Monday, February 6, 2023


Fare-free public transit benefits Kansas City residents and businesses; farmers prioritize food, not feed in the 2023 Farm Bill; and a new survey: students want a more diverse inclusive curriculum.


The Democratic National Committee votes to shake up the presidential primary calendar, President Biden gets a better than expected jobs report before his second State of the Union, and lawmakers from both parties question the response to a Chinese data gathering balloon.


Is bird flu, inflation or price gouging to blame for astronomical egg prices? Pregnancy can be life-changing or life-ending depending on where you live, and nine tribal schools are transforming their outdoor spaces into community gathering areas.


Federal waivers allowed every K-12 student to receive free school meals for two years during the pandemic. (Dennis M. Swanson/Adobe Stock)
WA Bill Provides Free School Meals, But Worker Shortage is Hurdle

A measure in the Washington State Legislature would provide free school meals to K-12 students, but nutrition service workers are worried they are …

Washington state will need to obtain energy from other states to meet its renewable energy goals. (William/Adobe Stock)
WA's Renewable Future Hinges on Building More Power Lines

Washington state is pursuing an aggressive climate plan to switch to renewable energy sources, but it faces one often overlooked issue: enough high-…

The death penalty was abolished in Washington state in 2018. (Felipe Caparrós/Adobe Stock)
UW Professor: Fear of Death Inspires Death Penalty Views

A new book by a University of Washington professor on the death penalty finds support for executions may be motivated by people's own fear of death…

A three-pound sockeye salmon filet is now one of the options in the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations for the Lummi Nation. (O'Kelly Photography/Adobe Stock)
Locally Caught Salmon Provide Step Toward Food Independence for WA Tribe

Under a new project, locally sourced food is part of a food assistance program for members of the Lummi Tribe in northwest Washington. The Food …

The City of College Place, Wash., received a grant to improve wireless internet connection in the community. (City of College Place)
Community Challenge Grant Provides Unique Opportunity for WA Cities

A grant program to improve communities is open for applications. Started in 2017, the AARP Community Challenge program provides grants to …

In a recent survey, 62% of Washingtonians said they've experienced at least one health care affordability burden in the past year. (grzejnik1981/Adobe Stock)
WA Lawmakers Look to Tackle Staggering Health Care Cost Increases

Lawmakers in Olympia have introduced a host of measures to address one of the biggest issues facing Washingtonians: rising health care costs…

A bill in the Washington Legislature would lift cities' restrictions on multifamily housing like triplexes, seen above. (Imagenet/Adobe Stock)
WA Lawmakers Look to Add Affordable Housing for 'Missing Middle'

Washingtonians are being squeezed out of the housing market, and some state lawmakers want to see significant changes to cities' zoning laws to …

A program in Colorado gives undocumented workers who are laid off access to unemployment benefits for up to 13 weeks. (Mr Doomits/Adobe Stock)
Undocumented Workers Could Get Access to Unemployment Under WA Bill

Undocumented workers in Washington state do not have access to unemployment insurance, but some state lawmakers aim to change it this session…

Cases on workplace injuries can sometimes turn contentious. (Freer/Adobe Stock)
Under Bill, WA Workers Could Record Med Exams in Injury Cases

Washington state lawmakers have introduced a bill that would address some workers' concerns about the thoroughness of medical exams performed in worke…

Washington state's tax code has been rated one of the nation's most regressive. (frittipix/Adobe Stock)
WA Joins Multi-State Effort to Pass Wealth Tax

Lawmakers in Washington and other states are introducing bills taxing wealth in their legislatures in a coordinated effort today. In Olympia…

Washington state's approximately 67,700 employees have contracts up for ratification this session. (George Cole/Adobe Stock)
Amid Retention Issues, WA State Workers Push for Raises

Washington state workers face a bevy of challenges, but they hope to get a lifeline from lawmakers this legislative session. Along with lagging pay…

Rep. Steve Tharinger, D-Dungeness, spoke to the Age Wave Coalition on Thursday. (Christina Clem/AARP Washington)
Groups Gather in Olympia to Discuss WA 'Age Wave'

With the state legislative session underway, a coalition advocating for older Washingtonians gathered on Thursday to discuss priorities for 2023…


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