comfort in knowing they do have some protections under the law. Abe Scarr with the Public Interest Research Group...Read More

Public News Service - TX

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