PNS Daily Newscast - January 23, 2018. 

Did Democrats cave to end the shutdown? Some immigrant groups are making that case; also on our rundown states are fighting back against Trump environmental actions; right to work in the news in New Mexico; and we will take you to one of the worst states for animal-protection laws.

Daily Newscasts

Public News Service - VA: Housing/Homelessness

According to a new survey, U.S. jails hold ten times more mentally ill individuals than hospitals. Jamycheal Mitchell died in jail after being arrested for stealing five dollars worth of snacks. (Youtube/the Mitchell family)

RICHMOND, Va. -- U.S. jails are overrun with mentally ill inmates and are ill-equipped to deal with the problem, according to a recent survey of corrections staff. The study found that on average 16 percent of prisoners in the U.S. correctional system are seriously mentally ill. The study’s

No Roof Left Behind is a group of roofing contractors who collaborate to make some deserving homeowners dry, warm and very happy. (No Roof Left Behind)

RICHMOND, Va. - What might best be described as a "roofers' charity" is now taking nominations in Virginia for folks who may need a new roof at no cost and the whole process is open and very community-run. No Roof Left Behind is a group of roofing contractors in 70 communities, including two in Vir

PHOTO: Upgrades to affordable multi-family housing, such as these units in Vienna, could save everyone money and reduce energy usage  a lot. Photo by Rudy Matthews Photography and Lloyd Wright for the National Housing Trust.

RICHMOND, Va. - Basic steps for Virginia's affordable housing will have a huge energy efficiency payoff, according to two new studies. The National Housing Trust and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) are part of a broad coalition looking at the issue. Michael Bodaken, executive directo

PHOTO: Census data shows poverty in Virginia and the U.S. has actually increased since the end of the last recession. Photo by No Kid Hungry.

RICHMOND, Va. - More Virginians and Americans are in poverty now than at the end of the great recession, according to census figures. Debbie Weinstein, executive director with the Coalition on Human Needs, says the census shows more people living below the poverty line than when the recession offic

PHOTO: A new Virginia law means tenants have new legal recourse against landlords who illegally evict them. Photo credit: Microsoft Images

RICHMOND, Va. – Renters in Virginia have new recourse against landlords who illegally evict them. A new state law now allows tenants who've been locked out of their homes to file a simple form in General District Court to get back in, instead of pursuing a more complicated legal process that

Photo: Housing assistance groups say banks are failing to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Photo credit: FBI.GOV

RICHMOND, Va. - Modifying a mortgage still can be a difficult proposition - even after last year's national agreement by banks to make improvements. Just ask Rita Williams, who's been trying for three years to stay out of foreclosure. She's faced one bureaucratic bungle after another, such as havin

According to

RICHMOND, Va. - Governments, business and community groups are going to have to do more to provide places where people can afford to live, according to a new report on housing in the Richmond area. Houses and apartments are being built in the area, according to the study from George Mason Universit

RICHMOND, Va. - Imagine you are a victim of domestic violence or abuse, and you have a court order against your abuser. You feel unsafe in your home and want to move - to be out of harm's way. Now, imagine your landlord will not let you out of your lease and you are being sued for rent, even though

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