Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Texas lawmakers consider legislation to prevent cities from self-governance, Connecticut considers policy options to alleviate an eviction crisis, and Ohio residents await community water systems.


Gov. Ron DeSantis breaks his silence on Trump's potential indictment and attacks Manhattan prosecutors, President Biden vetoes his first bill to protect socially conscious retirement investing, and the Supreme Court hears a case on Native American water rights.


The 41st state has opted into Medicaid which could be a lifeline for rural hospitals in North Carolina, homelessness barely rose in the past two years but the work required to hold the numbers increased, and destruction of the "Sagebrush Sea" from Oregon to Wyoming is putting protection efforts for an itty-bitty bunny on the map.


Community Health Centers would need additional funding in order to extend their network of providers and provide care to more patients, according to a new report by the National Association of Community Health Centers. (Adobe Stock)
Report: Closing the Primary-Care Gap for Arkansans

A new report found more than three million Arkansans are among 100 million Americans facing barriers to accessing primary medical care. The National …

In recognition of Women's History Month, AARP celebrates Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus. Her passion for working with retirees grew into her becoming the founder of AARP in 1958. (Robert Kneschke/AdobeStock)
AARP Provides Resources for Caregivers During Women's History Month

In celebration of Women's History Month, AARP Arkansas is sharing resources and information affecting women ages 50 and up, specifically women who …

In 2021, coal reclaimed the top spot as the leading fuel used to generate electricity in Arkansas, surpassing natural gas, and accounted for 35% of the state's total net generation.(Danicek/Adobe Stock)
Clean-Air Advocates Urge EPA to Set Stronger Rules for Soot Pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing tougher air-quality standards for soot pollution, and an Arkansas clean-air advocacy group says it's …

The District of Columbia and 35 states have enacted
Telehealth Benefits Rural Arkansans with Internet Service

Telehealth services have increased access to health care for many people living in rural Arkansas, but it requires a good internet connection…

A new study from the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families notes continuous coverage protection nearly eliminated churn, protecting children from gaps in health coverage. <br />(Robert Kneschke/AdobeStock)
Arkansas Children's Uninsured Rate Could Rise if Health Emergency Ends

A pandemic-era law to help keep children and families continuously covered is set to expire this spring, and advocates are worried the state's …

The U. S. Census Bureau estimated in 2016 the total population in Arkansas was more than 2.9 million people and more than 21.6% of the residents are seniors aged 60 or older. (Chris Ryan/KOTO/AdobeStock)
AARP Priority: Connecting More Arkansans to High-Speed Internet

Broadband internet is increasingly seen as a necessity, but many rural Arkansas communities still lack high-speed broadband service. Arkansas ranks 4…

In 2021, Arkansas had about 27,900 people working as registered nurses, which is about 76% of the number required (36,900) to provide the national average level of care. (Rido/Adobe Stock)
Report: Arkansas Needs More Healthcare Workers

A new report reveals hospitals in Arkansas are having critical staffing challenges for some occupations. The problem is not new, and it is getting …

The most recent Arkansas Food Desert Working Group report found the state has
Grocery Chain Mega-Merger Could Affect Rural Arkansas

The proposed merger between the grocery chains Albertsons and Kroger has antitrust laws in the spotlight, as the supermarket companies are already …

In 2020, 83% of Arkansans reported being registered to vote. That's lower than the national average of just over 87%, according to the MIT Elections Performance Index. (Andrey Popov/Adobe Stock)
Bill Would Ban Circulating Petitions at AR Polling Places

A Republican-sponsored bill in the Arkansas Legislature would make it illegal to circulate petitions at or near polling places during elections…

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation launched the
National Day of Racial Healing Means Weeklong Events for AR

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s holiday, and tomorrow is the seventh annual National Day of Racial Healing. It's a call to action for racial …

The Sales and Use tax in the Natural State has stayed the same, at 6.5%, since 2013, according to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. (Zimmytws/Adobe Stock)<br /><br />
Analysis: The Longer-Term Effects of AR's Lower Tax Rates

Arkansans will owe the state fewer tax dollars this year, due to tax cuts that have just gone into effect. The General Assembly met for some special …

<a href=More than 444,000 Arkansans are not always sure where their next meal is coming from, according to Feeding America, and more than 138,000 of them are children. (Monkey Business/AdobeStock)">
Report: Group Works to Alleviate Arkansas Food Deserts

A recent report shows Arkansas has a "food desert" issue in urban and rural communities. Gov. Asa Hutchinson formed the Arkansas Gov.'s Food Desert …


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