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    PNS Daily News - May 5, 2010 

    We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including: A new report shows that working women would benefit the most from a proposed 12 dollar minimum wage being considered in Congress. Solitary confinement in the Illinois juvenile justice system is on the way out; and a report on some mothers marching in Michigan today.

Public News Service - Texas

PHOTO: On Saturday, several hundred people converged on the family detention camp in Dilley, Texas, to call for an end to the policy of locking up refugee parents and children. Photo credit: Austin Indymedia.

AUSTIN, Texas - Several hundred immigrant rights advocates rallied in Dilley, Texas, on Saturday to call for an end to family detentions. The protest kicks off a national week of action calling on the Obama Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to end the practice of locking ...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: The Texas House of Representatives has passed HB 31 and HB 32, which call for nearly $5 billion in sales and business tax cuts. The bills' sponsors say the measures will save a family of four $172 a year. Critics argue the state needs to invest surpluses in children and infrastructure. Photo credit: Texas Sunset Advisory Commission.

AUSTIN, Texas - The Texas House passed nearly $5 billion in sales and business tax cuts earlier this week. Proponents say the move will boost the economy and put an additional $172 into a family of four's pockets. Critics warn tax cuts mean reduced funding for public schools, health care and social ...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: The Texas Legislature is looking at partial state funding for a pilot public transit program to increase service and connect all higher-education campuses in the Rio Grande Valley. Transit ridership in the 4,000-square-mile region already is booming. Photo courtesy of Valley Metro.
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AUSTIN, Texas - Students in the Rio Grande Valley could be getting a new ride to class if a public transit project is approved by the Texas Legislature as part of its new budget. The two-year pilot program would connect high school graduates to all higher-education campuses in the region, which spa...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: According to a new report, Texas ranks 40th in the nation for providing businesses with skilled workers. It says without greater effort to promote post-high school education, millions of Texans won't be able to get a living-wage job by the year 2020. Photo credit: Microtexnano/Wikimedia Commons.

AUSTIN, Texas - By the year 2020, 62 percent of jobs in the Lone Star State will require some form of post-secondary education. But according to a new report from the Center for Public Policy Priorities, only one-third of working adults in the state today have an associate's degree or higher. Garre...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: Earth Day marks the anniversary of what many consider to be the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. It's now celebrated in more than 192 countries each year, and Dallas organizers claim theirs is the largest Earth Day event in the nation. Photo credit: Khalid Mid/Wikimedia Commons.

DALLAS - Earth Day Texas is celebrating its fifth anniversary by expanding into a three-day event this weekend in Dallas. Organizers say the event has grown into the nation's largest Earth Day gathering, bringing more than 200,000 people to historic Fair Park. About 75,000 visitors are expected ove...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: A San Antonio chef has been feeding the area's homeless for over a decade, but police recently gave her ticket with a potential fine of $2,000 for allegedly violating a city ordinance. She plans to contest it, citing freedom of religion. Photo credit: Matthew Woitunski/Wikimedia Commons.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Joan Cheever has been serving restaurant-quality food to San Antonio's homeless and poor every Tuesday since 2005, but in early April she was served with a $2,000 citation for allegedly breaking a city ordinance – serving food from a vehicle not licensed as a food truck. ...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: According to a new report, in order for Texas to meet infrastructure needs and make sure schools and parks stay open, costs needs to be shared more fairly among taxpayers. Photo credit: Leaflet/Wikimedia commons.

AUSTIN, Texas - In order for Texas to meet its infrastructure and public works obligations -- making sure bridges don't collapse and schools and parks are open for business -- costs need to be shared fairly among taxpayers, according to a new report from the Center for Public Policy Priorities. Bra...Read More

Public News Service - TX

PHOTO: Workers plan to go on strike demanding living wages on tax day. Some employees made gains in recent weeks when Walmart and McDonald's announced pay raises. Photo credit: Bryan MacCormack/Left In Focus.

AUSTIN, Texas - Texas workers are planning a new round of protests for higher wages on tax day. A new report from the U.C. Berkeley Labor Center has uncovered part of the hidden cost of low-wage work in America. It says when jobs don't pay enough, workers turn to public assistance to meet their bas...Read More

Public News Service - TX

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