PNS Daily Newscast - January 28, 2020 

Testimony could be in play at the Trump impeachment trial. And are less strict emission standards at odds with consumers?

2020Talks - January 28, 2020 

Voters talked about "electability." What does it really mean? Democratic candidates have varying approaches, from courting Obama to Trump voters to mobilizing as many voters as possible.

Archive: January 23, 2007

One in five children in South Dakota may have a treatable mental problem, but while most parents know how to deal with a physically ill child, few know where to go for mental, emotional or behavior problems. A newly released "Parent's Guide to Children's Mental Health" can help families fill the ga ...Read More

With tax time coming, many tax preparation companies push refund anticipation loans that are advertised as "rapid refunds." They require people to borrow against their refund, with the promise that they will have their money right away instead of having to wait for weeks. Victor Elias with the Chi ...Read More

The U.S. Farm Bill needs a makeover, according to a report released yesterday by farm, consumer, and community groups nationwide. Ferd Hoefner with the Ohio-based Sustainable Agriculture Coalition says the 2007 Farm Bill is still a work in progress, and Congress can still do more to help both the p ...Read More

After a series of corruption scandals in recent years, ethics are a big priority for federal and state lawmakers. Here in Oregon, House lawmakers are getting national attention for changing the chamber rules to immediately ban gifts, rather than waiting until the adoption of final ethics legislatio ...Read More

Oregon children are heading to the front of the class at the legislature this week as hearings begin on the Governor's proposed "Healthy Kids Plan." Governor Kulongoski testified Monday, saying the plan would provide health coverage for the almost 118,000 uninsured Oregon kids. Maribeth Healey with ...Read More

In a report released yesterday, almost 400 farm, consumer, and community groups say the new U.S. Farm Bill needs major changes in order to help small farmers, promote nutritious eating habits, and protect soil and water quality. Doug Nopar with the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service ...Read More

President Bush is expected to address energy security, global warming and renewable fuels in his "State of the Union" speech this evening. Kurt Zwally with the National Wildlife Federation says it could have implications for Minnesota. "One of the things he's likely to recommend is increasing U.S. ...Read More

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