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PHOTO: For the thousands of children across Minnesota who have food allergies, Halloween can be more tricks than treats. Photo credit: Nina Hale/Flickr.

ST. Paul, Minn. - With the arrival of Halloween, a reminder that a bag of candy isn't all treats for the one in 13 kids who suffers from food allergies. Missy Berggren serves on the board of directors for the Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota and has a child with food allergies. She says ther...Read More

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PHOTO: Fire evacuation drills should be held in every home, according to a new safety campaign from the American Red Cross. Photo credit: Sam Blackman/Flickr.

ST. Paul, Minn. - Most people in Minnesota know smoke-detector installation and testing is important, but according to a new survey, most are likely mistaken about how much time is needed to safely evacuate a burning home. Research from the American Red Cross shows folks think they have five minutes...Read More

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PHOTO: With hunger still a struggle for 20 percent of Minnesota families with children, a new "road map" to ending food insecurity is being launched at the annual Food Access Summit this year in Duluth. Photo credit: Gordon Flood/Flickr.

DULUTH, Minn. - Minnesota is set to roll out a new plan on ending hunger as hundreds of advocates from around the state convene at the annual Food Access Summit, beginning today in Duluth. Lucinda Jesson, Minnesota human services commissioner, says this year's gathering will include the public laun...Read More

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PHOTO: The number of Minnesotans age 65 or over is expected to double by 2030, and research shows the risks of an auto accident among senior-citizen drivers can be higher than with other age groups. Photo credit: Denis Dervisevic/Flickr.

ST. PAUL, Minn. - With Minnesota's aging population, it's a question facing a growing number of drivers and families across the state: When is it time to finally hang up the car keys? There is no hard and fast rule on when a person should park it for good, but as eyesight, hearing, memory and refle...Read More

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PHOTO: Minnesota is being urged to do more to help families strengthen their financial footing, as about one-third of the state's children are growing up in low income households. Photo credit: Tammra McCauley/Flickr.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – For children growing up in a family that struggles financially, the road can be rougher – and a new study shows that poor is the norm for many of Minnesota's children. According to the latest Kids Count Data Book, about one-third of children in the state are in low-in...Read More

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PHOTO: A new report finds that Minnesota residents and businesses paid $86 billion in federal taxes in 2013. That works out to about $16,000 per capita, the second highest figure in the nation. Photo credit: Thomas Hawk/Flickr.

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Minnesota residents and businesses paid about $86 billion in federal taxes in 2013, according to the latest analysis of the impact the federal budget has on individual states. When that $86 billion is broken down per capita, said Becky Sweger, director of data and technology for t...Read More

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PHOTO: Minnesota leaders in law enforcement, gun safety and domestic violence prevention gathered Monday for a roundtable with former Arizona U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords. Photo credit: Bill Morrow/Flickr.

MINNEAPOLIS - Former U.S. congresswoman and mass shooting survivor Gabby Giffords was in Minnesota on Monday, touting the need for stronger laws to protect women from gun violence by stalkers and abusers. Giffords was joined by leaders in law enforcement, gun safety, and domestic violence preventio...Read More

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PHOTO: It's a win-win for drivers in Minnesota. Gas has dipped to less than $3 a gallon for the statewide average, while new vehicles are getting better mileage than ever. Photo credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr.

ST. PAUL, Minn. - The lowest gas prices in Minnesota in nearly a year are helping drivers fill up for less, but that isn't the only way drivers are saving money at the pump. According to a new report, model year 2013 vehicles hit an all-time high for gas mileage with an average of slightly more tha...Read More

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