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Thursday, November 30, 2023

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As climate change conference opens, one CA city takes action; More hostages released as Israel-Hamas truce deadline approaches; WV could lose hundreds of millions in Medicaid funding.

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An expulsion vote looms for Rep. George Santos, the Ohio Supreme Court dismisses lawsuits against district maps and the Supreme Court hears a case which could cut the power of federal agencies.

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Congress has iced the Farm Bill, but farmer advocates argue some portions are urgent, the Hoosier State is reaping big rewards from wind and solar, and opponents react to a road through Alaska's Brooks Range, long a dream destination for hunters and anglers.

Animal Welfare

Experts on vegan diets say non-meat-based holiday roasts can include ingredients such as cranberry, apricot and pumpkin seed stuffing. (Adobe Stock)
Looking ahead to holiday meals? Vegan items could be on the menu

November is almost here, and some Wisconsin households might be planning their menu for upcoming holiday meals. Those who support vegan diets say …

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Around 80% of voters, regardless of political affiliation, believe preventing cruelty to animals is a matter of personal moral concern, according to a Data for Progress poll. (Adobe Stock)
Local meat producers in PA rally against EATS Act

Advocates for locally controlled family farms in Pennsylvania say a proposed amendment to the 2023 Farm Bill would gut states' ability to regulate the…

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The palila is a critically endangered finch-billed species of Hawaiian honeycreeper. (Courtesy Bret Mossman)
Invasive species put Hawaii in midst of a wildlife extinction crisis

Hawaii is known for its beautiful birds and wildlife advocates want to see more done to protect them from the effects of climate change. One of the …

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A legislative analysis of the EATS Act from Harvard says it
Family farm advocates in MA rally against EATS Act

A coalition of animal-welfare and family-farm advocates say a proposed amendment to the 2023 Farm Bill jeopardizes states' ability to regulate their o…

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The 2018 Farm Bill included the Pets and Women Safety Act or PAWS, (renamed Protecting Animals with Shelter) to strengthen protections for pets in domestic-abuse situations and provide grant money to help more shelters be able to accept house pets. (takafoto/Adobe Stock)
Legal protection, sheltering, for pets of NE domestic-abuse victims

For some people experiencing domestic violence, concern about the safety of their household pet can prevent them from leaving. In a survey of 2,500 …

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About 345,000 hogs and pigs live on Wisconsin farms, according to the latest USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service - Hogs and Pigs report. (Adobe Stock)
WI small-farm advocates push back on CAFOs

Family-farm advocates in rural Wisconsin are pushing back on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs, as the livestock industry becomes more …

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The number of wolves in Wisconsin is estimated at 1,000, up from 200 when the state adopted its first management plan in 1999. (
Wisconsin's wolf management plan back in the spotlight

The long-awaited Wisconsin Wolf Management Plan is up for adoption next week by the state's Department of Natural Resources, and the board will …

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Farmers typically feed their cattle ground-up corn plants, including the stalks, leaves and ears in a mixture called silage. Drought has prompted livestock experts to warn of potentially lethal levels of nitrate in the silage this year and recommend getting it tested before feeding in to their cattle. (Adobe Stock)
Experts warn of dangerous high-nitrate cattle feed

Livestock experts are warning farmers about high nitrate content in their cattle feed this fall because of Iowa's prolonged drought. Farmers …

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President Joe Biden does not believe the U.S.-Mexican border wall built by his predecessor was effective, but cited a 2019 congressional appropriation of funds as the reason for new border wall in the Rio Grande Valley. (AerialStockFootage/Adobe Stock)
South Texas opponents of new border wall promise resistance

Opponents of previous efforts to build a border wall in South Texas are reeling from the Biden administration's announcement last week to resume…

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Many saguaro cacti were damaged or destroyed during construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall initiated by former President Donald Trump and funded by taxpayers. (Photo courtesy: LaikenJordahl)
NM Saw Lasting Consequences from Trump's U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

The unprecedented attempt to build a wall along the U.S. Mexico border has had devastating effects on wildlife from which they may not recover…

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U.S. medical costs associated with tick-borne diseases are substantial, with Lyme disease alone resulting in anywhere between $712 million and $1.3 billion in annual treatment costs, according to John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. (Adobe Stock) <br />
Multi-State Effort Begins to Study Dramatic Tick Increase in New England

Scientists in rural New England are working to better monitor and manage tick populations as climate change helps fuel their dramatic increase…

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The Human League says factory farming causes significant damage to rural communities, surrounding environments, and the farmed animals themselves. (zhang yongxin/Adobe Stock)
Rural Advocacy Groups: Corporate Farming Infringing on MO Family Farms

Despite the goal to unite Missourians around a common cause, rural advocacy groups have been pushing the EPA for more regulation from the Clean …

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